Friday, October 25, 2013

Collectors' Collections

Mrs. Yollis' class read  The Talking Cloth, by Rhonda Michell. The main character, Aunt Phoebe, is a "collector of life."  Her home is filled with souvenirs from her travels around the world.

In class, we started talking about collections. It turns out many people have collections of their own.

Notice how many people arranged their collection in an array

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Mrs. Yollis' Rock Collection

4 x 4 = 16 heart-shaped rocks

Like Aunt Phoebe, I like to bring home a souvenir from my travels. Wherever I go, I search for rocks. Not just any rock will be included in my collection, the rock has to be heart-shaped! I discovered my first rock about fifteen years ago.  At first I thought it would be difficult to locate heart-shaped rocks, but with a keen eye, it has been easy to do. My favorite rock is one that I got at Zion National Park. When I look at one of the rocks in my collection, it takes me back to the location where I found it and that fills me with happy memories.

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4 x 11 = 44 baseball cards

Photo by Bryce

We have been working on arrays, and I have just the picture to add to the “collection” of blog posts. I have lots of baseball cards, but there are three that stand out to me. The first is Manny Machado, third base for the Baltimore Orioles. Another of my favorites is Pablo Sandoval, third base for the San Francisco Giants. Last but not least is Jarrod Saltilamachia, catcher for the Boston Red Sox. Here is a pronunciation key for the name Saltilamachia. It is Sal-ti-la-mak-i-a. There are four rows of ten baseball cards there. Also known as 4x11 or 11x4. Either way,  it still equals 44 cards. 

I play an imaginary baseball game that just makes time fly when I want it to fly. I play because I love baseball, and I like to make imaginary games. I play by using past experience, scouting on TV, and using my imagination. When I make the line up I try to put Red Sox players in and use the best cards. I play so frequently that I am able to make new line ups, play worst team against best team, and play every time I get a chance because I am so into it. Here is a post that Mrs. Yollis has about her rock  collection, Rock Solid Love.

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Photo by Chance

5 x 2 = 10 loom bracelets
My collection is loom bracelets that I have made in my house. I collect them because they come in different kinds. I started collecting the bracelets after I saw a bunch of people wearing them, and I thought they looked cool. My favorite one is one I don't have but I like it a lot.  It is called a starburst. I have ten bracelets, but I can't wait to make more. That is what I love to collect and make.  

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4 x 6 = 24 books

Photo by Aashi

I have a collection of books. I admire this collection because reading is my favorite hobby! Some of the genres that I read are realistic fiction, like the Magic Tree House series, mysteries, like the Cam Jansen mysteries, and random, like Roald Dahl's books. In my opinion, Mary Pope Osborne (author of the "Magic Tree house" books) is an amazing author as her books teach you about history and take you to different places in the world. My other favorite author is David A. Adler because his books take me to Cam Jansen's world, and make me feel like a real detective. The "Roald Dahl" books are the books that I adore the most in my collection. The characters are adventures and love to have fun. My favorite Roald Dahl books are Danny the Champion of the World, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I cherish my collection of books, and will always keep reading.

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3 x 5 = 15 Beanie Boos

Photo by Jemma

I would like to share my collection of Beanie Boos with you! I first started collecting Beanie Boos when I saw my friend Shayna's collection. I decided they were cool and that I should start collecting them too. Thanks Shayna! The Beanie Boos have been given to me by my mom, my grandparents and my friends. They usually buy them at Justice or CVS. My favorite Beanie Boo in my collection is Iceberg because I think he is the cutest. I like the way he lays on his stomach. In the picture you can see Iceberg is the white seal in the center of the bottom row.

I think Beanie Boos are great. What's everyone else's opinion?

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3 x 5 = 15 Beanie Boos

Photo by Samantha
I started collecting Beanie Boos a couple years ago on Easter. The first one I got is Fetch, the one that looks like a Dalmatian. I like them because I like animals, and they are adorable. I especially like their big eyes.  I usually get them from Justice or CVS. My favorites are Safari the giraffe and Moonlight the black cat because Safari has the closest birthday to me. Moonlight is also my favorite because her birthday is on Halloween, and that is one of my favorite holidays. Beanie Boos are fantastic!

Photo by Heather

My collection that I treasure very much is my Rainbow Loom bracelets. I started collecting bracelets recently. Some unique colors are glow-in-the-dark and highlighted. There are also all different kinds of regular colors. On the bracelets, there are all sorts of designs. Some designs are the Zippy Chain, Starburst, and the Pumpkin. My favorite design is the Hexafish. The Hexafish is my favorite one because it takes lots of rubber bands, so it is extremely valuable. It is also my favorite because the entire bracelet looks like a swirl. I have many collections, but this one is my personal favorite. Do you collect these bracelets?

 Photo by Sydney

This is my spectacular collection of jewelry! I love all of my jewelry the same. The math problem is 4 rows of 6 equals 24, or 4x6 = 24. I don't have a favorite accessory. Each is special in different ways.

Photo by Shayna

4 x 9 = 36 + 5 = 41 Beanie Boos
Also known as 4 rows of 9 is 36 plus 5 is 41 Beanie Boos

I started to collect Beanie Boos when I saw that my dentist's gift shop had a display of over 20 stuffed animals. I instantly thought "On my god! Those are the absolutely adorable!" My mom bought me a stuffed giraffe named Safari and that was where it all started.

My favorite Beanie Boo is an octopus named Ollie. Ollie is the first one in the third row. I like Ollie because unlike the other stuffed animals, Ollie does not lay on his front or back paws because he doesn't have any. He lays on his bottom just like I do, but I don't have 8 tentacles sticking out when I sit. 

Do you have a favorite in your collection? If so, what makes it your favorite? 

[Photo coming soon!]

I really enjoy getting stickers in my classroom. The way that I earn them is by being exceptional, thinking great, and by doing good things. My favorite stickers are the paw print ones and the ones that say “Nice One!” When I get ten stickers on my sticker card I get “bean bag” time. I love “bean bag” time because it’s comfortable and fun to sit in. These are the reasons I love getting stickers in my classroom!

Do you have an incredible collection? 

Please share!


  1. Bryc♣ , Ch@nce, and Nichol@sOctober 25, 2013 at 12:33 PM

    Dear Class,

    We have cherished our collections since we have had them. Bryce likes his collection, the one he made was the array of baseball cards. It was four rows of eleven baseball cards, and it equaled forty-four cards.

    Chance has a collection of rainbow loom bracelets. He likes his collection a lot because it is very interesting while in process. He has five rows of two bracelets.

    Nick's is a part owner of beanie boos with his sister. His favorite one of them is Moo Moo. He is a cow that has big shinny eyes, and Nick thinks he is adorable.


    Bryc♣ , Chance, and Nicholas

  2. Pe★er, Ad★m, and Ev★nOctober 25, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Think is an incredibly informational post about each other! We all think that everyone's collection is an awesome way to know each other. We think the idea is grand. If Adam had a collection it would be orange rocks. Evan collects video game cases. He is going to send a post about his collection of video game cases to the blog. Peter collects sports cards that he cherishes.

    We think everyone did a phenomenal job and should be get a pat on the back. We think everyone's vocabulary was stellar. They are all descriptive writers.

    Do you like everyone's collection?
    Did you contribute to Mrs. Yollis post?
    Do you cherish your collection?


    Adam, Evan, and Pe★er


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