Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Positively Perfect Plurals!

Mrs. Yollis' class has been working 
recently on learning to spell 
plural nouns correctly!

There are so many rules about plurals to follow!

When making a plural noun, never use apostrophe s!
Did you know that not all plurals have an s added to them? 

Hoppy has some plural spelling rules to share with you:

1. When a singular noun ends with xchsh, or s, add es

Examples: box - boxes              bush - bushes
2. When a singular noun ends in a consonant and y, change the y to an i and add es 

                 Examples: penny - pennies         fly - flies

3. To some nouns ending in f, simply add s.

                 Examples: chief - chiefs             bluff - bluffs
4. To other nouns ending in f or fe, change the f or fe to and add  
     es. (Hoppy thinks this is the silliest plural rule of all!)

                 Examples: wolf - wolves            leaf - leaves
5. Some singular nouns form their plurals in special ways. There is no rule for these, so you just have to memorize them!

                 Examples: tooth - teeth               mouse - mice

*     *     *     *     *

Hoppy challenges you to use five different plurals in a comment!

Here is Hoppy's example:

Dear Class,

Yesterday three flies landed on my lilypad. I tried so hard to eat them, but they got away!  I wonder how many of you children would want to eat flies instead of candies on Halloween? 

After missing the flies, I hopped off my lilypad into the water where I saw some geese paddling by. They were carrying some leavesback to their nests. I swam along, so I could say hello to their babies!

I'm looking forward to reading your comments full of positively perfect plurals!

Ribbit and regards,


P. S. Be sure to use html code to make your plurals bold!


  1. Dear Hoppy,
    I would not like to eat flies instead of candies. Many children wear costumes on Halloween. Some people dress up like pretty fairies or white bunnies. Some people throw fun parties. Do you wear a costume on Halloween?

    Your classmate,

  2. Dear Hoppy,
    I most certainly would NOT like to eat flies instead of candies this Halloween. I know some fish like to eat flies, though. And I also know that the plural of fish is . . . (drum roll please) . . . FISH! How about that? Isn't English funny?

    What kind of flies do you like to eat? Mosquitoes? How about grasshoppers? Do you like those? Have you ever eaten some wasps by mistake? That would be awful.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Dear Hoppy,

    I would prefer the tasty taste of candies over flies to eat. For two reasons. Number one, candy has flavor. Number two, candy does not have guts like flies do:) If I tasted a fly, I'd probably sit on the couch feeling sick. if you wanted to taste some candies, would you eat it or would you lay on you lilypad feeling sick?
    If some Twix landed on your lilypad would you eat them or would you throw them in the pond? If some Jack-O-Lanterns landed on on your lilypad would you carve them or would you give them to your neighbor?

  4. Dear Hoppy,

    In would like to eat flies on Halloween because I have never tasted them. If there were flies made out of candies or gummies or maybe even chocolates or cherries that would taste good, yum! Hey, you can't judge something if you haven't tasted it.

    Your fly~eating friend,

  5. Dear Hoppy,
    I too would enjoy eating flies on Halloween. If I could eat my flies with pumpkin pies and caramel apples, I would be pleased. I would need to eat these tasty treats quickly before my brothers and sisters took them off my plate with their sticky, quick-flying tongues.

    Gotta Fly!
    Mrs. Geldes

  6. Dear Hoppy,

    I was in my backyard when I saw some MICE run by some KITTIES eating Halloween candy. The KITTIES stopped eating when they saw some DOGGIES chewing gum and blowing bubbles. The DOGGIES spit out their gum when they saw some BUNNIES dressed up as witches. So maybe eating some FLIES wouldn't be so bad.

  7. Hello Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I thought I'd drop a message in here although it's not about plurals. I have prepared a post about my search to identify the stone I saw in the picture I received through Twitter. Below is a link so you can see what I did and my guess about your stone. Remember, I'm not an expert in geology. I just enjoy science and trying to find answers. :)


    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    1. @ Mr. Mannell,

      Thank you for the alert about your post for us. My friend, Keira, and I have checked your blog, Extended Comments for Students, and saw what you left for our class!

      In my opinion, I think your are a expert at geology. I am not so interested rocks and minerals, but I do like them. I have interest in blogging. Where do you go to find the answers to your questions?

      I left a comment about your rocks. Some words confuse me. Reply to me if you can on your post.

      Your rock-loving friend,

  8. Dear Hoppy,

    Happy early Halloween! What do you get for Halloween? I get candies. My favorite candies are Jolly Ranchers and Hershey Bars.

    I agree with Roxy that you get flies, but I would like candy not flies. Halloween is one of the holidays I like, but my other favorite holiday is Christmas. I think you know why I love Halloween. If you guessed because you get candy, you are correct. Oh, I wish it was Halloween today. What is your favorite part about Halloween?

    Your pupil,
    Sheila ♥

  9. Dear Hoppy,

    I would like to eat flies on Halloween. My expectation for those flies are that they will be covered in chocolate bars. Some frogs prefer fresh flies, but some prefer rotten flies. Would you eat candies or caramel apples on Halloween?

    Catching flies is hard for me to do on Halloween. I have to catch about 1,000 of them! Many frogs think my treats taste good. Sometimes, (for a bonus because I am in a happy mood) I would give out double flies If I did, I would have to catch 2,000 flies. It isn't very hard for me to do because there are so many flies flying around the lily pads. If you are having trouble catching flies, just hop to 2525 There's Flies Street. I hope you catch enough flies!

    Wish you a haunted Halloween,
    Hercules (Heather)

    1. Dear Heather

      You asked if I'd rather eat candies or caramel apples,well I'd rather eat candies than caramel apples, but I wouldn't eat flies because first of all they would be way to hard to catch,

      and second of all it would probably be wearing a tiny witch costume. And by the way I didn't t catch any flies on 2525 Flies street


  10. Dear Mrs. Yollis

    This is my silly plurals post. I saw some Halloween CANDIES in my house and went after them. But when I got to them there was an army of MOMMIES and DADDIES to stop me. I got past them but right when I escaped there was a group of evil KITTIES and DOGGIES in my path. The leader was Cerberus. He was going after me. Cerberus is the guard dog to the underworld. Cerberus and his band of SPOOKIES came after me and they were scary. I let out a scream that sounded like the cry of a thousand BABIES. Happy Halloween!!

    Your student,

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    For Halloween my friends are coming to my house to go trick-or-treating. We are going to go to the scariest houses with the best Halloween treats. My favorite candies are pixie straws, Twixes, and 3 Muskateers. We love Halloween because of all the scary decorations, and are favorite this year is our scary skeleton that we named Whitey.

    What is your favorite part about Halloween?

    Your student,

  12. Dear Hoppy

    How dare you eat flies on Halloween. Halloween is about candies not flies. Though I do wear costumes on Halloween because some times I pretend being what I am while eating twixes.
    Do you pretend being what you are on Halloween?


  13. Dear Hoppy,

    Hello! My name is Aarna and I am Aashi's one and a half year old sister.

    I would love to eat flies for Halloween! When it comes to eating, I can eat anything!

    For Halloween, I am going to be a fairy. Do you like fairies? What do you do during trick-or-treating? During trick- or-treating, I'm going to yank all of the candies and eat them! Would you prefer to eat flies for diner or flies for some tasty desserts? This year I want to help carve jack-o-lanterns. (that is if my mother buys one, she thinks I'm too little:( )

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    Happy travels,

  14. Wow! Those are really helpful! Thanks!

    8B Selwyn House

  15. Dear Hoppy,

    Most sports teams have plural names, but some do not. Tonight I am watching the Cardinals and the Red Sox. (Is Sox a plural noun, or should it be Socks instead?) We like to watch the Chiefs play football, and the Royals play baseball. Can you think of a sports team that does not have a plural name? Mine is the hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche.

    Have a great Halloween!


  16. Dear Hoppy,

    On Halloween, I like to trick-or-treat for candies and see my friends dressed in their costumes. I trick-or-treat on streets near my house. The street lights help me see where I am going. I was a ninja and I saw tons of other children dressed as ninjas.

    How many plurals did I use in my comment?



  17. Dear Nate,

    Do you think children would like flies if they were dipped in chocolate? What candies did you get the most of this year? What was the scariest costume you saw? My favorite candies growing up were Milky Way and Twix. My favorite costume that I wore as a kid growing up was a Viking. Nate you are tricky but I count nine plurals in your blog. I almost missed children and plurals. How many plurals are in this comment?


    Dave (Nate's Dad)

    1. Dear, Dad

      In your comment I counted seven plurals. Here is a story with a lot of plurals:

      On Halloween night, I walked down three-hundred streets with my eighteen brothers and their seventy friends. At the end of the three-hundredth street there were thirty houses and tons of trick-or-treaters getting the king sized Twixes. There were ten people in each house. I ran and got a king sized Snickers on each house. (I am allergic to peanuts, so it is bad.) How many plurals in my comment?


    2. Dear Nate,

      In your comment I counted ten plurals. What I am wondering is how many candies did you trade for those king sized snickers? I know you can't eat peanuts but you usually trade all of your candy bars with peanuts for treats you can eat. One king sized candy bar is probably worth many bite sized candy bars. If you got ten king sized snickers how many bite sized peanut free candy bars did you get in trades? Do you know how many plurals are in this post?

      Dave (Nate's Dad)

    3. Dear Dave,

      We counted twelve plurals in your comment, and we think we can do better. I traded it for 9,999,999,999,999 Twix. Our Halloween story is: We ate so many candies we exploded. Then magical angels flew over our heads, and unicorns smashed the angels into a billion Bobs. The Bobs grabbed pies and threw them at the unicorns. Then the smashed unicorns turned into penguins, and beat up the Bobs until they turned into candies.

      Do you like are story? How many plurals?

      Nate and Daniel


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