Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Blogging Month Winner ~ Trent's Mammoth Lakes Adventure

During the month of April, Mrs. Yollis' class held the first annual April is Family Blogging Month.

The top three winners for the month won their own post here on Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog.

Trent won third place and here is a wonderful post he created about his favorite family vacation spot!

Have you ever been to Mammoth Lakes, California?

Do you have any questions for Trent?


  1. Dear Trent,

    Your video of Mammoth Lakes is fantastic! My favorite photo would be the one of the veiws of the mountains from the plane.

    Sadly, I have never been, but I hope to go one day.

    What was your favorite part about your trip? Did you enjoy it? If you did, why?

    Your classmate,

  2. Dear Trent,

    Well done for winning the blogging competion. Mammoth Lakes sounds like a fantastic place to be. Our winner for our blogging competion was Skye.

    Your blogging Buddy Amelia (in 2KJ)

  3. Dear Trent,

    I think it is amazing that you get your own post. I think you had a good trip to share about.

    That looks like a very fun trip to Mammoth Lakes. I remember when I once saw you in Mammoth.

    I can not wait to hear more about your trip in school.


  4. Hi Mrs. Yolis,
    This is Djanny14 and I am a member of Mrs. Lofton's class. She's been encouraging us to visit your blog, and I can see why. the blogs put together on your website are very interesting and well written. You guys also must be good if you were best class blog runner up. It was great to visit another class blog and also see your really smart students.

  5. Dear Trent,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post on Mammoth. I especially love the winter scenes as it reminds me of Christmas time in New Jersey from my youth.

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful and I know you enjoy every minute up there.

    Grandma Marguerite

  6. Dear Trent,

    Your PhotoPeach made me feel like I was there in Mammoth Lakes.

    I really want to go to Mammoth Lakes, and I have only been to the snow once in my whole entire life. When I went to the snow I went to Lake Arrowhead.

    Your classmate,

  7. Dear Trent,

    What a great fun trip! Can you bring me next time you go? :D How many feet high were you flying above the ground? How cold was it? How high was the run you zoomed down on your skis? Did you enjoy fishing? About how many peices of snow landed on you?


  8. Dear Trent,

    I wish I was in Mammoth so I could ski, watch fire works, go fishing, ride on a gondola, see a rainbow in water, hike, go on a private jet, and have the best time of my life. Did you make smores, and if you did did you use a real stick?


  9. @Kendall,

    Thank you for a great comment.
    You asked what was my favorite part about my trips and why? My favorite part of the trips was going skiing because there is a lot of challenging but fun runs on the mountain. I enjoy it every time I go to Mammoth.


    I remember seeing you in Mammoth too! It was really fun to play with you.

    @Grandma Marguerite,

    Thanks for a great comment. I hope you can come to Mammoth and watch Dodger play with other mountains dogs.

    @ Nick

    Your comment was really good. I saw your post about Lake Arrowhead. I might want to visit there someday!

    @ Caleb

    I would love to bring you to Mammoth. When we are flying we are usually at 10,000 feet above ground. This trip the weather was in the 40˚ F during the day and the 30˚ F at night. I'm not sure about the elevation of the run I was zooming down, I'm guessing it was about 5,000 ft. I enjoyed fishing for trout. This trip I didn't catch any, but my Dad did and I ate it for breakfast. About 600 snowflakes landed on me.

    @ Sam,

    I've never made S'mores in Mammoth but it sounds like a fun idea. The next time I go, I might get a stick, put marsh-mellows on it and roast it over the fire.

    Your friend,


  10. Dear Trent,
    thankyou for a beautiful post I really loved it. How wonderful that you can go during the winter and during the spring.
    I loved all the photos you took but I must say the waterfall photo was just breath taking. I just love waterfalls and watching all the water come down at such a powerful force is amazing. How cool going to the top of the mountain in a gonala. Also how wonderful that your dad takes you in his Cessna. I have a nephew who has just started to fly Cessnas and just loves it.
    Well Trent this is another thing I must do when I visit the U.S.A. Thankyou for a truly beautiful and breath taking post
    from your friend down under AA.

  11. Dear Trent,

    you look like an expert now in mammoth. I enjoyed the pictures, specially the fishing part.

    What kind of fish did you catch?

    Michael (Kayla's Dad)

  12. Dear Trent,
    well done for making the video on Mammoth Lakes. I thought the video was fantastic I loved all the beautiful photos.Also looking at your photos you look like a pro skier. How long have you been skiing?
    How many days do you stay at Mammoth Lakes?

    Your Friend Bianca. :)

  13. Trent,
    Great post on Mammoth. We had so much fun with you this last weekend. You are doing so good skiing. I am really Happy that Uncle Nick and I get to play with you in Mammoth. I was happy to see Barney got in on the video too. Good Job.
    Love, Aunt Michelle

  14. Dear Trent,

    Your trip to Mammoth sure seemed exciting to me. When I saw your video I was blown away. I have never been to Mammoth.Your photos made me feel like I was going to Mammoth.I am glad you did not just show how fun it is you showed how you got there and all that other stuff you did in Mammoth not just fun stuff but I bet most of it was fun. Was this your favorite trip to Mamomth?

    Your friend,

  15. @AA,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope you do get to visit Mammoth it is a very fun place!

    @Mr. Khoramian,

    We mostly catch regular trout. Although, once I caught a fourteen inch long golden trout. It made a great meal. :-D


    You asked how long I've been skiing. I've been skiing for five years. When we go to Mammoth we try to stay for a least three days each time. It gets tricky with the sports we play on the weekends.

    @Aunt Michelle,

    I love Barney! :-D


    Last weekend was one of my favorite trips to Mammoth because I conquered a run that I've never done before.

    Your friend,


  16. Dear Trent,
    what other sports do you do? I dont know how to ski. Can you give me some tips? because I plan to go to the snow this year
    Your blogging buddy Bianca.

  17. Dear Trent,

    Mammoth looks like a lot of fun! I wish I went there last week! No, I have not been to Mammoth, California.

    How many days were you there?

    Your classmate,

  18. Dear Trent,

    Congratulations on your win! I really enjoyed your Mammoth post and all of your other posts in the past (i.e., Trip to China and Baseball). Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Have you and your family flown anywhere else in the airplane?


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  19. @Bianca,

    Some other sports I do are baseball and soccer. Also, when you go skiing remember to do a lot of S turns.


    The post wasn't all one trip. But when we go there we usually stay for about three days.

    @Mrs. Young,

    We have flown a lot of places in our airplane. One time we flew to San Diego to see the USS Midway.



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