Friday, June 5, 2015

Tabitha's Terrific ePortfolio

Tabitha has been working all year on some excellent projects. Here is a link to her ePortfolio. Have a look around and let him know which project you liked the best!


  1. Dear Tabitha,

    I loved looking at your ePortfolio because I made one as well and it helped me to look for ideas. You had many ideas like using photos from the 365 blog.

    On your “About Me”, I do usually sit by the fire pit, and drink hot coco even when it’s not raining outside. I like marshmallows with my hot chocolate, do you? I love to ride my bike. I have a yellow bike. What color bike do you have? I usually ride in front of my house, and sometimes around the block. Where do you ride? I loved your “About Me” as much as a I liked your other writings. How many teams are in your softball league? In my league, there are 6 leagues. We finished in 5th, but we are in the championship because we beat the first place team in our second round. Have you won 4 championships? If not how many? Our league is called Mustang B. Do you have a name for your league?

    On your geometric Google Drawing I learned that under a obtuse angle there is an acute angle. You are correct, it is made of polygons, lines, and angles. What part about the project was hard for you?

    I also liked waiting to see how the monster turned out and I think it turned out well. Did yours look similar? Did you miss a detail? I did. I bet a lot of people forgot details because a lot of people had the picture stuck in their head.

    I like how on your turkey story picture 1, a person on the sidewalk is staring at the turkey like “what the heck”. I bet she was confused. I can’t believe 50,000 people can sit in the Colosseum. I just learned that! You are always learning just like Mrs. Yollis says.

    Sorry I can’t say anything about your informational text because the picture is blocked. I was able to see your text on your file. I usually don’t kiss my brothers either. It is funny if you do. What was your informational text about?

    Your name letters, are blocked too, so I can’t see the picture. I liked for the name letters for the same reason as you did because of the color coding.

    Do you have any questions or comment for me on my ePortfolio?


    1. Dear Sean,

      Yes, I would love to put marshmallows in my hot coco, but my mom says,"That is way too to unhealthy, young lady." I have a pink and black painted bike. Are there more details besides just plain old yellow? I also ride on my block and in front of my house. Sometimes my neighbors come out and ride with me. There were 6 teams in my rank of skill. I play at West Vally Girls Softball (WVGS).

      The hardest part in the Google Drawing was finding acute and obtuse angles because my picture was mostly parallel lines

      The picture I drew was almost the same as their picture of my picture. When I drew there picture, they never mentioned that he was pink, so I got the whole thing wrong.



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