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Cursed Cursor :: Part 2 (Summer Writing)

My third graders are choosing to write summer vacation stories in their Google Drives! They share the Google Doc with me and leave a Google Doc comment asking to be published. I love having a connected learning community!

CHLOE: While I was reading comments on The Cursed Cursor,where my first story is, I noticed a comment from Mrs Monaghan. She suggested that I write some more adventures about the fab four, now spectacular seven. So, here are some more adventures. 


 The Cursed Cursor 2: The Cursor Strikes Back!

Photo by Mrs. Yollis


One day, before the four dogs were famous, they were all walking with their owners at the dog park.

“I think you two should go to our friend’s obedience class, Chloe and Clare!” Heather stated. “Our friend’s dogs, Wolfie, Laura, and Felix, go there!”

“Sure!” Clare began. “Do you have a pamphlet?

“Of course we do!” Keira opened her purse, and took out a bright orange pamphlet for Doggie Obedience School.

“Thank you!” Clare added. The four girls took their dogs and went to a nearby bench. The owners told their dogs to stay in the area, and then took off their leashes. The dogs went ,in order, to the nearby water fountain.

Suddenly, a cute and cuddly white puppy came charging into David and Georgie! She was chasing a new, crisp, yellow frisbee.

Photo by Shayna                                         

“Hey!” David started with water on his fur. “We are going to be famous some day, so don’t try to mess up our beautiful, hunky bodies!”  

“Sawy,” (sorry) the little pup began. “My name is Gracie Marshmallow, and I am the queen of all fluffy and playful pups! I’m famous, don’t you know? I was on the Internet on a post called Humans are Tricksters!”


                                                                    Photo by Darius

Just then another little fluffy dog appeared. She cheerfully said, “Hi! My name is Noë (no-ee), and I’m here with my owner Darius. Huh! Got to go! Darius is calling me!”

Noë darted off to Darius. The fab four and Gracie stayed and examined Noe.

“Soooo. Do you want to play fetch?” Gracie asked. The other four nodded no. “How about….sniffing trees?” The four crowded together in a circle and discussed. They turned around and nodded yes. “Yay!” Gracie started with pleasure. “We’re going to have so much fun!” Just then Noë came back with excitement in his eyes. He squealed happily, “Guess what?” Everyone was silent. “Ok, I’ll tell you. While Darius was talking to his friend, I met a French poodle! Anyone want to meet her?”

David started nodding quietly and started to walk to Noe. Georgie gave a stubborn look. David backed up with embarrassment. Cooper then saw a half eaten, dirty, old Oreo on the ground. “Watch out,” Cooper sounded serious. “That Oreo is a trap! I’ve seen it happen. It’s not pretty!”  

Then a chubby, golden Chihuahua with a collar that said in dark gray writing, Alberto, came. “Hola, my amigos,” Alberto stated with a Spanish accent and winking at Gracie. “I am the great Alberto! I am from Mexico, and I am here because my owner, Carlos, is a junior scientist and is studying an ant he named Nile Pipsqueak (My freind ,Shayna, is writing a story called The Wild Life of Nile Pipsqueak. Nile Pipsqueak meets a boy named Carlos. Thanks for the inspiration, Shayna!).

“Hello?” Noë said as if everyone forgot him. “Does anyone want to meet the...Whoa! It’s the poodle! See you guys later!”

Alberto noticed the Oreo. “Ooo la la! What is this? It is an American black cookie! Looks good!” Alberto simply and quickly ate the cookie, while the five other pups let out a long nooooooo!

Alberto jiggled and jumped! He was turning into a cyber-dog! “I am Alberto the sidekick of the cursor of computer sixteen in the computer lab at your owner’s school. I am here to defeat YOU!” Alberto started to growl. Rocky and Cooper jumped up, ready to kick the dog away, when two, long robot arms grabbed them by their left hind legs! David and Georgie started using their razor sharp teeth two chew on his pointy, triangular ears, but cyber-Alberto’s ears turned into new, wooden baseball bats!

“Oww,” David and Georgie laid in pain on the grass floor.

Suddenly, Buck, Mrs. Yollis’ dog, came trotting in with one of Mrs. Yollis’ favorite earrings in his mouth. “Hey guys! Do you want to taste this earring? Mmmmmm, pearl, tastes like chicken. So what’s up?” Buck said mumbling.

Rocky rolled his eyes, and said with fear, “US! We’re up! Please help us!”

Gracie was a little dog, as you know, but she was yapping and jumping louder than the boxer with the German shepherd waving his paws in the air like he just don’t care in the face of the boxer. Gracie had enough, so she yelled as loud as she could, “Let go of my friends! Take me instead! They’re going to be famous one day so you can’t mess up their beautiful, hunky bodies!” Gracie then realized that she let out too much information. Then cyber-Alberto threw Rocky and Cooper next to a nearby tree. He then walked to Gracie with Buck right next to her.

Then Alberto suddenly woke up on a gray table , in a small room, and right next to him was a tall, skinny women with blond hair and wore a white uniform. He whimpered, and realized that after he ate the Oreo, he had had a dream. A wild, amazing, adventurous dream. Rocky, Cooper, David, and the two new members of the Super Awesome Neighborhood Dog Squad members, Gracie and Noë.

“You were really knocked out, Alberto,” Gracie stated.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me when I said NOT to eat the Oreo, but now you know!” Cooper said.

David announced, “Would you like to join the dog squad? We could use a guy who can be an undercover agent.” Alberto smiled at this compliment. He nodded and there was a cheer from the dogs. Alberto cheerfully added, “And I will always be a member of the….”

The seven dogs, David, Georgie, Rocky, Cooper, Noë, Gracie, and Alberto, chorused together, “Super Awesome Neighborhood Dog Squad!”

                  The End

                                     Or is it……

   Can you write a sequel to this sequel?
         Who’s next to join the group?

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  1. Dear Mrs.Yolllis,

    I am so happy with you!

    When I heard I got Mrs.Yollis I was so happy that I even Jumped around in a circle! When I saw your classroom I loved it a lot. I love my desk,my Alpha Smart,and our classroom!




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