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Cursed Cursor :: Part 3 (Summer Writing)

My former third graders are choosing to write summer vacation stories in their Google Drives! They share the Google Doc with me and leave a Google Doc comment asking to be published. I love having a connected learning community! Chloe is on her third story in the Cursed Cursor series! Evan wrote one too! I'm happy to publish on our class blog! :-) 

The Cursed Cursor 3: Alberto’s First Mission!

One day in summer, the seven dogs were cruisin’ by the pool.

“Ahhhh,” The dogs chorused together.

“Now this is fun,” Cooper started. “I really need to relax my paws.”

Georgie: Photo by Clare


“You’re right, Cooper,” Georgie began. “I love being poolside.”

The hot tub started to bubble. Gracie threw off the towel with her paws and did a belly flop into the hot tub. Since she was small she didn’t get hurt. David took off his towel with his teeth, the NOT fancy way, and plopped into the cold, refreshing pool. Alberto flipped himself so that he could lay on his back. He was sunbathing under the hot sun. NoĆ« was wagging her tail with her head up. She was panting because dogs don’t sweat. She stated cheerfully, “I love the pool. It gets my mind off my teething!”

Just then, Rocky heard a shake in the bushes. “What’s that?” Rocky whispered to everyone.

Cooper saw a couple of tails appear from the bushes. “It’s a squirrel! Let’s get it!” Cooper and Rocky darted to the bushes. The squirrels began to sprint away from the two medium-sized dogs. David swam out of the pool, shook the water off of him, and started to catch up. Gracie stayed with Alberto.

                                               Photo by Mrs. Yollis

“I see squirrels all the time,” Gracie began rolling her eyes. “They’re too fast, and I’m too small, so why even bother.”

Alberto nodded, grinned at Gracie, and flopped back on his stomach. “Yes, my little amigo, but it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Alberto’s advice made Gracie feel better.

Then Rocky came running in dirty. “Huh, Huh, others cursed by cursor.” Rocky said out of breath. “Squirrel was a trap.” Rocky laid down to rest.

Gracie and Alberto looked at each other and exchanged looks. “Oh no! It must have been a cyber-squirrel!” The two started sprinting to the other three dogs while Rocky stayed resting on the ground.

“I know what to do,” Gracie began. “Let’s go to my place! Shayna will know what to do!”

Gracie and Alberto sprinted to Shayna’s porch. It was early in the morning, about 9:00 on Saturday, and Shayna wasn’t expecting Gracie to scratch on the door.

                                   Photo by Shayna

“What?” Shayna said half awake. “Gracie! It’s 9:00 A.M.! I’ll let you in, but go to sleep!”

“Shayna!” Gracie yelled. Shayna never knew that Gracie could talk. Shayna fell and was unconscious. “That’s just great!” Gracie frowned.

The same thing happened with Carlos. The two dogs didn’t know what to do.

“Alberto,” Gracie was serious, but still cute. “You’re going to have to be an undercover spy.”

Alberto froze for a minute. He smiled and said, “What am I going to be?”

“You’re going to be undercover as a cat so the cyber-dogs will chase you back, but we’ll have to figure out the rest later.” Gracie smiled back. They ran to Micheal’s, bought some fabric with the money that Gracie stole from Shayna’s wallet while Shayna was unconscious, and went back to the pool.

“Ok,” Gracie stated. “Now put this white fabric on your ears and….done! You look like a cat.”


“I look like an American kitty!” Alberto loved to be undercover as a cat. The two dogs darted to a fire hydrant. Alberto questioned, “Why this fire hydrant? There’s  another one around the block that I marked yesterday.”

Gracie rolled her eyes. “Just watch! Rocky showed me this after you ate that Oreo last month.” Alberto thought about the Oreo, while Gracie watched to see if anyone was looking, put her right paw on the top of the fire hydrant. The hydrant lifted up, and revealed a secret water slide elevator. The two dogs slid down the slide to an underground room. The room had purple wall paper, Alberto would have suggested blue, but he didn’t want to be rude. The room had seven bathrooms, and each door was a gray rubber doggy door with one of the dog’s names on it, and each bathroom had a personal hydrant. There were jars of bacon-wrapped bones everywhere! It was paradise! Alberto had tears in his eyes, “Gracie,” Alberto said almost crying. “It’s beautiful! But, why are we here?”

“We’re here because this is where we’ll find where the cursed cursor’s hiding place is!”

“Um, Gracie” Alberto used his metacognition a lot. “Don’t you think, because it’s summer, that the cursor’s hiding place was in your owner’s computer lab?”

Gracie knew what he meant. “Ohhhhhh. That’s right!”

The two bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pups sprinted to their owner’s school. They came across a gate. Gracie started by saying, “Now we have to get past this impenetrable gate.” Then Alberto noticed a small hole, big enough for the two pups to go one at a time through, in the gate. “I found a way!” Alberto pointed to the hole with his paw. They both went through, one at a time, and found themselves on the upper yard’s grass. Alberto looked around, and started putting his legs together to make an X. Gracie said with an ugggg, “Don’t tell me you have to go! You should of went at the secret layer”

“I’m sorry!” Alberto began. “I didn’t have to go then!”

The two dogs went across the street, after they looked both ways, and walked to a nearby off-leash dog park. There, after Alberto went, they saw Buck with a new friend.

                                                                 Photo by Mrs. Yollis

“Oh,” Buck was delighted to see his friends. “Hi guys! This is Freddy! He’s a labradoodle.

To Be Continued...

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