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Order of Operations, It Matters!

We are learning about Order of Operations! Order matters if you want the right answer!  For example: IF you solve in order from left to right you get this answer:   $10 - 2 x $4  = $32   That would mean that you walked into a store with $10, bought 2 items for $4, and left with $32! NO! 

 $10 - (2 x $4)  = ? 
$10 - $8 = $2
You walked into a store with $10. You bought 2 items costing $4 each. You left with $2. 

Sean taught us a funny way to remember the Order of Operations 

My    Dear    Aunt    Sally 
(x,       ÷ ,      +,      -)

In class, we wrote stories for this equation:  

2 x 5 ÷ 5

Tabitha and Asha's Order of Operation problem:

Photo by Mrs. Yollis 
Asha and Tabitha have FIVE apples each. They give apples to Neil Armstrong, Helen Keller, Milton Hershey, Mae Jemison, and Henry Ford. How many apples did each American get?  

Photo by Mrs. Yollis
By Nicholas and Sydney

William Mulholland and Teddy Roosevelt had FIVE Swedish Fish each. They divided them up between Anthony Reynoso, Grandma Tiny, Bill Gates, Louis Braille, and Helen Keller. How many Swedish Fish did each person get?  

Photo by Ethan

By Ty
There were FIVE strawberries. I bought FIVE more. I then divided all the strawberries between Squanto, Fritz, Snappy, Lobo, and John James Audubon. How many strawberries did each person or dog get?

By Sam
Sam and Snappy each have FIVE basketballs. They divided their 10 basketball among President Lincoln, President Washington, President Jefferson, President Roosevelt, and President Obama. How many basketballs does each president get? 

Photo by Sean

In the comment section, please answer one of the  word problems written above.

Make up an Order of Operations word problem using any equation from your homework p. 310 A. Any one from numbers  5-10 would work. 


  1. Dear Mrs.Yollis and class,

    I had a fun time working with Lila-Jane to come up with our story. My favorite part was choosing five people, and since we have our biography people I included mine and Lila-Jane's. The animals from our habitats were fun to include to. While working on our math, Sean's acronym, My Dear Aunt
    Sally really helped me on my math. The m stands for multiply, d for divide, a for add, and s for subtract. They helped me because it tells you what order your equations are in.

    Lila-Jane and I made this during math,

    Aryana and Lila-Jane had $5. They divide them by Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Panda, Beverly, and the sloths. How much money do the five people get?

    HINT: You have to solve the problem with the equation 2 x 5 ÷ 5.
    Aryana and Lila-Jane are not included with the five people.

    Do you have a problem for me? Can you answer this problem?


    1. Dear Aryana,

      I also had fun making a story. I read your story and the answer is 2 because (2x5) = 10 and 10 divided by 5 = 2. I got my answer because I knew to multiply then divide. I knew to multiply first because My Dear Aunt Sally. That means multiply, divide, add, and subtract.


  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I have two problems for you:

    Tabitha has TWO bunches of FIVE tulips. She gives them to the two bad ants, the widow and her broomstick, and Fritzs, the dog. How many tulips do each character get?

    Tabitha and Mrs. Yollis are each handing out FIVE medals. They give them to Neil Armstrong, Helen Keller, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, and President James Polk. How many medals does each American receive?


    1. Dear Tabitha,

      If you have 10 tulips (2x5) that get divided up, they each get 2 tulips because 2 ants and Fritzs added together is 3 people. The widow and the broom is 2 people and 3+2=5 people, so 10/5=2.
      Did My Dear Aunt Sally help you?


  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    This is our word problem for today, now off to Gymnastics I go!

    Kayla and Caroline were eating sushi. There were four rows of four sushi in their sushi pack. Caroline took seven more sushi from Brianna. How many sushi did they have in all?

    "Happy solving"

    1. Dear Kayla,

      I read your equation. The answer to your question is 23, and this is how I got it. (4 x 4) = 16 . 16 +7=23.

      My Dear Aunt Sally helped me solve this problem.

      Your Friend,


  4. Dear class,

    I have a ordering word problem for you today, and I hope you enjoy it!

    Asha and Keya (my sister) were each cooking FIVE peas. After they were cooked, we divided all the peas among Helen Keller, Henry Ford, Rosa Parks, Abe Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. How many peas does every Leader get?

    Hope You Solve It,

  5. Dear class,

    This is a made up word problem.

    Two ants were searching for crumbs at the park. They both found five crumbs. Then they divided the crumbs to Louis Ant, William Mulhollant, Neil Antstrong, Teddy Roosevant, and Helen Kellant. How many crumbs did each famous ant get?

    Aloant, (Aloha)

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Ethan bought two packs of tennis balls, and there are three tennis balls in each pack. Ethan gave one of the tennis balls to his friend Adam, and another tennis ball to his friend Ava.

    How many tennis balls was Ethan left with?

    Have a good time figuring this one out!

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    This is my word problem.

    Sean and Liron have five basketballs each. They divide them among five people. They are Mae Jemison, Thomas Jefferson, Neil Armstrong, Milton Hershey, and Bill Gates. How much did each biography person get? I hope to hear more word problems.



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