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Buck's Adventure: Write Your Own Ending!

Buck Is The First Dog In Space

Moon photo by Nolan's mom
A creative story by Kaya and Dylan B.

“See you soon, Buck, be a good boy! I’m going shopping, and I’ll be a few hours,” declared Mrs. Yollis. Mrs. Yollis added, “ I’m going to the mall to get 24 new iPad Pros for the class! Be sure not to get into any trouble. Mr. Yollis is busy building the new and improved movie-making station for the 24 new iPad Pros. Goodbye Buck!” Then Mrs. Yollis locked the door and was on her way to the Apple Store.

Buck was bored. He had nothing to do. Suddenly, he had an idea. Buck decided to go on an adventure to space. Buck went to the garage. Thankfully, Mr. Yollis just came in for a lunch break. He was having a tuna fish sandwich with tomatoes, pickles, carrots, and cucumbers. On the side,  he was having Dr. Pepper and Mr. Yollis’ favorite, Lays Barbecue Chips.

Buck was pondering, “That’s a good lunch, that will give me plenty of time to build a rocket ship.” Buck snuck into the garage and drew up some blueprints.

Next, he got down Mr. Yollis’ tool box and got to work. Buck was working without interruptions, until suddenly, he heard footsteps, so he hid in the corner. Mr. Yollis mumbled, “Oh, I guess there is no one in there." Mr. Yollis then went back to eating his delicious lunch.

“Whew, that was close,” Buck said to himself.

Finally, he was done. Buck pressed the button to open the garage door and dragged the spaceship outside. He climbed up into the pilot seat and remembered he forgot to put the seat belts on. Buck also forgot to get a co-pilot. He decided he didn’t need a co-pilot, but he did need a seat belt. So, he got out of the pilot seat and went into the garage. Buck got his seat belt and attached it to the seat. He was going to be the first dog in space. Buck was ready for anything...

Write YOUR ending in the comment box.

Have fun!


  1. Dear Dylan and Kaya,

    Here is my ending.

    Before Buck went on his spaceship he went back in the garage and brought a table and a cup and some tea. “Now I am ready for space, my next stop would be the moon”.

    When he got on the spaceship, Mrs. Yollis came back from shopping. She did not see Buck and she was bored without him, so for a little fun adventure she decided to go to the moon. But she did not know that Buck was going to the moon too.

    Buck did not bring the table, cup and tea for nothing. He put down the table and the cup of tea down. You are probably thinking how is that possible? Well, this happened a long time ago, so when Buck was in space, space had gravity. While he started with his tea he saw a huge ship flying toward him. He was too scared to move. When Buck saw who was in the ship he politely invited her to tea.

    Mrs. Yollis drank a cup of tea and wanted to facetime Mr. Yollis. “With my new ipad pro I can ask him to come and drink tea with us.” She told Buck. He said yes and enjoyed the fun with Buck and Mrs. Yollis.



  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Buck counted down of when he was going to launch 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Fire came bursting out of the engine. Buck was flying in space when he saw the moon! He wanted to land on the moon. He was thinking about it. He heard stories of aliens. He decided he would definitely land on the moon.

    So, he got his engines ready and set off for the moon. He felt the rocket’s legs pound down on the rocky moon’s surface. He looked out of his window. The moon gave him the creeps.

    Buck decided to have lunch before he came out. He had secretly packed a lunch. It was a turkey sandwich with olives, lettuce, tomatoes and mustard. He also had some of Mr. Yollis’ barbeque chips. His drink was lemonade. After finishing lunch, he was looking at the view out of the window with pretty stars danced around.

    Suddenly, he saw another spaceship! It was flying closer and closer. It landed right next to him. The spaceship had other dogs who had spacesuits! They got off their ship and saw Buck’s ship. They floated towards him. He hid behind a chair in his spaceship hoping that no one would see him. The dogs started knocking on the door. Buck was screaming of fright in his mind. He could hear the other dogs saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve got pliers. I can open the door.”

    Buck heard a loud BANG! The door was open in a flash! They trotted into the ship and saw Buck hiding. Buck could see the dogs wagging their tails. They offered Buck a dog biscuit. Buck took it and enjoyed the treat. He was too surprised to say anything.

    The dogs asked Buck, “Do you need a spacesuit?”

    “Yes, please,” replied Buck.

    After a while, Buck became friends with two of the other dogs. Their names were Greg and Sunny. The captain, Fregory, who was Greg’s dad, did not want anyone leaving Buck’s ship. The moon was a dangerous place and aliens were everywhere on the planet. But Buck, Greg and Sunny didn’t listen.

    When Captain Fregory wasn’t looking, they wandered off the spaceship in their spacesuits. Sunny and Greg argued about whether they should go to the north or to the south. To settle the disagreement, they did paw, paper, scissors. Greg won! He was very competitive and never really lost anything. Greg wanted to go north so they headed that way. That was not a wise decision. That was where the alien base was.

    They did not see it so they did not know what they were heading into. All they saw was a stick of green with three heads with something in its hand. The green thing saw them and said, “Howdy! Welcome to the alien base.”

    “THE ALIEN BASE? I want to go home!” The dogs screamed in unison.

    The aliens heard the scream and came running toward the dogs looking angry. The dogs ran back to Buck’s spaceship, got on their seatbelts and took off just as the aliens fired a cannon and Captain Fregory’s ship exploded into a billion pieces.

    Meanwhile, Buck’s ship went back to earth just in time for Mrs. Yollis to return from the mall. Mr. Yollis was yelling “Buck! Where are you?” So, Buck quickly hid the spaceship and ran up to Mr. Yollis with his new friends Captain Fregory, Sunny, and Greg. After a little while, Mr. Yollis fed Buck his dog food. Then he curled up with his friends and went to bed dreaming about his long adventure.

    What is your story about?

    Your friend,

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis, Dylan B., Kaya, and class,

    I’m glad that we are letting our minds activate a lot to think about make-your-own-ending stories. I can’t believe we already have two!
    After Dylan and Kaya read the story, I was practically paralyzed by how good it sounded!

    I thought of a good ending, and this is what I came up with…

    Buck crawled in bed, and before he dozed off, he reminded himself to only sleep for twenty minutes, and then continue building the rocket.

    Soon, Buck was done with the rocket, and was ready to launch!

    “I hope I have enough time before Mr. Yollis is done with his lunch!” he thought to himself. “Or before Mrs. Yollis comes back!”

    Buck peeked through the little window on the garage door to see if Mr. Yollis was done. Luckily, he still had two-thirds of his sandwich, seven-and a-half chips, and one-third a can of Dr. Pepper left.

    Seeing the food reminded Buck to pack dog treats, so he picked up the canister in the garage, and dumped twelve treats in the back of the rocket.

    Buck put on his helmet, and sat in the chair.

    “Ready,” he said to himself.

    3...2...1...BLAST OFF! Whoooosshhh! Buck was flying!

    The Yollis’ neighbor, Mrs. Lemson, was in her front yard when she saw the rocket flying, and she dropped her flower pots in surprise. They fell with a big crash!

    “Oh… my… gosh!” she muttered.

    Meanwhile in the rocket, Buck was nibbling on a dog treat.

    “Must.. not.. eat! Must… save… for… later!” But it was too tempting for Buck to not eat one when they looked so delicious! So he had no choice, but to gobble down a treat.

    “Well, eleven more to go!” Buck whispered to himself.

    Five hours later, Buck was in space. Buck kept looking around. He swiveled his head, and then saw a huge white ball.

    “What is that?” he wondered.

    “Oh, of course,” Buck said. “It’s the moon.”

    The moon was where he was headed. It looked to be about thirty minutes away.

    At the mall, Mrs. Yollis was gathering the last of the iPads for the class.

    “I hope that crazy dog is okay!” she muttered.

    Back in space, something unbelievable happened. Buck’s rocket STOPPED WORKING!

    The engine shuttered, and the ship creaked and puffed.

    Buck was terrified.

    “What will I do?” he told himself.

    Then all of a sudden, he had an idea. Buck got his spacesuit on, climbed out of the rocket, and started pushing it with all his might.

    With no gravity, it was hard, but Buck kept trying. He did not want to be the fifth dog on the moon, he wanted to be the first!

    Pushing made him hungry, but luckily he had stuffed three of his now eleven dog treats in his spacesuit. Buck stopped pushing, and got out a treat. He put it in his mouth, and started chewing.

    “Yum,” he thought.

    My story continues in the next comment down.

  4. Dear Kaya and Dylan B.,

    Your story and green screen picture are very creative! When I looked at the picture, a smile spread across my face.

    Here is my ending:

    Buck counted, “5...4...3...2...1... BLAST OFF”

    When he got to space he looked left then right. When he looked right, he saw the moon. Buck thought that the moon would be smaller because on TV it was usually smaller.

    Buck landed his ship on the moon and ate his lunch. He had some Lay's Barbecue Chips, a big salad, pickles, carrots, cucumbers, a tuna sandwich, and a big soda for a drink. He had a humongous lunch, and he ate it all.

    “I should explore the planet,” said Buck.

    Right when he was getting out of his ship he checked the window and saw some dogs coming toward his ship. He quickly hid behind the chair in his rocket ship.

    What should he do?


    1. Dear Allie,

      We thought your story was grand.

      Here is the “true story” of what happened to Buck.

      PART ONE

      Buck looked at the dashboard and remembered he needed a countdown, so he got out of the spaceship again and got to work on building a mechanism for the countdown.

      After Buck was finished, he picked up the mechanism and carried it into the ship. Then he attached it to the dashboard. He was so excited that he was going to be the first dog in space.

      He switched on the countdown and it went… 5...4...3...2...1… BLAST OFF! Buck pressed down the accelerator and the engine roared, fire was coming out of the boosters.

      Once he got out of Earth’s atmosphere, he thought someone switched off the lights. He thought he was heading towards a big, enormous light bulb.

      After a few hours, he was one mile off from the moon. He started to accelerate his power, instead of decelerating his power. He went through the moon instead of landing on it. He turned the spaceship around and saw that the moon looked like a big piece of swiss cheese that someone had taken a bite out of.

      Buck decided that he should go back to Earth and land at his house, then he would go find some space geniuses. Perhaps Walter the Wombat, Taranaki, or Foxy Jack would be available.

      Buck flipped a switch that said “light speed”. He wanted to see what it did. All of the sudden he felt a jerk on the spaceship and saw the stars flashing by like lightning. Very soon he felt Earth’s atmosphere again and began to see his house.

      He landed safely and went into his home. Buck saw the co-pilots staring at him and said, “Where have you been?”

      Enzo and Dylan B.
      (Our comment continues in the one below)

    2. PART TWO

      “I was building a spaceship and I thought I didn’t need any co-pilots, but I guess I do,” Buck confessed.

      “Can you accompany me on my journey?” Buck questioned.

      “Yes, we’ll need some of Mr. Yollis’ stock of Dr. Pepper,” the trio requested.

      “Yes, but we’ll have to hurry, Mrs. Yollis will be home in exactly 1 hour, 21 minutes, and 59 seconds! Not that I was counting,” Buck panted.

      First, they gathered up the Dr. Pepper by smashing one of Mr. Yollis’ tools with a hammer to distract him. Next, they quietly snuck the Dr. Pepper into the rocket. After that, they built a couple more chairs out of wood and put them in ship. Finally, Taranaki, Foxy Jack, Walter the Wombat, and Buck got into the ship and started the countdown.

      5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!

      They launched into the air at 2,000 M.P.H!

      Buck forgot to turn off light speed! He quickly switched off the function and the ship slowed down to only 700 M.P.H.

      In a couple of hours they blasted out of Earth’s atmosphere and Taranaki switched on the light speed function. Once they were five miles off from the moon, Foxy Jack took control of the vehicle and decelerated the rocket. In a few minutes they landed on the big piece of swiss cheese with a hole in it. When they they landed they heard a big THUMP!

      As soon as they landed, they remembered that they forgot spacesuits! Luckily, the foursome put Mr. Yollis’ toolbox and some fabric in the ship. So, they built the spacesuits and put them on. They climbed out of the ship and right away they started floating around.

      “AHHHHHH,” wailed Buck, Taranaki, and Walter the Wombat. “Why are we floating, are we in zero gravity?”

      “Yes,” Foxy Jack replied. He was the best at space travel out of the four of the them.

      “Let’s go home!” Buck, Taranaki, and Walter the Wombat demanded. “We have to get back at one point or another, so let’s go back now. Before Mrs. Yollis gets home from the Apple store.”

      So the foursome piled back into the rocketship and headed home. Once they got back to their
      backyard, Mrs. Yollis was just turning the corner onto their street

      Luckily, the garbage truck was in front of her car, so it blocked her view of the front yard. Buck quickly chucked the spaceship into the truck and it pulled away with the space ship.

      After the truck pulled away, they sprinted into the backyard and slammed the door shut. They ran into the entryway and flopped down on the floor as if they were taking a nap.

      A second later, the door opened and Mrs. Yollis stepped over the doorstep. She saw them lying on the floor, and Buck jumped up to greet her.

      “BARK, BARK, BARK! RUFF, RUFF, RUFF!” yapped Buck

      “Hello Buck” said Mrs. Yollis with a smile. “I’m glad you didn’t get into any trouble!”

      Enzo and Dylan B.


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