Friday, February 19, 2010

Video: Fun Friday and the Olympic Halfpipe!

 Trent made an Olympic Halfpipe model for Shaun White and Rocky, Panda's little brother.

Enjoy the show!

What do you think of Trent's Olympic project?

What you you think of Rocky, Panda's little brother?


  1. Dear Rocky,

    No one is more proud of you than me! Your dedication and hard work really paid off in the halfpipe against Shaun White!

    I told you if you doubled up on the bamboo it would give you the energy needed to be triumphant and victorious!

    A big thank you to Trent for setting up the fabulous venue!


  2. Dear Trent, wow your project was great. Bianca and I just loved it and we even loved the difficult moves that your competitors had to do to win the competiton how cool. Bianca and I feel you deserve a gold medal for the hard work that went into your project well done keep up the great work sincerely AA and Bianca from 2KM.

  3. Dear Trent,

    What an awesome job you did on the halfpipe model! I like how you told the names of the tricks that they were doing.

    I really enjoyed watching the halpipe events on the Olympics, I wish there were more of them!

    Rocky must have been eating a ton of bamboo to give that amazing effort. Was he exhausted after the event?

    Mr. Salsich

  4. Dear Trent,

    I really liked your video. Shaun White and Rocky are good at doing difficult twists. Did you see me inside the video with Aaliyah?


  5. @ Mr. Salsich,

    Rocky was so exhausted during the medal ceremony, he almost couldn't walk up the two steps. Thank you for a great comment.

    Trent :-)

  6. @ Panda

    Thanks for the tip about doubling my bamboo. Maybe if you doubled your bamboo pole vaulting would be easier. I'll show you the gold medal tomorrow.



  7. @ Ava,

    Thank you for the great comment. I did see you in the video. Rocky is world famous now for doing those difficult twists!

    From your friend,

  8. Dear Trent,
    that was an amazing performance by Shaun. I liked it when he pulled off a corkscrew.
    Do you snowboard? I do, but only with a sled I don't use a snow board because my mom didn't buy me a snow board yet.
    Also how did you make your field for half pipe? It's amazing!

    Your blogging buddy,

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis' class,
    I like your video. It is amazing with the panda bear on the half pipe. I was wondering if you are going to do one on Alpine Skiing with Lindsey Vonn.
    Mateo :)

  10. Dear Trent,

    Panda's little brother,Rocky, is super cool! He is a very good snowboarder, perfect for the Olympics. What did Rocky do before he made it to the Olymics?

    It is also cool that you made a fake Shaun White. Like Rocky, he is a very good snowboarder.

    At home, I am making a figure skating rink. I'm working on the athletes for the ice skating rink right now. I finished the rink, but I might have to add some things.
    Do you think you will make another Olymic sport?
    Do you want to be in the Olymics one day? I Know I do.

    Your friend,

    P.S. I want to swim in the summer Olympics.

  11. Dear Trent

    I really like your Halfpipe video. It was awesome. How long did it take you to make the half pipe? I forgot who the other person was.


  12. Dear Mrs. Yollis & class,

    I really like the half-pipe, and wow is Rocky a good snowboarder. It was amazing that even though Shaun White did a double cork double cork into a McTwist 1260, Rock still bested him!

    Corey and Ayush
    Mrs. Yollis' class

  13. Dear Trent,

    I loved your half pipe for Rocky and Shaun White. When I saw it, the half pipe made me inspired me to try it out on my own. It was so interesting because it was about he Winter Olympics, and I love the Winter Olympics. Also, that is my favorite sport. You are a fantastic creator. If you were in the amazing Olympics, I bet you would crush the other people. You are a marvelous person! I think it is amazing that you made the half pipe by your self. Shaun White really did win the gold. I am pretty sure that Shaun White did get 50 out of 50 in the finals. You should do it every time you have free time. You should join the Olympics right now !!! When I saw it, I clicked on it right away. You are a great person to me. Are you going to join it for next year?

    Andy From Mrs. Ranney's Class

  14. Dear Mis Yollis class,
    I love the polygons movie! I hope you make a new movie with your class this year.

    Garrett from Mrs. Ranney's class

  15. Dear Trent,

    I made a winter event too. The event was Alpine Skiing because it was the only mens event I saw and discoverd interesting. I'm using Bode Miller and a toy ape. It's monstrous so it may not fit in the car. So that means that it might not get taped.


  16. Dear Graham,

    I'm actually not a snowboarder, but I do ski. (: Sometimes I go too fast on my skis.


    P.S.I ski in Mammoth, California.

  17. Hi Mrs.Yollis, I watched your video about the half pipe.I liked it, I thought it was cute. One of your students was talking about Shawn White.I recognized his name from the Olympics.

  18. Dear Trent,

    I am a college student from Mobile, Al, working on a blogging project for my class too! I saw that you like to snowboard, but we don't even get snow down here. It must be exciting.

    I really liked your video, it was a lot of fun to watch!

    Thanks again!


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