Thursday, November 21, 2019

Family Blogging Month: Generational Comments

Our November is Family Blogging Month post has some wonderful exchanges! Some comments are student-to-student. However, some are generational! 

Below are some sample comments that involve students, their parents, and grandparents.   We love our online learning community!

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Ivy's Generations

Here is a comment to all of us from Ivy's mom on Our Emoji Math.  She ends with an algebraic answer for a student sports puzzle. 

Ivy, her mom, and her grandfather have a conversation going on here! 
Everyone loves blogging and math!

Here is a comment to all of us from Ivy's grandmother in Chicago:

Several students commented back to Ivy's Chicago grandmother.

Ivy's dad has a wonderful conversation with Kate! 

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Evan's Generations

Here is a comment to all of us from Evan's grandmother in Kentucky. We started a comment back to her on the Family Blogging Month post so stay posted!

Evan and friends have commented back to Grandma Alice! 

 Evan's mom has a terrific comment on the Family Blogging Month post.

Emily E. and her grandmother have written a comment together on Dolphins Delight!

 How do you encourage your family members to contribute to Family Blogging Month? Leave some tips to help your classmates.

What are some relatives besides parents and grandparents? 

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