Monday, February 7, 2011

Angles: Acute, Right, and Obtuse!

In geometry, we are learning about angles!

An angle is a  figure formed when two rays share the same endpoint.

Below is a special angle called a right angle
It is also called a 90˚ angle.

Any angle less than a right is called an acute angle. 

Any angle greater than a right is called an obtuse angle. 

Below is a quiz. Can you guess the angle?

Name That Angle! on PhotoPeach

Do you have any photos of angles?

Send them to Mrs. Yollis and she will add the shots to the quiz!

Update: New angles added to the quiz from:  Ryan, Miriam, Amitai, Finn, Adia, Tucker, Ileanna, Mrs. Watanabe, and Ben! 


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I like the video quiz on angles! I sent you a photo of an angle. I hope you like it.
    From your student,

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I love this idea! We have several projects where we go on a scavenger hunt for lines, angles, and polygons in the real world. I will send you one of my favorite pictures, taken at the school I worked at when I was still in the classroom.

    I also am including this video of a lesson I team-taught last year. I've done this lesson with 3rd graders, but we used calculators to do the division.

    PS I'm on my Mac, which means I don't have my cheat sheet with html to make the link look pretty. Please forgive me!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  3. @ Ben,

    Thanks for some great angle shots! I added them to our PhotoPeach quiz! Terrific learning!

    @ Mrs. Watanabe,

    Yes, it is so much fun to look for geometry in real life. It's everywhere!

    Thanks for your link to the lesson. We'll check it out during our unit!

    Sound like you are doing a great job with blogging! Love it!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    My name is Carly, and I am from Mrs. Ranney's class. I really enjoyed doing the quiz!

    I have LOVED learning about geometry! I think that it is a little tricky though. It is hard to remember all of the different angles!

    I hope that I will remember all of the different angles, such as:

    the right angle, obtuse angle, and acute angle.



  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    We've just begun our geometry unit and introduced angles today. I'm going to share your blog entry tomorrow and let the kids choose some angles to e-mail you for the quiz.

    We studied Paull Klee art today. He used geometry to create abstract art. His painting, Figure in a Garden, can be seen at this link:

    Can you spot the angles and polygons in Figure in a Garden?

    Mrs. Kistler, a 49'er

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  7. That turned out so cute! Your students found creative angles to share. What a great video. I never thought of using PhotoPeach that way. Great idea.

    Mrs. Watanabe

  8. Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you for posting so much about what is happening in your class. I would like to make your blog required reading for anyone talking about education reform. They need to see the great things that a great teacher can do.

    On a more personal note, my five year old daughter saw me looking at this blog post. Inquisitive as always, she wanted to know what it was all about. Well, 40 minutes, I finally had to stop her from looking at the angles and taking the quiz. She is fascinated.

    Again, thank you.

  9. Dear Mrs.Yollis` class,
    We think it is cool to learn about angles, and the right angle is the easiest to spot and the obtuse angle is the hardest to spot. What is your favorite angle?
    Surya and Stephanie 49`ers


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