Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sean :: Family Blogging Month Winner!

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I am proud of myself for winning family blogging and here is my free post.

A passion of mine is sports. First, I have won many championships in baseball. I won in 2013,2014, and 2015. I won my last championship on June 7, 2015. Do you know how many days ago that was? Our team the Yankees beat the Orioles 10 to 6. We were fifth place in our league during the regular season and the Orioles were in second place. There are 6 teams in the Mustang B division which I play in. One of the players on my team whose name is Jonah hit a 3 run homer in the last inning. We got trophies at the end that said “Mustang B Champions 2015”. The other team’s trophy said “Mustang B runner-ups”.  During the final playoff game, both teams hung up decorations. The team usually needs be there an  hour before the game starts, but for the playoff game we had to be at the field an hour and a half early. How many minutes is that? I took many pictures with my friends and coaches. I took one with Josh in our class. Here is a picture of my trophy.

After the game, we went home to rest. I am eager to play in the Intra-league All Stars which is two teams made up of the best four players from each of the 6 teams in our league.  That was my goal from last year and I am glad that I have achieved it. The All Stars play three games. They are Thursday,Saturday, and Sunday. What sports do you play? Have you ever won a Championship?


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