Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 By Mrs. Yollis and her mom, Mrs. Pfau

We are special blogging friends with Miss McGeady and 2KM. They sent us a fun Australian package.

We suprised them with some American goodies!

Bianca and her mom, AA, from 2KM sent our class more fun gifts!

Many lovely exchanges have come about from this educational blog. The loveliest of all is this one...

Bianca, from 2KM,  found out that my mother turned 80 in April and sent her a beautiful birthday card all the way from Australia!

My mother found out that Bianca had an April birthday too!

Bianca has an 8 in the ones column!
Mrs. Pfau has an 8 in the tens column!

Here is a special birthday wish from Mrs. Pfau to Bianca!

Here it is on Vimeo if YouTube is blocked.

Bianca's Birthday from mrsyollis on Vimeo.

Thank you Bianca and AA!

Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Pfau

Do you like celebrating birthdays?


  1. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    Happy Birthday to you. What are you going to do for Mother's day? Do you love flowers? What kind?
    Do you love roses?

    Typed by Andrew (Ethan's brother)

  2. Dear Mrs. yollis,

    What an awesome post. It sounds like your mom had a unique birthday on her 80's.
    life moves by quickly and
    celebrating of birthday is the most memorable celebration.

    Elham(Kayla's mom)

  3. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    I enjoyed your video very much. I love listening to the piano. We were at the Magic Castle this weekend and I had fun talking to the ghost named Erma who speaks to you through the piano. You can ask her a question and she answers you with a song. For example, I asked her what her favorite color was and she played the song Blue Skies.

    Have you ever played professionally? Have you ever taught piano lessons?


    Mrs. Adler (Trent's Mom)

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis and Mrs Pfau,

    AA and Bianca were so excited to tell 2KM this morning about your blog post!

    It was so thoughtful of you to thank AA and Bianca in such a public way.

    2KM loved reading the post, however we couldn't see the video. We are wondering, was the video on You Tube? You Tube has recently been blocked in all schools in our state which is a shame when we can't see fantastic videos such as yours! We use another video hosting site called Vimeo which isn't blocked on our blog. Even though we couldn't see the video, Bianca was able to describe it to us and we all look forward to going home and watching it on our own computers at home tonight!

    We also have a question for Mrs Pfau....how do you pronounce your name? It is very unusual and we were wondering what country the name originates from?

    Thank you again for your thoughtful post,

    Your friends,

    Miss McGeady and 2KM.

  5. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    Happy Birthday to you too. What a great gift that was! You playing the piano and singging Happy Birthday to Bianca was very lovely.

    Senorina (Jollene's mom)

  6. Dear Mrs Pfau,
    deep from the other side of the world I would like to thankyou from the bottom of my heart. With you singing happy birthday and playing the paino what a beautiful way to say thankyou to Bianca and me and for that I am so very,very grateful. It was a real pleasure to send you your birthday card as it was Bianca`s idea. I must say didn`t you do an outstanding job. Bianca and I could`nt wait to get to school to tell Miss McGeady and KM about your wonderful performance. Also I must admit I have got the BIGGEST smile on my face its a wonder that you can`t see it from where you are. Once again THANKYOU for been so thoughtful in and such a beautiful way which we will never forget. Its been a really pleasure to have crossed paths which we hope to continue for many years. Good health and happiness to you from your friend down under AA.
    PS Bianca plans to blog to you too just after school as we received this post just as Bianca was going to school:)

  7. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    Happy birthday! It was kind of you to sing the song "Happy Birthday" to someone in Australia. You have a great voice. I hope you had an awesome birthday.

    When it was your birthday was it kinda weird to sing to someone else?

    Best wishes,
    Scarlet (your daughters student )

    P.S.-You look younger then your age.

  8. Dear Mrs Yollis,
    I now would like to thankyou for this beautiful, heart warming post.Thankyou for taking the time and the love and not to mention to hand deliver the card to your mum. I really have got the BIGGEST grin on my face from all of this. As this is truly want makes life so wonderful.You can live on the other side of the world but have a wonderful friendship out of blogging.I also like to thankyou for letting us celebrate you mums 80th birthday too from different ends of the world and thankyou for just been you all the very best from your friend down under AA.

  9. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Thank you so much for posting the video on Vimeo (a site that is not blocked at our school). We loved watching the video of Mrs Pfau playing the piano!

    Everyone in 2KM agrees with Scarlet, Mrs Pfau does not look her age!

    Your friends,
    Miss McGeady and 2KM

  10. Dear Pfau,
    thankyou for singing happy birthday to me and playing the piano. I play the piano as well and one day maybe we can play the piano together. I really enjoyed and loved the video it made me smile all day. I love celebrating birthdays and I loved to have celebtated yours with a birthday card
    Best Wishes Bianca.

  11. Dear Mrs Yollis and Mrs Pfau,
    I am Bianca`s cousin Kayla and I have just watched the video you sent to Bianca and AA. I really thought it was so sweet of you it made me feel happy all over and it made me smile.I think birthdays are great but when you get a special message all the way from the USA its even more special.
    Yours sincerely,
    Kayla from Australia.

  12. Dear. Mrs. Pfau,

    Happy Belated Birthday! I can see a resemblance between you and Mrs. Yollis. Can you tell us what is your secret to staying and looking young and what is the best part of turning 80?


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  13. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I can't believe an 80 year old can play the piano that good!

    To answer your question, I love celebrating birthdays!

    On my eighth birthday, we went to a movie that was called Marley and Me. In my opinion, it was a happy and sad movie at the same time. Then, we went to a restaurant called La Salsa. After that, we went back home, and eat our food then went to sleep.

    I chose to tell you about my eighth birthday because it is an eight, but I'm nine right now.

    Kayla :()

    P.S. You have an amazing voice, Mrs. Pfau.

  14. Dear Mrs. yollis,

    Now, I know where all these teaching talents come from.

    Although,very short segment on your mom, but a lot was said. She seems very energetic and talented person.

    It was a nice touch ,playing the birthday song for Bianca.


    Michael(Kayla's dad)

  15. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    How sweet to hear our Mom playing Happy Birthday on the piano. Great job, Mom!

    Happy Birthday, Bianca!

    Brother Rob

  16. Dear Mrs. Pfau and Bianca,

    A belated Happy Birthday to you! What is your actual April birthdate? I am an April birthday too - April 13. I LOVE birthdays. I have a group of friends that we call the birthday club and we throw fun and silly birthday weekends for each other throughout the year. I am so happy when I am with them.

    In our house we have a tradition of decorating after the birthday boy or girl go to sleep so when they wake up, the house has been transformed with balloons and streamers and all of th windows have Happy Birthday messages written on them. We just love celebrating birthdays!

    Happy Birthday to both of you,
    (Jaxon's mom)

  17. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    I enjoyed the post. You look great! Happy birthday to you! I like to watch you are playing piano on the video. You must be very good at playing piano.


  18. @ Barbara,
    thankyou for my birthday wish. My birthday is on the 14th of April. I love celebrating birthdays too. When its my birthday I get to choose a theme. I hope you had a wonderful birthday too
    sincerely Bianca.

  19. @ Brother Rob,
    thank you for my birthday wish. Yes Mrs Pfau did a fantastic job singing happy birthday to me and it was the best present. When is it your birthday?
    Do you like celebrating bithdays?
    sincerely Bianca.

  20. Dear Bianca and AA,

    Happy Belated Birthday Bianca! I hope you celebrated in a very memorable and lovely way. :-)

    AA, I must say from one mom to another, that I appreciate reading and learning from all of your comments. Thank you for all of your support and insights in this online community. It's quite humbling. It really does feel like we are all friends...


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  21. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Class,

    Mrs. Yollis it looks like your mom is a very nice person. That was a big suprise that Bianca had an eight in the ones colum, and Mrs. Pfau had one in the tens colum.

    (Gal's cousin in Isreal)

  22. @ Young (Ethan`s mum),
    thankyou for my birthday wish you sent. I am very grateful. I had a wonderful birthday causes I spent it with the people that I love the most my family
    yours sincerely Bianca.

  23. @Young (Ethan`s mum),
    I would like to thankyou for your comment and wishing Bianca a happy brithday. I have learned so much from the children but as well I have learned from wonderful parents like you too.Its been a real pleasure and for that I am very grateful and hope to keep on reading your wonderful comments.It really is amazing how you can build wonderful friendships even thou you might live in different parts of the world.
    Take care sincerely from down under AA.

  24. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    You are an awesome piano player. I hope you had a great birthday. You have a great voice. Your voice is so good in my opinion that I whatched the video about six times!

    (Gal's big brother)

  25. Dear Mrs. Pfau,

    I really loved your song to Bianca! It was very very thoughtful. You have an amazing talent in playing the piano, and you have a beautiful voice. I wish I could play the piano as well as you do. I also wish that you could sing happy birthday to me as well, but my birthday already passed.

    Best wishes,

  26. Dear Yollis,

    I thought that it was nice of your mother to sing happy birthday to Bianca. What did your mother do on your birthday?

    Your student,
    Aaliyah :)

  27. Dear Mrs. Pfau and Bianca,

    That's very nice of you to reply back very nicely with the piano and a song, Mrs. Pfau.

    I hope Kayla could be able to play the piano nicely like you, Mrs. Pfau!

    Happy Birthday to both of you!

    (Kayla's grandmother)

  28. Dear Mrs.Pfau,
    How wonderful to see and hear you.Happy Birthday and best wishes.

    It is easy to see where your daughter's talent for kindness and excellence comes from.

    The piano is one of my favorite instruments. I had lessons on the accordion first,the piano came later on.

    I hope to hear more music videos from you.Do you think we could encourage you to create a blog?

    Grandma Grace

  29. Dear Bianca,
    Happy Birthday!
    You are an exceptionally kind and thoughtful young lady.
    Your card and flowers were the perfect gift. The smile and warmth brought with them will be a memory never forgotten.
    I believe tulips have a special meaning. Does anyone know what it is?
    Have a great year,
    Grandma Grace


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