Thursday, March 21, 2013

Google Earth: Latitude & Longitude

We are in the middle of a global project called Our World, Our Numbers

This week the bloggers are looking at numbers as they relate to geography.

Check out our the Google Earth movie we made to share about latitude and longitude. 

What is your exact location on the planet?

Which hemispheres are you located?

What's your latitude and longitude?

Advanced:  What are the the special lines of latitude like: the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, the Arctic Circle, and the Antarctic Circle? 

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Greak Kapok Tree

This week, Mrs. Yollis' third graders are reading The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

The story takes place in the rain forest of the Amazon. Throughout the story, rain forest animals try to persuade a logger to leave the kapok tree.

☂   ☼  ☂   ☼  ☂   ☼  ☂   ☼ ☂  ☼

For language study, we searched the book looking for past tense verbs. We sorted the verbs according  to the spelling pattern: 

  • add -ed
  • double the consonant and add -ed
  • drop the silent e and add -ed
  • change the y to an i and add -ed

First, we set up the four categories.
Next, we searched for past tense verbs from the story.

Finally, we shared the list as a class. The most common past tense verb spelling? Just add -ed.

☂   ☼  ☂   ☼  ☂   ☼  ☂   ☼ ☂  ☼

The class also researched rain forest animals in the online encyclopedia that the PFC purchased.

In the comment section, research a rain forest animal or plant using the World Book Encyclopedia. Write a comment as if you are that animal or plant! Be sure to include facts you learned from the online encyclopedia. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! (Use your own words!)

☂   ☼  ☂   ☼  ☂   ☼  ☂   ☼ ☂  ☼

It will be exciting to learn about an animal from that animal!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Old Bay Surprise!

We received a mystery box! 
The box was marked fragile and had a return address from Maryland. Hmm...

Mrs. Yollis said that we knew the person who sent the mystery box, and that there was a clue in the October section of the archive on either the class blog or the 365 blog.

Heather and Collin were first to find two possible people in the October archive. One person mentioned in October was Scooter from the Harlem Globetrotters. After a brief discussion, we ruled out Scooter as the sender. We did not believe he lived in Maryland and could not think of a reason why he would send us anything.

We next turned to photo number  297 :: Google HangOut on the 365 Blog. This photo featured several  teacher friends from the Google Teacher Academy Mrs. Yollis attended. 

After searching through the comment section, we discovered this comment from Joquetta Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland!

(Click to enlarge.)

Thank you Keira and Nate for your wonderful reply to Ms. Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland.

We would like to thank Ms. Johnson for her thoughtful gift! Everyone has been enjoying the delicious chips.

Thank you, too, for the wonderful book and the super spice! 
YOU are so nice!

What did you think of the Old Bay Chips?

Have you ever been to Chesapeake Bay, 
the largest estuary in the United States

Share some Chesapeake Bay facts!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chumash Challenge!

Today we had an opportunity to experience
what it might have been like to be a Chumash Indian!

Our friends Karen and Ross from 
Camino Real Historical
and Historical Interpreters 
provided us with activities from  
The Natural World of the Chumash!

Please enjoy the slide show, and leave a comment to tell about 
what you enjoyed doing and what you learned!
Photos by Mrs. Ranney!

The Creative Hard-working Chumash! on PhotoPeach

What activity did you most enjoy and why?

What facts did you learn?

Do you know some other Chumash facts that you can share? 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

National Geographic's Giant Map of Asia

The National Geographic Giant Traveling Map returned to our district for the fifth year! 

Mrs. Yollis coordinates the rental of this incredible learning tool for her district.  Click here to learn more about how to rent a map for your school.

*     *     *     *     *

The first thing we did was recreate our ClustrMap gadget map! 
What do you notice about the Asian visitors to our blog? 
Where are some of the bigger dots? 
Can you name a country that has visited our blog?
Why are there so few in the north?

It was fun to create a human ClustrMap! 

*     *     *     *     *

Each Giant Map comes with a trunk full of resources!

*     *     *     *     *

We looked closely at the compass rose. Then we practiced traveling north, south, east or west. Knowing direction is important on a map! 

Next it was time to explore. What did you locate in Asia? 
Did you walk a major river? Did you stand or sit inside an Asian country? How did one Asian country compare to another? 

*     *     *     *     *

Here we are seated along the border between Europe and Asia. Who can name the natural features that separate the two continents

Some people stood in two continents at the same time!

Next it was time to stand on the equator! The equator is an imaginary line of latitude that separates the northern and southern hemispheres. Do we live north or south of the equator? 

*     *     *     *     *

We played some of the games that came with the map. Each team (red, blue, yellow, and green) was given a stack of country cards. The object of the game was to be the first to place a cone on the correct country. 

A red rope with knots came with the map. Each knot measured 500 miles.  

We used the scale rope to measure distance.  The longer the rope, the farther away the county. 

The yellow team was a long way away from Vietnam. 

The red team was quite close to Yemen. 

*     *     *     *     *

                       What body of water did you stand in?
             Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, or the Arctic Ocean?  

*     *     *     *     *

Some years, Mrs. Yollis made movies using the Giant Traveling Maps!

Giant Traveling Map of Africa

Giant Traveling Map of North America

The Giant Map of Asia 

Which continent would you visit and why?

What was your favorite activity on the map? 

Friday, March 1, 2013

American Landmarks!

This week, Mrs. Yollis' class will be kicking off a new topic over on the Our World, Our Numbers global project. The new topic will be 

National Landmarks!

Here are two important American landmarks we'd like to share, the St. Louis Gateway Arch and Mt. Rushmore, in South Dakota.


The St. Louis Gateway Arch

 Mt. Rushmore 

Do you have any additional facts to share about these two famous landmarks?

What do you think of our presentations