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Getting Ready for Earth Day ~ April 22

Readers, please share your thoughts! 
What thing (little or BIG) can you pledge to do in order to make the Earth a better place? 

Double click on the WallWisher to add your pledge!

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  1. Hi Mrs Yollis
    Thanks for the cool comment. I was looking at some of your photos and I love the one where you class was on a map it was so cool.
    I also think it is really cool that you live nere Los Angles. That must be like my fave city ever.

    So the ansers to some of your qusetions. What kind of Acting have I done. Well I have bin in meany diffrent plays. I have bin in the lead 3 times. I gess some times when I put on the mask ore the make up I can be that thing I have to be and then when the make up comes off I am me. Once I had to do method acting in grade 2 but thats it.
    when I am on stage it is like nothing I could think of. I just love acting and I love it when people injoy my acting.

    I was hoping you could anser some of my qusetions?
    what is it like living clouse to los angles. how it blogging going for your class?

  2. Oh sorry I forgot to say this is tat from huzzah.

  3. Dear Tat, (from Huzzah! in Canada)

    Welcome to our blog! I'm so glad you visited and took the time to leave a comment. :-)

    Thanks for your compliment about our experience on the map! Did you get a chance to see the video about the experience? We made a video about North America and Asia. They're both on our blog if you're interested.

    You sound like a very accomplished actress! Earning the role of lead actress tells me quite a bit about your ability. Good for you!

    You asked me what it is like to live so close to Los Angeles. I really like it because I can drive into the city and see a play or go to a museum. The last play I saw was Wicked at The Pantages Theater. It was fabulous! We're also not too far from the beach, so I go down there once in a while and roller blade. It's lovely!

    You also asked how blogging is going for my class. Blogging is so much fun for all of us. This is the first year that many of them have ever had a blog, and we work on it together. Sometimes the students write the posts and sometimes I write the posts. My favorite part is the comment sections. That's where a lot of fun conversations this one! :-)

    Most of my students have learned to type, so that makes posting and commenting easier for them. Learning to type was a big achievement for them. After all, they are only eight years old!

    I'll be sure to show them your comment at school tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

    P.S. Remember to always proofread your comments to be certain that you start your sentences with capital letters. Once I'm ready to comment, I always take a moment to proof it...because I make those mistakes sometimes too! :-)

  4. Mrs Yollis - love the wall wisher, and am currently creating a post about it for our blog, also we are going to go paperless on April 22nd (although I think that I am going to find that incredibly challenging) so that's going to be our classroom pledge. Our students are due back from holidays Monday so they will look forward to getting in contact with you then! Happy spring break!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  5. Hello everyone! I am going to make sure I use as little enery as I can. I think there are some great pledges on there and I hope everyone follows through with what they want to do!

  6. Hello everyone! I am going to make sure I use as little enery as I can. I think there are some great pledges on there and I hope everyone follows through with what they want to do!

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really liked the idea of saving paper on Earth Day because it's saving trees and trees (as you know) are a part of the earth. If we keep using paper, we are using oxygen that we breathe every day! If we are not saving trees, then we are not saving the earth.

    Your student,

    P.S. Have you seen kids in the school wearing shirts that say,"Homework kills trees!" well, you solved that problem today!

  8. – April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s environment. Meet Me At The Corner (, a kids’ virtual field trip Web site, is celebrating with a pod cast about hiking and bird watching in Colorado Springs’ Aiken Canyon Preserve. The episode also includes a variety of activities and interviews intended to promote environmental interest among kids all year long. combines the content that educators and parents trust with the delivery method that today’s kids embrace.

    Led by ten year-old reporter Benjy, the on-line video “field trip” introduces children to the 100+ species that inhabit the preserve, its unique ecosystem, and the history of ornithologist Charles Aiken. Rounding out the episode is an interview with Phil Kendal, the past chairman of the Nature Conservancy in Colorado, who shares how kids can get involved in hiking.

    To help localize the content,’s “Learning Corner” provides parents and teachers a variety of episode-specific resources, activities and guided questions that meet national- and state-based educational standards.

    Meet Me At The Corner also suggests the following five ways kids can actively participate in Earth Day...on April 22 and all year long:

    1. Use less water. Take showers instead of baths and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
    2. No-pollute commute. Walk or bike to school to reduce air pollution and save on fuel costs.
    3. Save electricity. Turn off all lights and appliances when not in use.
    4. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy/eat fresh snacks that use less packaging. Take a reusable bag on shopping trips.
    5. E-Cycle. Keep old computers and electronics out of the landfill by taking them to a recycling center.

  9. Dear Mrs Yolllis and students,
    I am so impressed with everyone doing there bit for Earth Day.(even from down under)
    I pledge to do my bit too. As I plan to take cloth bags with me when ever I go shopping and refuse plastic bags altogeher. Also I plan to become even more water wise. Happy earth day everyone for if everyone did just a little it surely is better than no one doing nothing at all.Great thinking Mrs Yollis!!!
    Your friend AA.

  10. @ Mr. Webb, (from New Zealand)

    Thanks so much for the comment here AND for the lovely post on your classroom blog about us. That really meant a lot to me! :-)

    It is going to be an exciting day filled with new challenges. However, I think some new ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling will be developed!

    @ Hanna,

    I like your idea of using as little energy as you can. We have started shutting things off that we're not using in our classroom. Thanks for commenting, Hanna!

    @ Richie,

    Won't it be interesting to see how the paperless day goes? You have some great points in your comment and I am glad we'll be changing our behavior.

    Yes, I have seen seen kids in the school wearing shirts that say,"Homework kills trees!" The shirts are very funny, no?

    Mrs. Yollis

  11. @ AA,

    I am impressed with all the effort being put forth as well. One of the things that I'm doing is bringing my lunch in a reusable bag and using a metal spoon for my yogurt instead of a plastic, disposable one.

    Each little bit helps!

    Mrs. Yollis

  12. @ Mrs Yollis
    great effort !!!with making a change as when you have done things the same way most of our life we really don`t think much about it. However when we know it is harmful to the enviorment and we know we can make a difference we will make changes for a better world. Well done to you and your students efforts in making our world a much cleaner, greener place from the bottom end of the world ha ha from your friend AA.

  13. Hi Mrs. Yollis and class,

    The wall wisher is so cool! I read the pledges and thought they were are all really great. On Earth Day I'm not going on the computer for the whole day and maybe go to the park with some friends. It should be fun!


  14. @ AA,

    I agree that every little bit helps. Also, starting small, but being consistent helps you build good habits! :-)

    @ Kira,

    Thanks for you compliment about our WallWisher. Everyone is really taking Earth Day seriously, and my hope is that the actions taken on that day will become more than just a one-day thing. I'm hoping my students really make changes for the better!

    Good luck with your pledge about staying off the computer. I think it's a great way to enjoy our planet...get outside! As much as I love begin online and learning, I think I spend just a little too much time on it! :-) I need to create more time for family and friends...face-to-face time without any technology. I've been making more of an effort to go outside and hike or garden or just be outside.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Yollis


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