Wednesday, October 26, 2022

California Facts For Our Blogging Friends

 We were ecstatic when we got a comment from a class in Foxton, New Zealand. They left a comment for us on the Fall into Autumn blog post. Here's their comment: 

First, our current season in the northern hemisphere is fall. Fall is very mild here in southern California. In fact, the weather has been quite warm lately. 

Our New Zealand friends also asked us to tell them about California, our state. Well, we have many facts to share about the state of California. Here are some fun facts! (All photos provided by Pixabay.)

1. California is divided into four geographic regions: the mountain region, the central valley, the desert region, and the coast.

2. California has the highest population out of all fifty states. There are 39 million Californians. Texas has the second greatest population with 30 million, and Florida ranks third with 22 million. 

3. The capital of the state of California is Sacramento. The building where California government takes place is featured below. The city is called the capital and the building is called the capitol. (Notice the spelling!) 

4. The California state bird is the quail. Quails are part of the pheasant family along with turkeys and peacocks. They have strong bodies. Their strong beak helps them break open seeds and gather berries. 

5. Our currency is the dollar. Other common values for paper bills are: $2, $5, 10, 20, $50, and $100. 

6. Every state has a flag and here is the California flag. The white represents purity. The red stand for courage. the grizzly bear represents strength and independence.

7. Many mountain lions live in California. They are also known as puma or cougar. 

8. One of the many national parks in California is the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  Mrs. Yollis and many other students have camped, bouldered, and hiked in this desert spot. 

9. Another famous national park is Yosemite! Unlike Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite is known for its many beautiful waterfalls. 

10. Tourists enjoy seeing and driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. This suspension bridge is not really painted gold. Instead, it is painted international red so that it is more visible in the frequent San Francisco fog. 

11. Finally, many tourists love to go to Disneyland when they come to our state. This park is located in Anaheim, California, and was opened for the first time in the summer of 1955.

We would love comments from New Zealand and any other classrooms from around the world. 

What are you still wondering about California?

Tell us about your state or location!