Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Buck's Adventure: Write Your Own Ending!

Buck Is The First Dog In Space

Moon photo by Nolan's mom
A creative story by Kaya and Dylan B.

“See you soon, Buck, be a good boy! I’m going shopping, and I’ll be a few hours,” declared Mrs. Yollis. Mrs. Yollis added, “ I’m going to the mall to get 24 new iPad Pros for the class! Be sure not to get into any trouble. Mr. Yollis is busy building the new and improved movie-making station for the 24 new iPad Pros. Goodbye Buck!” Then Mrs. Yollis locked the door and was on her way to the Apple Store.

Buck was bored. He had nothing to do. Suddenly, he had an idea. Buck decided to go on an adventure to space. Buck went to the garage. Thankfully, Mr. Yollis just came in for a lunch break. He was having a tuna fish sandwich with tomatoes, pickles, carrots, and cucumbers. On the side,  he was having Dr. Pepper and Mr. Yollis’ favorite, Lays Barbecue Chips.

Buck was pondering, “That’s a good lunch, that will give me plenty of time to build a rocket ship.” Buck snuck into the garage and drew up some blueprints.

Next, he got down Mr. Yollis’ tool box and got to work. Buck was working without interruptions, until suddenly, he heard footsteps, so he hid in the corner. Mr. Yollis mumbled, “Oh, I guess there is no one in there." Mr. Yollis then went back to eating his delicious lunch.

“Whew, that was close,” Buck said to himself.

Finally, he was done. Buck pressed the button to open the garage door and dragged the spaceship outside. He climbed up into the pilot seat and remembered he forgot to put the seat belts on. Buck also forgot to get a co-pilot. He decided he didn’t need a co-pilot, but he did need a seat belt. So, he got out of the pilot seat and went into the garage. Buck got his seat belt and attached it to the seat. He was going to be the first dog in space. Buck was ready for anything...

Write YOUR ending in the comment box.

Have fun!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Videos: Fraction Fundamentals

Fractional Tutorials! Fun with Seesaw

Enjoy our fraction movies!

Josh and Kaya teach unit fractions. 

Preston and Cora teach halves. 

Ariana, Cora, and Amanda teach equal shares. 

Caitlyn and Kaya  teach equivalent fractions. 

Amanda and Ariana teach "Missing Pieces Strategy". 

Payden and Elie teach equivalent fractions. 

Josh and Payden teach equal shares. 

Dawson and Dylan B. teach "Missing Pieces Strategy". 

Tre and Elie teach comparing fractions. 

Allie and Kaya (and Buck and Maggie) teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Hayden and Nolan teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Cora and Kaya teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Alie and Brianna teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Brianna and Enzo teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Elie and Ariana teach "Same NumeratorStrategy". 

Nolan and Brianna teach fractional data. 

Payden and Caitlyn teach "Same Numerator Strategy". 

What did you learn from our videos?

What did you learn while making a video? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Celebrate the Vernal Equinox!

Rose photo by Mrs. Yollis  

The first day of spring is called the 
Vernal Equinox. 

Spring started on Monday, March 20, 2017, at 3:29 A.M. (PDT) in southern California. It is called the Vernal Equinox. There are two times when the sun is exactly above the equator

1. The Autumnal Equinox is in September. (First day of fall.)
2. The Vernal Equinox is in March. (First day of spring.) 

Equinox means equal night and there are nearly twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night.

One sign of spring is the abundance of colorful flowers that start blooming everywhere!

Foxy Jack, our visiting mascot from England, was excited to see some southern California wildflowers! 

The California poppy is the state flower, so Foxy Jack was thrilled to get to see them up close. 

The mariposa lily was found throughout the trail. The beautiful bloom is a quite picturesque! 

The yellow mustard flowers were everywhere. Hiking the many southern California trails is a great outing for the family. 

The marine layer was blocking Foxy Jack's view of the Pacific Ocean. That's okay, there are lots of wildflowers to see! 

Lilac bushes are starting to blossom in backyards! What a lovely aroma! 

Lilac photo by Mrs. Yollis 

Poppies are popping up everywhere too! 

Poppies by Mrs. Yollis


Even Mrs. Yollis' website is blooming!


What signs of spring have you noticed? Take a photo from your backyard and I'll add it to this post!

Do you have springtime hobbies or activities?

What did you learn from the BrainPop movies