Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Skyping With Jacksonville, Florida!

Today we met the lovely Mrs. Rogo and her wonderful third grade class. In addition, we chatted with the delightful Mrs. Tolisano. It was exciting to meet her because she started the Around the World with 80 Schools Project! 

In preparation for our Skype connection, we used Google Earth to measured the distance from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida. This screenshot, by Lindsay, shows that the distance is approximately 2,100 miles!

Geographer: Lindsay
 Lindsay also looked up Jacksonville, Florida, in our atlas.

Adia and Miriam recorded the call on TodaysMeet!

Here is their transcript from the call. It is very difficult to listen and type the facts quickly. Do you see any incorrect statements?

It was fun to learn about a state on the opposite coast.

Even Panda got to share! Thanks for the proofreading tips!

Thank you, Jaden, for being our class photographer! Terrific images!

After the call, students shared what they learned. 
(Notice, we are working on quotations and synonyms for said!)

"I learned that Jacksonville's elevation is exactly sea level," remarked Iman.

"When you're at the store, 'crocs' and 'gators' can be seen sunbathing in the sun in some Florida communities," stated Grace.

Adia declared, "I cannot believe that the sixth grade only has six students!"

"I learned that in some south Florida homes, they can get alligators in their backyards," Tucker commented.

"There are only 14 third graders in their school, and we have almost 100 third graders!" exclaimed Miriam.

Misha stated, "There are only around 100 students in their entire school!"

Nicole remarked, "I was happy that our video inspired them to make their own Quality Commenting video!"

"The highest point in Florida is 345 feet. The highest point in Florida is the LOWEST "high point" of all the fifty states!" announced Amitai.

What would you like to know about Florida that you did not get a chance to discover?

Did you notice any similarities or differences between Florida and California?


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I liked the Skype call today. I was wondering how far Jacksonville is from Orlando. Florida and California are similar in that they both have palm trees, beaches and a Disney resort. The differences are, we have Disneyland, they have Disneyworld. We have the Pacific ocean and they have the Atlantic ocean.

    Yours truly,

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I can not believe that there are only 14 students in the third grade class! One difference between the two states is that Florida has alligators, and California does not. Another difference is that California is above sea level, and Florida is at sea level.


  3. Dear Mrs Yollis and students,

    How wonderful and interesting that you we able to skpe with Jaksonville in Florida.

    I really enjoyed reading the transcript.
    I was so suprised to read that crocs and gators are seen sun baking while your at the store.
    I really found this information very interesting.

    Wow how great having 100 hundred students in the whole of the school. You really would know everyone I feel.

    Thank you as this very interesting post.

    From your pal,

  4. @Ben

    Florida is two hours away from Orlando. How far is Los Angeles to Disneyland?

    Evie, Jonah, Yoni

  5. We had a wonderful time skyping with you! One thing we learned is that the highest point in Los Angeles is 14,000 feet. Thank you for letting us skype with you.

    Your Friends
    Ben, Drew, and Zoe

  6. The differences between Florida and California are California has mountains and Florida is flat. California gets earth quakes and Florida gets hurricanes. California doesn't get much rain, Florida gets a lot!

    your friends from Martin Jay Gottlieb Day School,

    Jamie and Elior

  7. Hi this is Liam,Itamar and Zachary from the 3rd grade we loved skyping with you we learned a lot.How long did it take to make your movie? What inspired you to make your movie? Did you get the idea of making your movie about quality comment from watching another video?We would like to skype with you again! The ocean here is very warm most of the year it's in the eighty's.

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    We enjoyed skyping because we learned new things about California.
    We like skyping because you get to meet people around the world.
    We think it is cool that you live 20 miles away from L.A. !

    Rebecca,Savonnie,Ethan :)

  9. Dear Rebecca, Savonnie, and Ethan,

    This is Lindsay and Adia from Mrs. Yollis' class. We loved your comment! It doesn't seem as if you are beginners! You are amazing commenters!

    We had a fun time skyping with you too! Have you ever been to Disneyland in L.A.? If you have been in Disneyland before, how did you like it? Did you meet any Disney characters? What was your favorite ride?

    Both of us have been to Disneyworld in Florida. Adia loved meeting Minnie Mouse because she was so cute! Lindsay liked meeting Mickey. It was extremely fun!

    Lindsay♥ and Adia♥

    P.S. Adia earned her own blog and she included the URL for you. It is above their greeting

  10. Dear Ben, Drew, and Zoe,

    We loved skyping with you. It was wonderful learning about your community, and sharing about our community. A similarity is we both live near the ocean. A difference is that we live across the country! We are very excited to be your blogging friends.

    Jaden and T:-)cker


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