Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! 2013

Today was a spook-tacular day!

First, the student council had a Guess the Weight contest!

How many pounds does this pumpkin weigh?

Write the answer in the comment section!

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Everyone had fun wrapping up a mummy during lunch!

A fun prize for the winning mummy!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed some Halloween fun!
Halloween Bingo!

 Look, we search and search for spooky words!

Check out our ghostly art project!

Thanks, room moms, for organizing such a fun afternoon!

Don't forget to Trick-or-Treat for 
UNICEF, and 
bring in your box tomorrow!

What did you enjoy most about our day?

What are you planning to do for Halloween night?

What costume will you be wearing?


  1. Happy Halloween!
    It seems you had a lot of fun!!!

    Ms Golubeva

  2. Peter, Adam, and EvanNovember 1, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Halloween was exceptional! Adam and I love Halloween and it is a thriller:). It was very cool and we gathered a lot of candy. Peter got approximately 136 pieces of candy. Adam got about 125 pieces of candy. Evan estimates that he got 100 pieces of candy.

    Adam was the the caped crusader, Batman! Peter was the god of football, Aaron Rodgers. Evan was a creeper from the exciting game of Minecraft. It was fun being the caped crusader, Batman! Instead of fighting crime, Batman was getting a bucket full of candy. The god of throwing the football, Aaron Rodgers, stuck a huge touchdown of candy! Finally, instead of scaring people, he was getting a lot of candy!

    How was Halloween for you?


    Pe♣er, Ev♣n, and Ad♣m

  3. Echo (Heather's mom)November 1, 2013 at 10:27 PM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    What a huge pumpkin! I guess it weights 100 pounds. I wonder who won the pumpkin.

    The students look like they really had fun at school on Halloween!

    We went to a Halloween party followed by trick-or-treating with Heather's friends. Heather and her friends asked every other house to donate for UNICEF. Heather says that UNICEF stands for United Nations Children's Funds.

    Echo (Heather's mom)

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis and Class,
    It's funny seeing your Hallowe'en take place in sunshine! Our weather is moving from Autumnal to Wintery at present - we've just finished our half term break and it's been a wild, wet and windy one! On Hallowe'en, it was dark by 5pm and most of the children who went out Trick or Treating got VERY wet and cold indeed! (But claimed it was worth it for the sweets!).
    That is a huge pumpkin that you have! We would need to guess the weight in kilos and grams rather than pounds however, as those are the units of weight we use. If you say '100lbs' to us here in the UK, we have very little concept of how heavy that is, and would need to check it out with a conversion table.
    I would estimate your pumpkin weighs... around 40kg.
    I will see what the class thinks when we return to school next week!
    Your friend,
    Mrs Monaghan


  5. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Wow, that was a nice blog post! I think that the pumpkin weighs about 150 pounds. For halloween i was batman. I went to a party, went trick-or-treating until 9pm, and went to bed at 11pm!

    Your student,


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