Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Audio Poem: ☠ Captain Conniption! ☠

Ahoy, me Hearties!

     Today's poem is not for the faint of heart!     
Poetry Pirates are Kristin, Ben, Andrew, and Ileanna!

Yo, ho, ho! Ye landlubber!

What do you make of this pirate poem? 

Leave a comment or walk the plank! 


  1. Whoa! Boy I sure didn't know I was in for such an awesome treat. I simply loved the "Pirate Poetry". The students read with such wonderful expression. I will share this with some of my students.

  2. Alexa (Kristen's Sister)March 15, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis and Class,

    I think that was amazing! Kristen, Ben, Andrew, and Illeana did great, and they put emphasis on the words that needed it. I really liked how they said it, and the poem itself. You guys did great!

    Alexa (Kristen's Sister)

  3. Arrgh! I be lovin' your piratey poem, Kristin, Ben, Andrew, and Ileanna! You swabbies be performin' some amazin' voices and piratey voices. Keep up the great work! Arrrgh!

    Way to go,
    Mrs. Krebs

  4. Well, shiver me timbers...I can just hear the waves slapping against your ship and smell the saltiness of the sea.

    Thank you for a delightful reading of a delightful poem. I think my mom is now calling me.

  5. Dear Kristin, Ben, Andrew, and Ileanna,

    You're greaaaaat readers! I'm so impressed. You did such a wonderful job of using expression while reading the poem. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Mrs. Yollis was teaching on a ship in the middle of the ocean! Just don't make her walk the plank!

    Mr. Avery

  6. Dear Kristin, Ben, Andrew, and Ileanna,

    Ahoy mateys! There be no need to threaten the plank for me, I be happy to leave a comment without any proddin'.

    Ye be some excellent readers o'er thar in California. I be excited to share this recitation with me crew of hearties tomorrow. Aye!

    Fly your flag high,
    Captain Salsich

  7. Ahoy we four lassie,

    Shiver me timbers you all did an awesome job reading this wonderful poem.

    I, feel I would have to walk the plank because I could not read this peom like you all did.
    Your experssion was just perfect and you all sounded just like pirates. Ahoy!

    However my favourite part of the poem was the end of the poem it was just perfect. Now before you all make me walk the plank I will raise the Jolly Roger ( the pirate flag)
    and heave ho! climb up into my crow's nest to see if I can find an island to rest and look for teasure of course.

    Arrgh! AA.

  8. Great reading- such fantastic expression!

  9. Dear Kristin, Ben, Andrew and Ileanna,

    None of you will need to walk the gangplank, since you all did such a great job reading the poem. I liked how you all sounded like pirates. I am impressed how you were all able to pronounce some of the more difficult words.

    Will there be any more audio poems performed by other members of Mrs. Yollis's class?


    Mrs. Levin (Andrew's Mom)

  10. Dear Kristen, Ben, Andrew, and Illeana,

    Grreeaaat reading with wonderful expression! You sounded like expert readers and scurvy pirate poets.

    Our favorite part of the poem was at the end when it turned out he wasn't so tough after all. Maybe his mom was the real tough one.

    We look forward to your next audio poem.

    Mr. Salsich's Pirates of Connecticut

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    What would we do with out all these types of wonderful poems? We really liked listening to my classmates read the poems out loud. Their voices added to the poem and made it so much more fun to listen to!

    Captain Conniption seems like a cool guy, but definitely not someone who you want to get angry!

    Mrs. Yollis, are you thinking about teaching us on a ship, rather that the classroom? I hope not because I don't want to get seasick!

    Iman and sister Leila ★ ★★★★

  12. Hello to Mrs Yollis and the class;
    This Andrew's Aunt Jody and I just wanted to say that Kristen, Ben, Andrew and Illeana were all terrific. As someone whose job is to make movies I thought they were all Award Winning readings. Young actors in the making!
    Keep up the good work
    Aunt Jody

  13. Ahoy Mrs Yollis and grade 3
    We listened to your poem today and thought the reading aloud was great because the readers got into character.
    The ending was funny, and lots of us 'got it' straight away.
    It was a good day for us to listen to the poem as it was mufti day and Jonathon wore his pirate suit to school!

    Now I'm of to swab the decks
    Mrs McKenzie

    PS We couldn't comment as a class this morning as for some reason our network is suddenly stopping us! Aarrgh!

  14. Dear Captain Salsich,

    I be happy to hear ye don't need a threat of walking the plank to stop by and leave a comment. Ye crew must be ggrreat at leaving a comments. Ye are ggrreat pirates! I should go now because I need to raise the skull flag.

    pirate Ileanna

  15. @ Alexa

    Thank ye for the nice complement. I also thought that Ileana, Ben, and Andrew had emphasis. As a pirate I have no fear.

    See ye at home.

    Your sister,

  16. @Alex,

    Whoa! Boy that was so good that you made me walked the plant. I will get your gold!

    Now I'm going to get that person's gold. Alexa, tell Kristen that she scare me.


  17. Ben his Pirate Mates

    I really enjoyed your presentation and the enthusiasm. Its good to listen to your Mom's but sometimes they end the fun for a while, or for your homework. What is the name of the Captain's ship?


  18. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Class,

    I thought this was a fun activity you did making a video of the poem, and making it so that we could read along with you! The speakers in the video did a great job! I really enjoyed this poem, and it gave me good ideas for what I can do in my classroom as a teacher in the future. My teacher told me about a cool website called Storybird.com, you might want to check it out, it provides pictures and you get to write a story, you can even write it with a friend! I had a lot of fun doing it, and it is somewhat similar to this idea. Thanks so much for sharing the video!

    Northwest University


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