Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Meet Our Blogging Buddies: Mrs. M♔Kenzie and B4

Mrs. Yollis' class enjoys sharing and learning with other classes. This year, they are QUAD-buddies with three other classes! 

This week they're going to find out more about the quad-blogging buddies in Reefton, New Zealand!

Head on over to Open the Door to B4!

Leave them a quality comment and don't forget to say you're from Mrs. Yollis' class! 


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Hi my name is liam
    I am from 2KM.

    I really like your blog.

    Are you nervous about skyping with us? I am.


  2. @ Liam,

    Thank you so much for leaving us a wonderful comment! I'm wondering, did you publish this comment from home?

    Please don't feel nervous about Skyping with us! I think some of Mrs. Yollis' students are nervous too because it is the first time we've met. I'm not nervous because I met you last year when you were just meeting Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan.

    When I feel nervous, I take deep breath, smile, and nibble a little bamboo. Maybe you should go with just a deep breath and a smile!

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

    Your friend,

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis and students,

    how wonderful that you are sharing and learning not only with 2Km and 2KJ but with Mrs McKenzie and her wonderful students too.

    I bet you have learned so much from each other already and have formed really special friendships too.
    Boy I wish I was back at school again.

    As or Panda how wonderful are you giving out super advice to Liam. That is just awesome.

    Have fun Skyping tomorrow everyone for I know you will all love it.

    From your blogging pal down under,

  4. Dear Panda

    Thank you for replying to me. Oh I am Liam. I am from 2KM.

    I really like your videos.

    You were right about skyping.

    How did you like my question?


  5. @ Mrs Yollis & grade,

    Thank you for Skyping with us today. Your class rocks!

    I learnt that some of your kids have heard of battle blades.

    I enjoyed being able to ask a question and show you a photo of me with a Koala.

    Jarrod :roll:

  6. Dear Mrs Yollis, Panda and Grade 3
    What a flurry of comments we got from you yesterday. It was very exciting. B4 students have replied to you, so I hope you stop n again and read what they had to say.

    Panda, our kea is still a bit shy about blogging, but I'm sure he will send you a message soon.

    The poll for keas name will end on our Friday lunchtime, which will be your Thursday after-school.
    Thanks for your votes!

    kind regards
    Mrs M♔Kenzie


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