Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Postcard From Yorkshire Dales, England!

By Nick and Lindsay

 We got a fabulous postcard from the Yorkshire Dales in England!

It was difficult to find Yorkshire Dales in our atlas, so we contacted the teacher!

Because Yorkshire Dales is a rural community, it was not listed in our giant atlas. With help from Mr. E., from Hawes Community Primary School, we located the town.

We also learned that they are famous for their cheese! The Wensleydale Creamery is in Yorkshire Dales. This cheese was made famous when it was featured in the movie Wallace and Gromit! The students and their families own the cows used to make the yummy cheese!

We thank Hawes Community Primary School for commenting on our blog, and we think it is cool that they are in a small school.  The waterfalls and the lakes look beautiful! They must be lucky that they have waterfalls. The sunsets in Yorkshire Dales look magnificent. It is a limestone country which we think means there is a lot of limestone to be quarried there. Yorkshire Dales has lush green valley known as dales.

We're wondering: 

What does "limestone country" mean?

How old is Yorkshire Dales? 

How old is your school? 


  1. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I can't belive we got a postcard from England! It was so hard to find Yorkshire Dales, because we were on the wrong page the whole time! The sunsets and waterfalls look magnificent! I'm looking foward to skype with Mr.E. Also I can't belive that their cheese was featured in Wallace and Gromit.



  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    By the looks of the scenes from Yorkshire Dales,it looks very breathtaking.I never saw a waterfall.I never touched limestone or saw limestone.

    I wish I have seen a major waterfall.


  3. Hi.
    I'm from Hawes School. I'm not really certain on any of those questions. I once did a lesson on information on hawes School. I think it's over 100 years old. For the other quesions I don't know the answers. If I find out I'll leave another comment and tell you.How old is your school?

  4. Hi.
    It's Bethan again. I'm back with the answers for your question. limestone is a quite rare stone. It's a natural rock which is good for climbing and caving. The Yorkshire dales is 10,000-12,00 years old. It becane a national Park in 1954. It was formed after the ice-age which carved out the dales. People have lived locally for about 3,00 years. Our school is 132 years old. I hope this information is useful for you.


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