Friday, June 5, 2015

Aryana's Awesome ePortfolio

Aryana has been working all year on some excellent projects. Here is a link to her ePortfolio. Have a look around and let her know which project you liked the best!

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  1. Dear Mrs.Yollis and class,

    I am very happy to share my ePortfolio with you all. I am very excited to hear from all of you, too. In my "About Me", I had a problem with the photos when I was publishing the ePortfolio just like some other people did. The reason was because I had the photos on a document. I changed it by taking a snapshot of the photo and adding it by uploading the file. I successfully accomplished to publish my site.

    My favorite part of my ePortfolio was my "About Me" because I like to write about things I love to do. What is your favorite thing on your ePortfolio? I also like to insert things and write reflections. The day I got my ePortfolio, I was so happy. Having this site is so amazing because getting to write about your own thing.

    If you are passionate about something or you want to share something that you enjoy, you can do that on your site. I really enjoy mine. What are some pros and cons about your site?

    Your Google Site lover,


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