Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open House ~ 2010

A wonderful evening had by all!

Open House ~ 2010 on PhotoPeach

What was your favorite project?

What did you like about the evening?


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis and students,
    I had a wonderful time going through the great work you all did throughout the year. I was very impressed to see all the great writings and stories which were written so well. I have to say my favorite project was the dolls. All of the artwork was beautiful and the presentation was phenomenal.
    I am even more impressed at you, Mrs. Yollis for sharing the photos in such a short period. Thank you all for such a great Open House.


  2. Dear Mrs Yollis class,

    What a fantastic turn out you had to your open night! It looked like all the families were having a good time looking at all the work your class had been doing!

    In Australia, this week was "Education Week". I wonder if it is Education Week in the USA too?

    To celebrate Education Week we had CSI on Wednesday. CSI stands for Co-operative School Investigation. All of the students invited a special person to the school to go on an investigation from 2:30-3:30pm. Students and their special person were given a map and a set of questions about different parts of the school and they had to go and investigate! It was a fantastic afternoon and great to see so many families and friends at our school!

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I really loved open house! There were tons of amazing projects in the room.

    My favorite project of all was the timeline of all of the biographies.

    It really broght back memories from when I was in school. Thanks for the great night.

    (Kendall's dad)

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    Thank you for a wonderful evening touring your class. I can see how hard the students and Mrs. Yollis worked to put this evening together. My favorite project were the sculptures, especially the Laura Ingalls Wilder one. It brought back childhood memories because she was my favorite author growing up. I also enjoyed the photopeach of all the students and their families who attended. It was such a nice touch.


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis & Class,

    Thank you for making us all feel so welcome last night. It's always wonderful to see what you have been working on outside of the projects we see you doing at home.

    I too thought the biography timelines were the most impressive part of the evening. Such care and determination went into each one. Well done.

    Being a fan of colonial times, I was especially fond of those related to the Revolutionary War.

    Great work as always. You've made such special memories to bring along to fourth grade.


    Eric (Ben's dad)

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis & Class,

    What a great Open House! It is always so exciting to visit the classroom and see all of the terrific projects decorating the room. In particular, I was most impressed by all of the wonderful biographies - and I learned about a few people I had never heard of or read about before.

    I also liked to see what each students' store would be and their pricing for items in the store (and the change returned). Somehow every lesson seemed to also be fun!

    Thank you for a glimpse into 3rd grade. I can't believe it is almost over.

    (Jaxon's mom)

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    The open house was absolutely wonderful. I was touched by seeing all those amazing projects done by students. It is hard to pick one because all were remarkable.

    Thanks to you Mrs. Yollis for helping our kids to create such a beautiful evening.

    Elham (Kayla's mom)

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis and students,

    As a former teacher I really can appreciate the excitement of a school's Open House night. I always enjoyed them myself because it was so much fun meeting and greeting parents, students, former students and possible "students to be" in an informal, fun setting.I can see that your class had a wonderful turnout for the evening. I'm sure you students enjoyed explaining to your families and friends the work that was showcased in your classroom.I know that I was always very proud of my students and their accomplishments. I bet Mrs. Yollis felt the very same way as I did!

    Marsha Cooke
    (Kendall's grandmother)

  9. Dear Class,
    I want to thank you for sharing these pictures of your Open House at school.It was a wonderful opportunity for me to see some of the work that you do and also to see pictures of other students who are in Kendall's class.It looks like a fun and happy class to be in.
    Jim Cooke-Kendall's grandfather

  10. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Open House was fantastic! I was touched by all the projects that have been hand made from all of the students. It's really hard to pick one because they were all remarkable.

    Thank you, Mrs. Yollis, for working with our kids to create such a beautiful evening.

    ~Kayla's mom~

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I had an amazing time at Open House!

    My favorite part was when I showed my mom my animal (the chameleon) and have her say," Did you draw that? It looks like a professional artist drew that!". I was so happy when she said that!


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    Congratulations. Keep up the good work, your hard work is appreciated.

  13. Dear Mrs Yollis and your students,
    how great that you got the chance to have an open night at school.
    From the looks of the slide show everyone really had a fantastic time.
    I really enjoyed watching the video.

    As you know we had one here to at Bianca`s school and she invited her dad. And I must say they both had a super time together. They did really well with the questions about the school as when they both arrived home they could not stop talking about the afternoon.
    Take care from your friend down under AA.

  14. Dear Mrs Yollis and students,
    your video on open house night was awesome.
    We did one at our school and I invited my dad as my special friend.
    Dad and I had to work together as a team to find things around the school. It was fun!!! Dad and I did really well working together as a team.
    from your friend Bianca.

  15. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    It was our pleasure to attend the open house last Thursday. It was a beautiful show by your students. We were very impressed with the work done by all the students. Of course we were impressed with Paul's being our guide and showing us around and explaining to us about all the work done by him and other students. When we got home and asked about his homework that night, he said "my homework is to show you around our open house and give you explainations." We laughed and told him that he did a great job for his homework.

    There is no doubt that all the students did wonderful job in your class. It well demonstrates the achievements they made during the school year. Thanks Mrs. Yollis!


    Matthew (Paul's dad)

  16. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I thought Open House was great. It was great because our parents got to see the work we've been doing in our class.

    My parents really liked the animal reports. They liked the animal reports so much because we inserted images.

    Your student,

  17. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Wow! I was impressed with the hard work all of you put into your projects at Open House!

    I loved it all, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the biographies were it. I thought each of you did incredible work and I leanred a great amount from you all as well.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work.

    (Kendall's mom)

  18. @ Mom,

    I agree with you. Every project was very remarkable! I also can't pick my favorite. I guess that Mrs. Yollis is the best teacher I've had.

    Here is a the post I made about Mrs. Yollis with the comments: My teacher, Mrs. Yollis is the best teacher I've ever had! Almost every morning she shows us any new posts she made during that day, and she also shows us the comments too. Whenever we take either multiplication or division tests, she tells us to take a deep breath so it will calm us down, and I usually get all of the answers right ! She even taught me how to make this blog. Right now we are learning how to write cursive, and she helps us by telling us which letter is the best. Also, she lets us pick which ones we like. I love my teacher!

    Hi Kayla! My name is Jennifer and I am a student at the University of Oklahoma. It sounds like you have a wonderful teacher that teaches you fun ways to use blogging. She gave you very good advice on how to calm down before taking a test. I sometimes do the same thing before I take a test. You wrote a very good blog that explained just how wonderful your teacher is.

    Dear Kayla,

    I think Mrs. Yollis is a great teacher! My favorite thing about her is that she shows all the comments that have been published the night before and shows all of them in the morning when we get to school. I also loved how she teaches the whole class how to blog. What is your favorite part about Mrs. Yollis at school?

    Your classmate,

    Dear Kayla,

    Thank you for such a beautiful tribute! (Tribute is a fancy word that means an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.)

    It is a lovely Saturday morning and you just made it even better! :-)

    Thank you, too, for a great hyperlink to our class blog! Your computer skills are outstanding!

    I like how you gave specific examples to support your topic. (And not just because they are supporting details about me.)

    Your Language Arts skills are really strong and you should be so proud of yourself. I am proud of you!

    Your lucky teacher,
    Mrs. Yollis

    P.S. I noticed on the timestamp that you published this last Tuesday. I don't know why I didn't get it in my RSS Feed. I'll have to follow up on that. Hmmm...

    Dear Kayla,

    You are so right. Like you, I think Mrs. Yollis is one of the best teachers I ever had! She is very nice and helps us when we need help. Also, she does tell us which words or letters she thinks are really good in cursive.

    What do you like most about Mrs. Yollis?

    Your classmate,

    Dear Kayla,

    What a sweet post! You sound like a lovely student. I agree that Mrs Yollis is a fantastic teacher. She is VERY enthusiastic and works very hard for all her wonderful students.

    I am certain that Mrs Yollis had a big smile on her face after reading this post.

    From your friend,
    Miss McGeady

    Here is the URL to my blog:

    Kayla =) ;)

  19. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I had a great time at the open house. I liked the fact when you put all the biographies in a time line. For Paul Revear I thought there were no light bulbs in the eighteenth century. Did Caleb record his voice into his recorder?

    Why was the shark in the kelp forest?


  20. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I loved Open House because you got to show your family what we have been doing and what we are learning in class.

    I never want to leave third grade because I do not want to leave you and we learn so many interesting things.

    I can not believe that you had both of my brothers and me.



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