Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Greek and Latin Are Taking Root!

Photo by Mrs. Yollis 

In Freckle Word Study, many students were introduced to Greek and Latin roots. If you know some Greek and Latin roots, it can help you "unlock" what an unknown word might mean. 

For example, uni means one. The unicorn has one horn and unison means you speak in one voice.  Bi means two, so a bicycle has two wheels, and a bifocal has two lenses. Photo means light, so photography (fo • tog • ru • fee)  uses light to make pictures and photosynthesis (fo • to • sin • thu • sis) means light is used by plants to make food. 

We worked collaboratively (collab means together) to create an informative slideshow. 

Enjoy and learn! We are adding slides daily, so check back often. 

 Leave us a spectacular (that means one that LOOKS good) comment using one of the words that have a Greek or Latin root!