Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Emoji Math! (Student Blogging Challenge)

This week it is fun with Emojis!

There are a lot of options, but we chose Emoji math!

First, we looked at some sample Emoji Puzzles from Solvemoji. We got ideas about how to set up equations and use known numbers to solve unknown symbols. 

Next, we created three equations on scratch paper. We thought about the unknown numbers and how to solve each equation. Then we made a key to help us solve our own puzzle.  After lots of tries, we were ready to create our Emoji puzzles on a Google Doc. It was fun to pick a theme! 

To create in a Google Doc:

1. Open a Google Doc
2. Go to INSERT in the menu bar
4. Select EMOJI

5. Select the topic or theme to use (See below) There are many!

Here are our first few puzzles. More to come! 

Mrs. Yollis' Emoji Math!

What is the value of the chicken drumstick?

Ivy's Emoji Math!

What is the value of the sun?

Emily E.'s Emoji Math!
What is the value of the green snake?

Evan Emoji Math!

What is the value of the soccer ball?

Kate's Emoji Math!

What is the value of the sunflower?

Emily E.'s  Emoji Math!
What is the value of the bear?

Where you able to solve any of our puzzles? 
If so, leave us a comment with your solution!

If you created a puzzle, please leave your blog address and we will head over and solve yours!

(More puzzles will be added here throughout the week. 
Check back soon!)

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