Monday, June 14, 2010

The Goodbye Party Complete With a ClustrMap Cake!

Room moms Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Regan really know how to put on a party!

A fantastic Clustrmap cake celebrating our 21,489 visitors!

 Delicious pizza, yogurt, watermelon, vegetables, fruit, and goldfish!

Refreshing drinks!

Even Mrs. Yollis' orphaned hummingbird was there!

Thanks room moms and parents for a great end-of-the-year party!

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What part of the world did you eat?

Only half a day to go!


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis and students and all your mum`s what a wonderful end of the year party you had.
    How cool was that cake well done ladies that was just perfect to make and eat. I just loved looking at all of your photos you took and from what I can see everyone even Mrs Yollis pet bird was having a great time. Well what more can I say but have a super break with your lovely warm weather and keep safe too.
    This will be my finale goodbye so take care and thanks again for a wonderful ride I have had with you all from your friend down under AA.

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis' class,

    What a party! I cannot believe how cool the cake is. Over 21,000 visitors is very impressive!

    I wish I could have been there and tasted the delicious cake!

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  3. Hi Mrs Yollis and class,

    Your party looks like it was a lot of fun! All the best for your Summer holidays. Stay safe!

    Love from Mrs N

  4. Thank you for leaving us a comment. Have a happy holiday. from Room 2


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