Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Blogging Month Winner ~ Ethan's Sea World Adventure

By Ethan 

During the month of April, Mrs. Yollis' class held the first annual April is Family Blogging Month

The top three winners for the month won their own post here on Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog.

Ethan won second place and here is a wonderful post he created about a recent trip!

Have you ever been to Sea World?

Do you have any questions for Ethan?


  1. Dear Ethan,

    You did a fantastic job with your prize winning post. I loved seeing your family enjoying Sea World (although you and your brothers look like you were dressed for a Lakers Game too in your matching jerseys). It looked like a day filled with water: the view from the train, the splash zone, hands in the starfish pool and the Atlantis ride. Such fun!

    Did I count 3 or 4 whales? I thought maybe there was a baby tucked in there but I'm not sure.

    Thanks for the fun post. You did a tremendous job.


  2. @ Ethan,

    Congratulations again on your win! I love your Sea World post!

    I went to Sea World in San Diego a couple of years ago. The Shamu show was unbelievable! When the orca came up on that deck...I couldn't believe the size. Shamu even spun around!

    Do you know any fun facts about orcas?

    Terrific post, Ethan!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  3. Ethan,

    The fun never stops. Sea World is such a fun place to go. I am always amazed to see the tricks that Shamu can do. The soak zone is the place to be on a warm day. Did you get wet? Did your Mom get wet? Did you have fun on the train ride, too?

    Brett (Jared's Dad)

  4. Dear Ethan,
    WOW! what a great post. I really have enjoyed every aspect of the the photos you showed on your slide show.
    As a matter of fact The Shamu show just took my breath away. Talk about huge they were giants and your photos showed every aspect on just how huge these beautiful animals are great work.
    We have got a Sea World here in Queensland and I went their a few years back and we saw polar bears, seal and dolphins. But I am pretty sure now you can go on boats and get up close to the whales. One thing is for sure you have made me want to come to the U.S.A and the first thing on my list to do is go to Sea World thanks Ethan for an outstanding post. Also I really liked the photos of you and your family.You must have had a great time beacause of the huge smiles on your faces.
    from your friend down under AA.

  5. Dear Ethan,

    Another talented filmmaker in Mrs. Yollis' class. I'm impressed.

    I love that you took the train down to San Diego, both taking the burden of driving off of your parents and giving a little post Earth Day love to the planet (I think).

    Sea World is always a fun way to spend the day. Hope you dried off quickly!


    Eric (Ben's dad)

  6. Dear Ethan,

    Thanks for sharing your Sea World trip with us!

    What was your favorite part of your visit? Did you like the train ride, sitting in the "Splash Zone", petting the starsish, or the Atlantis ride? My favorite part was the Atantis ride I took with Caleb when he was very young!

    I also really liked that you took the train down to San Diego, since it makes the trip itself a fun and unique part of your Sea World visit. Your photos from the train were incredible!

    Thanks again for your exciting post.

    Best regards,
    Brian (Caleb's dad)

  7. Dear Ethan,

    I really like this post because the pictures and the PhotoPeach made me feel like I was there. To answer your question yes I've been to Sea World. In fact, when I was there I got to have lunch with Shamu. I got to have lunch with Shamu because my mom bought tickets, but Shamu was in the large pool swimming around.


  8. Dear Ethan,

    I thought your post about Sea World was amazing. I hope to go to Sea World one day and see the orca
    whale. I think you really did deserve a post on our blog.

    Your clasdmate,

  9. Dear Ethan,

    Wow! That sounded like a really enjoyable trip. I have never been to Sea World, but I am planning to someday. I am glad I saw the video because you gave me an idea of what it's like.

    Thanks for the wonderful share.


  10. Dear Ethan,

    You did a great job for family blogging month. I liked your Sea World post. I saw four whales including the baby.

    Moraiya ;)

  11. Dear Ethan,

    I love your post. I am going to Sea World soon, and I am going to stay at a hotel in Sea World. I love killer whales because they are so beautiful.


  12. Dear Ms. Palmer,

    Thank you for your comment on my post. Yes, you are right, there are four whales. How did you know? Yes, it was a wet day at Sea World, but I don't think my mom liked getting wet. (=
    I loved it!



  13. Dear Ethan,

    That looks like it was a great trip. I went to Sea World when I was six. When I was getting out of the car I got my hand smashed in a minivan door on my knuckle. It really hurt.

    The rest of the day was really fun. I got to see the whale show, and dined with Shamu. There was a pool where Shamu was and we were at a table next to the pool. It was fun!


  14. Dear Ethan,

    I have never been to Sea World. Is it an aquarium? Did you get wet because you were in the soak zone?

    Your friend,

  15. Dear Ethan,

    I've also been to Sea World. In fact, I embark there every year. I went on Atlantis and it is like falling off a cliff, but you know you're going to live.

    I saw baby orca whales and they weren't scared and were acting like Shamu.

    I got a shark souvenir and used it to ride on in the pool and to make people think theres a shark in the pool.

    Sadly I've only been in the place where you get splashed once, but I was soaked so bad that when I got home I had to dry myself off then put new close on. I also got to see the dolphins and in my opinion they are less trained than Shamu. There was also another whale on the other side of the dolphins so he doesn't hurt the dolphins.

    Have you seen the baby orca whales? What did they look like? Were they scared? Did you know Lego Land doesn't like Sea World? Did you touch the starfish and if you did what did it feel like?


  16. Dear Ethan,

    What a great trip! I wish I could go there sometime again. When I went there, I was around three years old. My favorite part of the trip was when I saw the orcas. I did not see Shamu when I went. It must've been a new part of the park.

    How was the ride Journey To Atlantis?

    How was your trip?

    Were the starfish slimy or rough or smooth?


  17. Dear Ethan,

    Once I went to the wet zone and got a Shamu doll for a souvenir when I was six! I also got wet, but I didn't see Shamu spin around in a circle like you did. I want to go to Sea World again! Good pictures too!


  18. Dear Ethan,

    Did you like your trip to Sea World?
    I want to go there one day. Is there lots of things you could learn about there?

    How much does the orca weigh?

    Aaliyah :)

  19. Dear Ethan,

    I wish I was there so I could see the orcas do their awesome tricks, like the one that did the back flip.

    There was one thing I saw in common with your brother and you.It was that you all were wearing Laker's jerseys.

    Yours truly,
    Kate :-)

  20. Dear Mr. Mero,

    Yes, we all got wet including my mom. You asked if the train was really fun. Yes, it was because I got a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the city.



  21. Dear Ethan,

    Your trip to Sea World looks fantastic!

    Sadly, I have never been, but my family and I are planning to go. I hope we go over the summer!

    The tricks the whales did seem so amazing! I liked when all four whales did jumps at the same time.

    Do you want to go to Sea World again? If you do, why?

    Your classmate,

  22. Dear Ethan,

    That sounds fun going to Sea World! What kind of rides did you go to? On the week off, I'm going to Six Flags. Where are you going to on the week off?

    Jollene :)

  23. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    My favorite part of Sea World was also the Shamu show. During the show, I really admired the orca whale trainers. I thought and imagined, for a brief moment, how cool and fun it would be to be an orca trainer myself! There was a deep bond between the trainers and the whales. You could sense the true friendship and trust between them. It was really beautiful. As a spectator of the show, this is what was most memorable to me.


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  24. @ Sam and Caleb,

    The starfish, also known as sea star, had a rough and bumpy texture.

    @ Kendall,

    Yes, I love Sea World and will go again this summer. It's fun and you get wet there.



  25. Dear Ethan,

    Congratulations to your beautiful post of your trip to the Sea World. I could tell how much you and your family enjoyed your trip. We have been to the Sea World a few times ourselves without Paul. We loved it and enjoyed each of your visit. Next time we promise that we will take Paul and take a lot of pictures.

    Jade (Paul's mom)

  26. Dear Ethan,

    Sea World is such a fun place to visit. All the shows that are amazing as well as entertaining. Did you feed the Dolphins?

    By the way, congratulations on your win.

    Michael (Kayla's Dad)

  27. @ Nick,

    Thank you for the comment. Wow you got to eat lunch with Shamu! That must have been great. Will you ever go back again?

    Your friend


  28. Dear Mrs. Yollis

    I enjoyed viewing your blog. The student work is wonderful. I really like the great work you have done to. How long did it take you to learn how to create a blog? Do you think every class should have a blog?

    sk8ordie Mrs. Lofton's period 1 blogger

  29. Dear Ethan,

    San Diego is a really fun place to visit!

    I've been there a few times when I was little, and my favorite place was a restaurant near the Shamu show. Speaking of the Shamu show, I went there every time my family and I went there! Once I was afraid to get soaked by the Shamu, I stayed with my mom on the bench.

    Your classmate,
    Kayla ;)

    P.S. When I was my family and I were about to leave the restaurant, I got a Shamu container that I put my leftovers in.

  30. Dear Ethan,

    Great post! Who took those pictures? They are great! you came at the right day to go to Sea World because, the shamu look really enthusiastic! Do you know how much the shamu weighs!

    Learon, Coral, and Dean
    (Gal's cousins from Israel)

  31. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really like Ethan's post about going to Sea World. It was so much fun going on the roller coaster. It was fun we got splashed.

    Andrew (Ethan's brother)

  32. Dear Ethan,
    This was a very interesting post. I have never seen all the whales at Sea World jump out of the water at the same time. this is a nice picture too. Did you see any other animals like dolphins or sharks? Nice job on winning your blog contest!

    H20polokid (Mrs. Lofton's class at LCMS)

  33. Hello Ethan,
    I had such a good time watching the slideshow of your trip to Sea World. It brought back many memories for me as I lived in San Diego when Kendall's mother Shannon was born, and I am Shannon's mother! We took Shannon to Sea World when she was a little girl. Maybe we can take Kendall and her brother for a visit there, too.

    I really liked your close-up picture of Shamu. What a huge mammal! I also liked your souvenir whale which was quite large, too!

    I see that you traveled to Sea World by train which is my favorite mode of transportation. Have you taken other train trips besides this one?

    Thank you, Ethan, for sharing this special trip with us.
    Marsha Cooke
    (Kendall's grandmother)

  34. Dear Ethan,

    Thanks for comment back to me on your post. Yes, I will go back to Sea World again. Like you said, it must of been great. It actually was, but when we were eating Shamu was splashing so much!

    Your blogging buddy,


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