Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Virtual Reality Field Trip!

Yesterday, we went on a field trip across America! 

April Fools! 

We used Virtual Reality, and it was so much fun! Mrs. Minicozzi brought a wagon full of virtual reality viewers and an ipad full of places to go!

After we went over the rules, we paired up, shared the goggles, and Mrs. Yollis began the Tour of American Landmarks!

Photo by Mrs. Minicozzi 

Goggles on! Let's start the field trip! 

Tourists had to stay in their seats during every stop. 

After a view, the goggles were handed to a partner. Students then wrote down or drew pictures of what they saw.

When the tour return home, students selected one American landmark to research on Britannica. After gathering three new facts, a blog post was written. Photos came from Google Earth or Mrs. Yollis. 

*     *     *     *     *

Please click on the student blogs below to learn about one of the virtual destinations. The student bloggers would love a comment!

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Where would you go using virtual reality? Why?

Have you ever used virtual reality? Tell us about it!