Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Buck's Adventure: Write Your Own Ending!

Buck Is The First Dog In Space

Moon photo by Nolan's mom
A creative story by Kaya and Dylan B.

“See you soon, Buck, be a good boy! I’m going shopping, and I’ll be a few hours,” declared Mrs. Yollis. Mrs. Yollis added, “ I’m going to the mall to get 24 new iPad Pros for the class! Be sure not to get into any trouble. Mr. Yollis is busy building the new and improved movie-making station for the 24 new iPad Pros. Goodbye Buck!” Then Mrs. Yollis locked the door and was on her way to the Apple Store.

Buck was bored. He had nothing to do. Suddenly, he had an idea. Buck decided to go on an adventure to space. Buck went to the garage. Thankfully, Mr. Yollis just came in for a lunch break. He was having a tuna fish sandwich with tomatoes, pickles, carrots, and cucumbers. On the side,  he was having Dr. Pepper and Mr. Yollis’ favorite, Lays Barbecue Chips.

Buck was pondering, “That’s a good lunch, that will give me plenty of time to build a rocket ship.” Buck snuck into the garage and drew up some blueprints.

Next, he got down Mr. Yollis’ tool box and got to work. Buck was working without interruptions, until suddenly, he heard footsteps, so he hid in the corner. Mr. Yollis mumbled, “Oh, I guess there is no one in there." Mr. Yollis then went back to eating his delicious lunch.

“Whew, that was close,” Buck said to himself.

Finally, he was done. Buck pressed the button to open the garage door and dragged the spaceship outside. He climbed up into the pilot seat and remembered he forgot to put the seat belts on. Buck also forgot to get a co-pilot. He decided he didn’t need a co-pilot, but he did need a seat belt. So, he got out of the pilot seat and went into the garage. Buck got his seat belt and attached it to the seat. He was going to be the first dog in space. Buck was ready for anything...

Write YOUR ending in the comment box.

Have fun!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Videos: Fraction Fundamentals

Fractional Tutorials! Fun with Seesaw

Enjoy our fraction movies!

Josh and Kaya teach unit fractions. 

Preston and Cora teach halves. 

Ariana, Cora, and Amanda teach equal shares. 

Caitlyn and Kaya  teach equivalent fractions. 

Amanda and Ariana teach "Missing Pieces Strategy". 

Payden and Elie teach equivalent fractions. 

Josh and Payden teach equal shares. 

Dawson and Dylan B. teach "Missing Pieces Strategy". 

Tre and Elie teach comparing fractions. 

Allie and Kaya (and Buck and Maggie) teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Hayden and Nolan teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Cora and Kaya teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Alie and Brianna teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Brianna and Enzo teach "Same Denominator Strategy". 

Elie and Ariana teach "Same NumeratorStrategy". 

Nolan and Brianna teach fractional data. 

Payden and Caitlyn teach "Same Numerator Strategy". 

What did you learn from our videos?

What did you learn while making a video? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Celebrate the Vernal Equinox!

Rose photo by Mrs. Yollis  

The first day of spring is called the 
Vernal Equinox. 

Spring started on Monday, March 20, 2017, at 3:29 A.M. (PDT) in southern California. It is called the Vernal Equinox. There are two times when the sun is exactly above the equator

1. The Autumnal Equinox is in September. (First day of fall.)
2. The Vernal Equinox is in March. (First day of spring.) 

Equinox means equal night and there are nearly twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night.

One sign of spring is the abundance of colorful flowers that start blooming everywhere!

Foxy Jack, our visiting mascot from England, was excited to see some southern California wildflowers! 

The California poppy is the state flower, so Foxy Jack was thrilled to get to see them up close. 

The mariposa lily was found throughout the trail. The beautiful bloom is a quite picturesque! 

The yellow mustard flowers were everywhere. Hiking the many southern California trails is a great outing for the family. 

The marine layer was blocking Foxy Jack's view of the Pacific Ocean. That's okay, there are lots of wildflowers to see! 

Lilac bushes are starting to blossom in backyards! What a lovely aroma! 

Lilac photo by Mrs. Yollis 

Poppies are popping up everywhere too! 

Poppies by Mrs. Yollis


Even Mrs. Yollis' website is blooming!


What signs of spring have you noticed? Take a photo from your backyard and I'll add it to this post!

Do you have springtime hobbies or activities?

What did you learn from the BrainPop movies

Monday, February 27, 2017

Teaching and Writing with Dialogue!

We have been learning how to write creative stories with interesting elaboration, high level vocabulary, and convincing dialogue. For fun, Nolan and Elie wrote a creative story The Gingerbread Mission,  but ended the story with a cliff hanger. They invited others to finish the story in the comment section. We called it, Write Your Own Ending: The Gingerbread Mission

Our blogging buddies from New Zealand picked up on the idea and are writing their own endings. They even wrote a blog post about it on their blog! 

Since we finished our unit, we thought we'd share our knowledge about writing dialogue with our buddies. Here are the rules we learned:

1. Every time a new person speaks, you start a new paragraph and indent.

2. Put quotation marks around what is being said. Include the punctuation. 

"We love learning from our buddies!" exclaimed Taranaki

Foxy Jack said, "Yes, I know all those students, and they are very smart" 

Here are two SeeSaw video tutorials sharing what we learned! We hope you enjoy learning with us!

Do you use dialogue in your stories? 

When is a good time to insert dialogue? 

How does it make a story better? 

How far away is New Zealand from Los Angeles? Answer using dialogue! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Write Your Own Ending: The Gingerbread Mission

Gingerbread Mission

By Nolan and Elie

Photo by Mrs. Yollis 

One day, Elie was at Nolan’s house when they saw the mailman. “I’ll get the mail.” announced Nolan.

Strolling to the box, he popped open the lid, and  saw a flyer for something. The flyer read: “Come to the Gingerbread baking competition! It will be a blast! It is at Marcus Hall on Peach Street at 2:00 P.M. It is on Sunday, June 18th.”

It was Saturday, June 17th. There was no time to waste. Nolan rushed in the house while waving the flyer.

“We should really enter this!” Elie said while reading it. “We are some of the best bakers in town!”

That was true. One time Elie and Nolan entered a cookie baking competition, and the judges were blown away by their creations. They won by using a secret ingredient. The boys were going to use that ingredient for the gingerbread house. They were confident.

“We should start baking right now!” Nolan exclaimed. So, they started planning.

They got a ride to Buck’s Market from Nolan’s mom. At the store, they got the ingredients. Plus Nolan’s mom got some groceries. Back at Nolan’s house, they started baking. Gingerbread and frosting went flying as they baked and baked. Then they put in the secret ingredient. After an hour, Elie said, “I’m tired.”

“Good,” said Nolan. “because we are done!”

“Great! But it will melt if we don’t put it in the refrigerator,” Elie noted.

“Right!” concured Nolan.

They put the gingerbread house in the refrigerator and they went away. Elie was sleeping over, so they got their sleeping bags unrolled and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, they were very excited. It was Sunday, June 18th, and it was time to go to the competition. They went to the refrigerator. Then it happened, and they saw it...

Write your own ending in the comment box!
Have fun!

(Put your rough draft ending in your Google Drive and share it with Mrs. Yollis. She will help proofread your dialogue.)

Any of our blogging guests are free to write ending too! Join the fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

We Failed, But Grew Some Dendrites

We love the challenge of a Google BreakOut EDU. The object of a BreakOut EDU  is to solve several puzzles while working together with other members of your team. Each puzzle unlocks one of the locks on the box. You have 45 minutes to do it, and we were allowed ONE hint per team. If you unlock all the locks within 45 minutes, you win! 

Last October, we were successful when we did the TEAMWORK BreakOut with Mrs. Garcia.  There are many games to choose from. 

This BreakOut EDU was a Valentine themed BreakOut, so Carol the red bear came out to watch the progress. Carol LOVES to watch students working together to solve problems!

Mrs. Minicozzi was there with her enthusiasm and positive attitude! She brought the district's BreakOut EDU box and all the puzzles. 

Mrs. Minicozzi started the clock and the teams got started! Some of the puzzles involved finding hidden digits that unlocked a lock. 

Other puzzles required graphing and then using the data to come up with a 3-digit number that would unlock a lock. Concepts like even and odd and place value positions were important.  

One puzzle required a lot of addition and then some attention to little details. Everything is important when you're trying to solve the puzzles! 

One particularly difficult puzzle involved a black light and some clue cards. Students had to think...what do all these clues have in common?  

Students worked together on the puzzles. Sometimes, it was frustrating. 

Some puzzles were solved and a few locks were opened. 

Unfortunately, after 45 minutes, we were not successful.

Our failure gave us an opportunity to reflect about the game. What worked? What didn't work? How did each person handle frustration? Although we would always prefer to win, it is through failure that we grow and learn. As you learn your brain grows new dendrites

Here are some question to think about as you reflect: 

1. As you look back at the BreakOut EDU experience, what did you learn about yourself

2. What would you do differently next time? 

3. What did you miss that surprised you? 

4. Without giving away any answers, what tips would you offer a class attempting to solve a BreakOut EDU?

5. How did you keep yourself going when it got difficult

Monday, February 6, 2017

How To Make An iMovie

How To Make

An iMovie

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Screenshot by: Dylan B.

Hello! It’s Dylan B., and I’m in Mrs. Yollis’ 2016 - 2017 class. I am the 3rd place winner from Family Blogging Month. You might know me, I’m a regular commenter and I’m here to teach you how to make an iMovie on the iPad.

Here is a movie I made
called How to Make an iMovie! Watch and learn!

Here are some written directions for you! Read and learn! 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Screenshot by: Dylan B.

Search for the iMovie app on your iPad. If it's not on your iPad, it’s about $5. To open a new movie project, click on the little + sign in the northeast corner.

iMovie New.png
Screenshot by: Dylan B.

When you click on the + it will lead you to options, Trailer or Movie.
Screenshot by: Dylan B.



Screenshot by: Dylan B.

If you choose Trailer, there will be choices for themes. You will click on the theme you want and then press create. Then it will take you to this screen with an outline.

Screenshot by: Dylan B.

To take a photo or video you go to, Storyboard, Camera, then choose if you want photo or video
If you want the video, choose video and the circle will be red.
If you want the regular camera, choose photo, and it will be gray.

If you don't like the video you just filmed you can press the trash can, to delete it.



Screenshot by: Dylan B.
Once again, there will be some choices of themes. You will click on the theme you want and then you will press create.

If you choose Movie, your screen will look like this.
Screenshot by: Dylan B.

This time when you want to take a picture or video, you will click on the camera and operate it like your regular Apple camera.

If you want to add sound, drag the cursor into the right spot of the movie clip and click the microphone, then press record.

Have you ever made a movie?

What would be a good subject for a movie?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Global Play Day ~ 2017

Today, my class participated in Global School Play Day

Thank you to the Bedley Brothers and Twitter for introducing me to this project! The power of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) triumphs again!

I was heavily influence to participate in #GSPD after listening to this eye opening presentation: 

☼     ☼     ☼     ☼     

On Monday, I emailed parents, shared "The Decline of Play" video, and asked for games to be brought in for our #GSPD event. On Wednesday, we had a full day of play!

The sessions were sensational!

☼     ☼     ☼     ☼     

First, we talked about the rules. 
There would only be , the Golden Rule.

In the morning, we joined our young Journeys buddies for some play! They were having a super hero party! Check out the fabulous Ms. Regina in her super hero outfit! 

Photos by Mrs. Yollis 

There were many powerful super heroes in the room!

Board games were popular! 

The referees call field goal!

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots was a real crowd pleaser! 

After a great session, we headed back to our 

classroom for more play!

Towers were built, yet needed more engineering! 

Board games brought big smiles! 

 Students played Scrabble! 

Origami was available! 

Many were drawn to the magnets! 

This was a fun game. What was the name of this

 game? What was the object of the game? 

Some students went outside to play! 

What is your opinion of Global School Play Day? 

Would you recommend it? 

Support your opinion with some examples. 

Convince me!