Monday, June 7, 2010

Kendall's Grandparents are Super-Commenters!

During our April is Family Blogging Month, Mrs. Yollis' blog received numerous comments from parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

It was a great month!

Kendall's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Cooke, were active commenters right from the start!

They have become a big part of this educational blog!

Not only do Mr. and Mrs. Cooke comment often, but they set a standard of excellence in content.

They always add new information to a post and often end with a question that will start a conversation. 

Here are a few examples!

A comment for Our School Library post...

For Richie's and Kayla's Grandmother Post ...

The Georgia O'Keeffe Post Comment

Mrs. Yollis and her students thank Mr. and Mrs. Cooke for their interest and their active participation in this blog.
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What do you think of Mr. and Mrs. Cooke's comments?

Have you ever commented back to them?


  1. Dear Mr and Mrs Cooke,

    As a teacher I say thank you for being such wonderful commenters!

    It makes me so happy to see family members getting involved in the school community. Blogging is a new and easy way to be involved in what is happening in the classroom!

    Mrs Yollis' class is lucky to have you!

    Keep blogging,
    Miss McGeady

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Kendall's grandparents are both avid readers and they love to travel. Also, Mrs. Cooke was a teacher herself for many years. I am sure their love of reading and exploring are two reasons they have great commenting skills.

    Also, they really enjoy reading your blog!

    (Kendall's mom)

  3. Dear Mr and Mrs Cooke,
    I have really loved reading all your comments. I just love your knowledge on different post on Mrs Yollis blog. I thankyou both for that as it really is never to late to learn something new no matter where you live in the world. I wish you great health and happiness and I hope you both keep blogging.

    Yours sincerely AA.

  4. Dear Mr and Mrs Cooke,
    thankyou for commenting on Mrs Yollis blog.
    I reckon you do a wonderful job on commenting
    your sincerely Bianca 2KM.

  5. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cooke,

    Thank you for your active participation in Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog. As a parent, I learn so much from your comments and feel like I know you both in person when reading them. I really enjoyed Kendall's post on her trip to Germany. I enjoy traveling and I know that you both like to travel as well. Can you share some of the countries you have visited and which countries were your favorite and most memorable to visit?


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  6. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cooke,

    I have read a few of your comments on Mrs. Yollis blog. I also watched Kendall's post, trip to Germany and made my comments. I enjoy reading your comments. Your comments are thorogh and always make people think. As Kendall's mom said that Mrs. Cooke was a teacher for many years and that is why she understands kids well. Your love of learning and exploring new things inspires me. Thanks Mr. Mrs. Cooke.

    Matthew (Paul's dad)

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,
    I want to thank you all for including my husband and me in your classroom blog along with all the nice comments made about us. When I first saw it, I actually cried, "Oh, my goodness!" out loud in surprise! It was really hard to wait for my husband to come home so I could show him this wonderful surprise. I really thank you all for this unexpected pleasure. I also thank you for the exceptional work you do on the blog site because it keeps us coming back to read and see more. Do you think you will continue blogging when you move to fourth grade next year? I know my husband and I look forward to visiting Mrs. Yollis' class next year via the class blog site. With heartfelt thanks,
    Marsha Cooke
    (Kendall's grandmother)

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,
    Thank you very much for the recognition you gave Kendall's grandmother and me in your class blog.I know we both appreciate it very much.It isn't very often that a grandparent is able to visit a grandchild's classroom. Through your classroom blog Kendall's grandmother and I have been able to visit her class as well as Miss McGready's class in Australia. It has been awesome to do this. I thank you for the opportunity you gave us to do this. I thank you as well for the very nice comments.
    Jim Cooke-Kendall's grandfather

  9. Dear Mr and Mrs Cooke,

    My brother, Sam, and I both enjoyed reading your comments. I loved the way both of you expressed yourself on those comments. I bet Mrs. Yollis and the rest of the kids all enjoy reading your interesting comments.

    Have you sent lots of comments this year?

    Have fun blogging,
    Julia and Sam

  10. Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

    Wow! I never knew you were this good at commenting. My friend Sean has a question for you. How long have you been blogging?

    I can't believe you are moving to Lemon Wood.

    Sean has never met you in person, but he wants to.

    C7clubs;lin and Se♣n


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