Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kayla's Grandmother and Richie's Grandmother Teach About Iran!

During our April is Family Blogging Month project, many grandmothers visited to share about their background. Grandma Marty from Australia came in, Ethan's Halmoni from Korea visited, and Ayush's grandmother from India stopped by! Recently, Kayla's grandmother and Richie's grandmother shared some information about Iran!


They taught us some Farsi!

Have you ever eaten dolmeh?

Do you know any facts about Iran?
Please share!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis and students,
    I really enjoyed the "Grandmother Posts".
    I'm sure it's been nice learning words in a different languages, because I can tell by hearing the students repeat the words very nicely. I'm sad that Ava's grandmother doesn't live here now, or she would have loved to be a part of this event.
    Preparing a Dolmeh is very delicate work, which requires the thinnest grape leaves for wrapping the rice and other ingredients in.
    Just like other kinds of food, people from different sections of the country make it to their own taste. Originally, it is supposed to be a sweet & sour appetizer.
    They are delicious.

    Sincerely Yummy,
    sorry I think I'm hungry now!



  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    You are lucky to have so many grandmothers visit your class this year. What a treat!

    I have eaten dolmeh several times and loved it. It's great to see the class trying food from all over the world.

    (Kendall's mom)

  3. Dear Kayla and Richie,
    It was a real treat to watch the video of your grandmothers and learn more about the country of Iran. I did have some prior knowledge about this country such as the name of its capital (and largest) city which is Tehran. Another fact I know is that before 1935 it had been known as Persia. However, the title "Iranian Ambassadors" was a well-chosen one because they piqued my interest about Iran. After watching the video I immediately googled Iran and read more about this fascinating country. One thing I learned from reading is that their monetary system is based on the rial. I wonder how the rial compares to the dollar? Please thank your families for sharing with us all.

    Marsha Cooke
    (Kendall's grandmother)

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis and students,
    I must say what another wonderful post about another part of the world and having the two Grandmothers really made it even more special. I did attempt to say a few words too. I really love to hear how different words are said in different languages.
    I do know a couple of facts about Iran. Iran is the 18 largest country in the world.Iran pheasant partridge, stock, eagles and the falcon are all native to Iran.
    How good was the dolmeh yummy.
    What a wonderful experience with another culture for even I enjoyed it all the way down here in Australia and I thankyou
    from your friend AA.

  5. Hi Mrs. Yollis!
    I love how you incorporate the traditions of your students into your class. We have a VERY diverse school with so many different cultures and I think it would be so neat to have visitors come "teach" about their culture. I may look into this next year! Did you have any other parents come in other than those that spoke about Iran?
    Elise Cooper

  6. @ Soosan, (Ava's mom)

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments!

    I, too, have enjoyed all the grandmother posts. Not only have we learned about new places and languages, we also were able to get three generations together to teach! I really love that!

    It is too bad that Ava's grandmother doesn't live locally. We would have loved to hear from her. Perhaps she would like to visit through commenting!

    The dolmeh was delicious! The students have been very good about trying new foods. We are all lucky!

    @ Shannon, (Kendall's mom)

    Thank you to you and your entire extended family for being so active on our online community! Everyone benefits and I hope you will continue to follow our blog and comment! :-)

    I agree, it is great to see everyone trying new foods!

    @ Mrs. Cooke, (Kendall's grandmother)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful comments! You not only take the time to comment, but you also add new information to the conversation! You are a wonderful part of our online community. It is obvious that you are a former teacher! :-)

    Mrs. Gurian said that you might be sharing our site with some of your teacher friends. I hope so! Please let them know they are welcome to comment at any time!

    I did not know about the monetary system called the rial. We'll try and figure out the conversion to the dollar and post it here!

    Mrs. Yollis

  7. @ AA,

    A big thank you to you, as always! I agree, having the grandmothers visit and share was magical! :-)

    I love how you and Bianca always add new information to a post. That is one of the great things about blogging and you two have mastered that!

    I didn't know that Iran was the 18th largest country. Interesting!

    The dolmeh was delicious, and I'd never tasted it before. Now, I am a fan!

    Thanks again!

    @ Mrs. Cooper,

    Thanks for your comment about our traditions post. It was so much fun to have the grandmother visit and teach. Yes, we had other grandmothers. If you click on the links at the top of this post, there are links to grandmother posts about Australia, India, and Korea.

    Mrs. Yollis

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I enjoyed watching the Grandmother Posts. It is so interesting to listen to the words in foreign languages. I'm glad and feel lucky too that your class is able to invite some grandparents to come to the class. I'm sure that the kids are enjoying that as they are exposing to wide range of things. It will help them to broaden their vision and enrich their knowlege. Paul enjoyed all these actives and he told us about them when he comes home. Thanks Mrs. Yollis!

    Best regards,
    Jade (Paul's mom)


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