Saturday, December 2, 2023

Computer Science Week: Let's Learn HTML Code!

Computer Science Education Week coincides with the birthdays of two computer science pioneers. A pioneer is a person who is one of the first to enter a field of study or explore a new area of thought. 

Who were these two computer science pioneers?

1. Ada Lovelace, born in England on December 10, 1815, is considered the world's first computer programmer.

    2.  Grace Hopper, whose birthday is December 9, 1906, was an American computer programmer and Navy rear admiral. She contributed to the development of the COBOL language and is credited with popularizing the term "computer bug" in the programming community. 

    Grace Hopper said, "To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge."

💻          💻          💻

What is HTML coding and is it difficult to learn? 

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a computer language. One important trait when writing any type of code is to persevere, or never give up.  Sometimes you try an algorithm, or list of steps used to solve a problem, and it fails. Don't give up. Instead, adjust your algorithm. Try again! This strategy is called trial and error.

*     *     *     *     *

What keystrokes or symbols are needed to write HTML code? 

To write HTML code, use the following symbols:

Important: Do NOT add a space between the HTML tag and the word or sentence.


1.  To put text in italics, place this HTML code around the text:



The sentence will look like this when published:

Bloggers should always proofread a comment before publishing.


2.  To make text bold, place this HTML code around the text:

The sentence will look like this when published: 

Bloggers should always proofread a comment before publishing.



3.  To make a hyperlink, it gets a little tricky.

Use the following HTML code around the URL and add your own link word/words:

  [The URL is the address of the web page. It starts with http://www…]

The HTML code below:

Will become this hyperlink when published:

Mrs. Yollis’ Website


 Great Tip!

I leave a document on my desktop called HTML Code. All the code I regularly use is there. The hyperlink code is very tricky for me to remember. So, I leave several blank code links in the HTML Code document like this:


All I have to do is copy/paste the URL where it goes and change the word link into what I want the link to be. I then copy the customized code into my comment. It really saves time for people like me who cannot remember the hyperlink code!

 Here is a video demonstrating how easy it is to a create a hyperlink if you have the code set up in a Word doc.

If you like to add fun are those codes!

Here are the codes for some animals!
&#x______; are needed to complete the code. 

Challenge: Leave us a comment with at least two HTML codes!

 Happy coding, everyone!

Friday, November 17, 2023

Turkey Takes a Vacation!

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Turkey Takes a Vacation!

Stories and Vacation Photos by Mrs. Yollis’ Third Graders


***Click on the 3 VERTICAL DOTS and select "Enter Full Screen".

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Steps Taken to Complete this 
*Turkey Takes a Vacation* 
photo album 

First, we read Turkey Trouble, by Wendi Silvano.  The funny fantasy follows our feathered friend as he finds out what Americans feast upon for Thanksgiving.  

Second, we selected an exotic vacation location for Turkey. (If he left America over Thanksgiving break, he would not get eaten.)

Third, we researched an international landmark using reference books from Epic and Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 

Fourth, we located the international landmark on Google Earth or PixaBay and took a "vacation" screenshot. Pegman was so helpful! The screenshot was uploaded to our class collaborative slide show. 

Fifth, we used our facts to create a story about Turkey's time at the international landmark.

 ✈     ✈     ✈     ✈     ✈

Which landmark would you like to visit? 

Friday, June 9, 2023

Adventures With Kiwi :: Ada

Dear Class,

Kiwi and I shared a lot of fun adventures together. After I finished school for the day, we listened to some fun music in the car.

Then, Kiwi joined me for my practice session. He was very supportive of me and always made sure to clap after each piece.

After I practiced the piano, Kiwi and I decided to take a break and enjoy a nice snack of Kiwi slices. We were sitting comfortably on the couch which happened to match the fur of Kiwi.

What is your favorite piece to play on the piano?

Kiwi's Adventures With Ateenn

Dear Class, 

Kiwi and I had a lot of fun adventures that we want to share. First, Kiwi came home with me from school, and she traveled on my Kiwi backpack. 

Credit by Mom


Credit by Mom

Next, Kiwi helped me with my coding. She was such a good coder that she got her own certificate!

Credit by Mom

Then, Kiwi was interested in leaving a few comments on Mrs. Yollis's Classroom blog. Kiwi wrote all about her travel days in New Zealand. 

Credit by Mom

After we finished blogging, we went to a basketball game with all of our friends. We had so much fun cheering but unfortunately, our team didn't win. She tried to hug one of the players to make the team feel better and it worked. 

Credit by Mom

In the end, Kiwi was so tired that she went to sleep right when we got home. But first, she ate a lot of candy. I hope she brushed her teeth after!

If you had Kiwi for the day, what adventures would you take her on? 

Kiwi's favorite candy was Milkyways. What is your favorite candy? 

Kiwi's Adventures with Jonny

Dear Class, 

I had a very adventurous day with Kiwi. First, Kiwi and I played soccer, and Kiwi got very strong in the process. 

Credit by Jonny

Then, Kiwi and I got a special surprise when my friend came over to play. Kiwi was a little too tired to play with us after all the soccer kicking so she just watched. 

Credit by Jonny's Mom

After Kiwi rested, she met my sister and together, they watched the movie Moana. Kiwi loved Moana, and she did not want to leave the couch after. 

Credit by Jonny

She finally decided to go outside again where she saw a beautiful rainbow. The rainbow reminded her of home, New Zealand. I think she might have been a little bit homesick.

Credit by Jonny's Mom

Kiwi was very tired after her long day so she fell asleep on top of my bookshelf and some pillows. We had an awesome day together. 

Where would you have taken Kiwi on her adventure? 

What other sports do you think Kiwi would have enjoyed playing? 


Kiwi's Adventure with Ttelracs!

Dear Class,

Kiwi and I had so much fun coding together, and Kiwi even created his own video game. After that, we solved some mystery puzzles, and Kiwi did almost all of the work. 

Photo By: Ttelracs's Mom

Then, Kiwi started to prepare for a circus. I 3D printed him a heart for his clown nose, and he was balancing on an actual Kiwi while looking up at the sky. That's amazing, good job Kiwi!

Photo By: Ttelracs

In addition, we took a trip to Gelsons and discovered the most beautiful flowers. Kiwi was immediately hooked, so we bought him the flower arrangement since we had no choice. Since all our flowers at home had died, this was a good replacement. 

Photo By: Ttelracs

The next day, there was running cubs. Kiwi wanted to participate, but there was no other card for Kiwi, so I let him borrow mine.

Photo By: Ttelracs's Mom

What is your favorite flower arrangement?

What is your favorite fruit?

Kiwi's Adventure with Noor

Dear Class, 

Kiwi and I had a very special day together. First, Kiwi and I decided to go by the pool to relax and drink some ice-cold water. 

Credit by Noor

Credit by Noor's Mom

Next, I buckled him into the car so she can come with me to swimming. She carefully put her goggles on and then enjoyed an afternoon of jumping and splashing in the pool. 

Credit by Noor

After a long and tiring swimming session, Kiwi and I finally finished swimming and drove home. Kiwi was very tired so she went to bed early. Goodnight Kiwi. 

Credit by Noor's Mom

What do you think Kiwi ate for dinner before going to bed? 

What was your favorite part about our adventure?

Kiwi's Adventures with Rye Rye

Dear Class, 

This is my adventure with Kiwi. Kiwi came to my home very hungry, so I fed him popcorn. He was a very picky eater. 

Next, my brother and Kiwi played Pacman together. Kiwi beat the high score!

After Kiwi was done playing with my brother, he got a makeover with my sister. Now, he is a glamorous Kiwi. 

This is Kiwi after his makeover. He looks so adorable with his pink toenails. 

After all the hard work of beating the high score in Pacman and getting a makeover, Kiwi got very hungry again. My sister decided to feed Kiwi a kiwi. Kiwi did not feel comfortable eating his sister fruit. 

In conclusion, Kiwi and I had a great day together. I learned that Kiwi is very talented at playing Pacman and loves getting her makeup done. 

What is your high score in Pacman?

Where would you take Kiwi on your adventure? 

Kiwi's Adventures with Li-Li

Dear Class,
I want to share all my adventures with Kiwi. First, Kiwi decided to take a bath in the pool. He even surprised us with a front flip!
Photo By: Li-Li

Here is a photo of Kiwi and my dog, Ruby. They wanted to take a nap together, and when they woke up, they realized they had lost track of time.

Photo By: Li-Li

Here is a photo of Kiwi and I doing homework together. We both did six questions each; although, Kiwi got more answers correct.
Photo By: Li-Li's mom

What was your favorite part of this adventure?

What would you like to do with Kiwi if you took him home?


Kiwi's Adventure with Mills


Dear Class,

I want to share my adventures with Kiwi with all of you. First, I have this photo of Kiwi hiding in my hoodie. (I didn’t notice him.) Once I found him, he helped me out with my homework.  (Kiwi did most of it.)


Somehow Kiwi and I made time to go to the beach and relax after homework. This is a special beach that’s hot in January ;) We certainly had a great time! 

Overall, it was a great day! Kiwi was tired after all his adventures, so he sat at the window and enjoyed the view. 

What was your favorite part of this adventure? 

What would you do with a kiwi bird in your hoodie?