Friday, October 25, 2013

Educational Tweeting!

I love to learn alongside my students. A few years ago I started exploring the educational value of Twitter. I created a classroom Twitter account (@YollisClass) and started thinking about how we could use it in the classroom. 

Our first tweet was September 2, 2010!

I've used Twitter to define concepts. 

Here students tweeted out the 4 types of sentences. Students enjoyed tweeting these out and had access to the sentence types in the Twitter feed.

Students then took turns trying to tweet out example sentences! 

The class used Twitter to chronicle a Mystery Skype call

This week, my class has been exchanging tweets with a fabulous class in England, Mrs. Monaghan and her class 2! 

Mrs. Monaghan wrote a post about our Twitter exchange on her Room With a View blog! This British class is experimenting with having a class Twitter account too. 

Our exchange started with this math tweet. My third graders are learning about multiplication and arrays. My class shot a photo of an array in our classroom. The array was our fish bulletin board. As you can see,  there are 2 rows of ten fish and a bottom row of 7. Next, we used Skitch to annotate the photo. We invited other classes to share an array from their classroom. Here is the tweet:

Mrs. Monaghan's class (@class2middleham) tweeted this tweet to us! Like us, they used Skitch to annotate their photo.


And then they tweeted this screenshot of an array from their blog sidebar! 

We looked forward to tweeting back. Each time we included their @class2middleham Twitter handle so our English friends would be alerted about our new array. 

Mia's birthday cupcakes were the most delicious of all the arrays!

I added a fun twist when I created a collage array using my adorable dog, Buck! :-)


          You can find our Twitter feed in the sidebar of our blog. 
               From there, you can scroll through past tweets.

Are you using Twitter in your classroom? 
If so, join our Hip Hip Array fun!

How do you use Twitter with your students?

What advice to you have to make our Twitter experience meaningful and efficient?

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  1. Dear Mrs Yollis and class
    We are most grateful to you for your help and encouragement - we have loved dipping our toes in the waters of educational tweeting, and hope to find lots more ways to share our work meaningfully. We have really enjoyed seeing your tweets over the past few days, and although we are out of school for the next week, hopefully arrays are still in our minds and we will have some more to share with you soon!
    Your friends in A Room with a View & Mrs Monaghan


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