Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knapp Ranch Baseball Opening day

By Trent and Charlie

Baseball is an American sport in which a player hits a ball with a wooden or aluminum bat. The batter runs around the bases and tries to get to home plate before he is out.

Knapp Ranch is our league. It is for kids ages 5 to 18 years old. We are on the same team in the "coach pitch" division. The name of our team is the Tigers. At the beginning of the season, we have an opening day.

The ceremony begins when the color guard marches on the field and we all sing the National Anthem of the United States - The Star Spangled Banner.

Each team marches around the field in a parade and all the parents cheer. This is also the day we take our team pictures. It is our least favorite part of the day.

Then the fun begins! There are many booths with carnival games. Our favorite game was the one where you throw a soft ball and try to get them into one of the big milk containers. If you get a ball in, you get a prize ticket.

A real crowd pleaser was the dunk tank! Charlie's brothers each took turns getting dunked into the water. Looks like Charlie is about to dunk his big brother!

There was a lot of food, too! One of our favorite foods was the snow cone. They came in different flavors like bubble gum and watermelon.

We love baseball at Knapp Ranch because we get to play with our friends and family.


  1. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    Playing baseball at Knapp Ranch looks fun. You're lucky because you can play with friends. Unfortunately, I play hockey and it is more of a east coast sport.


  2. Dear Ben,

    Thanks for the comment. It's really fun playing baseball at Knapp Ranch. Did you know Sam plays at Knapp Ranch, too? His team beat ours on Monday. I've never played hockey before. Do you get kind of cold with all the ice around you?


  3. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    You have an excellent post about one of American's favorite pastimes. The photos really add to the text. I especially like the opening picture because that is how the game begins! Your photos about the color guard and dunking booth were helpful as well.

    I'm curious, why didn't either of you go in the dunking booth? :-)

    Also, do either of you have a favorite professional baseball team?

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Yollis

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you for the compliment about the post. To answer your question, my favorite professional baseball team is the Dodgers.Trent and I didn't go into the dunk tank because we hadn't had our team picture taken yet.


    P.S. I wanted to go in the dunk tank though. :-)

  5. Hey, C-dizz,

    GREAT pictures and posting! Loved seeing you eating a snow cone. How many did you actually eat that day? Did you get brain freeze? What did you do to cure it?

    We're enjoying Knapp too. Connor has decided that a good rule to keep in mind is to hit, not BE hit.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Dearest brother and friend,

    I really liked your blog post, guys! I play baseball at Knapp Ranch, and it really is a lot of fun! I'm also happy that I made it into the post, too! I'm the guy in the dunk tank!

    Best regards,
    Paul (Charlie's brother)

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    Baseball is so cool. I like hitting the ball with the bat. Last time I was on the Oakland A's. I like the Dodgers now.

    Typed by Andrew
    Ethan's younger brother)

  8. Dear Charlie and Trent,

    The dunk tank looks really fun! Unfortunately, I've never been in one or threw anything at the target, but I would like to give it a try some day. It looks really fun to be the one that is dunked because if it's a hot summer day, it's like being in a pool!

    Kayla =()

  9. Dear Trent and Charlie,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about baseball. I used to play rounders when I was alot younger it was along the same line as baseball only our bat was half the size and it was only made out of wood. I love the fact you have a big celebration with photos and the band playing however I really did like the idea of the dunking booth. We really don`t have any here down under maybe I should start one up here!! Somehow I feel it would be great.About the only thing that gets dunked here is when we go swimming and someone dunks you then. Your snow cone looked yummy and you are so lucky that you did`nt get a brain freeze. Thankyou for your interesting post yours sincerely AA.

  10. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    Great post! The photos were very good. I especially like the one of when Trent was putting half of his face in his ace in the snow cone, and the one of Charlie dunking his older brother in the water.

    (Gal's older brother)

  11. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    I play there too and it's very fun.
    It's fun watching and helping you two hit. It's fun to watch you, win or lose.

    Keep up the good work!


    Troy (Trent's Brother)

  12. Dear Charlie and Trent,

    Great post about Knapp Ranch Baseball!
    Go Tigers!!!!!!

    Tigers Coach Bob (Trent's Dad)

  13. Hi avatar name is Helena.I'm from Mr.Miller's classroom in California.I have never played baseball in my whole intire life.I just learned a lot of things about baseball.I first thought baseball was boring until now.My best friend plays baseball on the minor A's.She is really good at it.

  14. Dear Trent and Charlie,
    Great Post on opening day at Knapp ranch. I enjoyed seeing you guys have so much fun. What flavor snow cone were you eating in the picture?
    I really love going to the games. They are always so exciting win or lose.

    (Trent's Aunt)

  15. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    In our home, we are fans of football (USC), basketball(Lakers) and hockey (Kings). In addition to those sports, Ethan's dad is a big fan of baseball and played on his high school team. Today, he still has his mitt he used in high school to share with Ethan and his brothers the love he has for the game.

    Our famiy loved watching the "World Baseball Classic" last year. This is an international baseball tournament in which countries compete against one another. Last year was particularly exciting for us because South Korea played Japan in the finals. Japan ended up beating South Korea in the finals, but it was so thrilling to watch and cheer for our motherland country. Even Ethan's 94 year old grandmother enjoyed watching that game! Thank you for sharing your love for the sport of baseball.

    Enjoy playing ball!!! :-)


    Young (Ethan's mom)

  16. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    That was a very intresting post! Here in Isreal baseball is not very well known! I know that my cousin Gal and her two brothers play backyard baseball. If they don't a bat they use a blue metal pool pole.

    Gal's cousin in Isreal

  17. Dear Charlie and Trent,

    I really like this post about your baseball. Also, I used to play baseball at a league called West Hills Baseball. I only played two years. Since I quit baseball, now I play hockey.

    When I play hockey I really enjoy it because I get to skate and score goals. My favorite part about hockey is when you get to score goals.

    What is your favorite part about baseball? What is your favorite part about hockey?


  18. Trent and Charlie,

    Thanks for the blog on your baseball team's opening day, it looked like a lot of fun! The photos really brought the story to life. I hope your team does well this season!

    Randy (Corey's Dad)

  19. Dear Trent and Charlie,

    Thanks for that excellent post. A lot of the students in my class are playing in a baseball league also. I am going to go to some of their games this spring.

    I loved playing baseball when I was young. I also collected baseball cards so I would imagine that I was one of the all-stars from my cards. When I got to high school I switched to lacrosse but I still love watching baseball.

    Where we live people either like the Red Sox or the rival Yankees. I am a Red Sox fan, but some of my best friends like the Yankees. It is fun to have a strong rivalry. Who are the Dodgers biggest rival?

    Mr. Salsich

  20. @ Charlie,

    No! You do not get cold playing hockey. With all the equipment on it is warm, and you sweat a lot. :-)

    I used to play baseball, but gave it up and went to hockey, but I did have fun playing. I was young so every time I hit it I ran yelling, "Yeah Yeah," and I would put my arms in the air. However, I got out. Still it is a great memory. Good times, good times.


  21. Dear Charlie and Trent,

    I loved your post about going to opening day! Charlie, in one of the pictures you were at the place where you dunked someone. Who did you dunk?
    Any of your brothers?

    Trent, did you make any hits while you batted? How was your snow cone?
    What flavor was the snow cone?


  22. Dear Mr. Salsich,

    Thanks for commenting on Trent's and my post. I used to collect baseball cards too. I have played baseball since kindergarten.

    You asked who are the Dodgers biggest rivalry, and they are the Giants.


  23. Hi Mrs Yollis. I really like your post it was fascianting. I've played baseball before but it was first time.

  24. Hi Ms Yollis playing baseball there looks like so much fun. I'm trying to sign up for baseball.

  25. Hello,

    I use to play baseball when I was 7 years old!! It was so fun! We won 10 games but we lost 5 games!!

  26. Dear Nick,

    My favorite part about baseball is playing short stop because it is an important position that a lot of baseballs are hit to.

    My favorite part about hockey is when the team scores.

    Go Kings!


  27. Dear Caleb,

    The picture that you saw of me hitting was when I hit a ground rule double. I'm very close to getting one over the fence.

    I dunked Charlie's brother Paul and was happy about it.

    My snow cone was blueberry and lime. It was tasty.

    I miss having you on our team.

    Your friend,

  28. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    I am a 7th grader at LCMS and in Mrs. Lofton's class. I really enjoyed reading about the Knapp Ranch Baseball Opening Day! It sounds very exciting. My brothers and I play baseball/softball and it is a really fun sport. My favorite part about baseball is when you hit a home-run and everybody cheers your name. It makes me feel very special. I have really enjoyed commenting on your blog and if you could, it would be very cool if you could comment on Mrs. Lofon's blog.

    Mrs. Lofon's student.

    P.S.- That snow-cone looked really yummy ! :)


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