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Join: Internet Weather Day Project!

February 23, 2010 is Internet Weather Day!
Sign up and be a part of it!

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Last February, Mrs. Yollis' class was part of a fabulous Internet Weather Project sponsored by Switlik Elementary School in New Jersey.

We learned a lot about weather and geography from the experience.

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FUN WEATHER LINKS on Mrs. Yollis' Websiste!

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Here is some information about our experience on February 17, 2009.

The class went outside and gathered data about the weather at noon.

Students paired up to read their thermometers. The temperature was between 64˚ and 65˚F.

Although the air seemed still, we were able to get a reading on the wind meter.

The white ball registered approximately 2.5 m.p.h.

Switlik teachers collected and shared the information. It was interesting to compare the weather and learn about new places!

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Weather Day is February  23, 2010

Here is some information from Switlik School about how to participate.

 At noon on February 23, 2010, record the following: 
  • temperature (indicate Celsius or Fahrenheit), 
  • precipitation (rain, snow, or none), 
  • sky conditions (sunny, cloudy, partly sunny) 
  • snow depth (how many inches or none). 

  • You are welcome to send pictures (jpeg format preferred) and comments about your weather. Please send the results by February 26, 2010. 
  • The final results along with comments and pictures will be posted on our website. 
  • We will email an Excel spreadsheet to everyone by March 2, 2010. 
  • On our website: Switlik Elementary  you can click Weather Day February 23, 2010, for a list of participants. You can also check our website:  and click Weather Projects on the left to view our previous weather projects. 

If you are interested in participating please email: 

by Wednesday, February 17, 2010, with the following information:

Name of School:
City, State, Country:
Contact person:
email address:

We're looking forward to February 23, 2010! 


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    We'd like to participate in this project, but our post was returned.
    Anything wrong with address or this project is for the USA only?

    All the best,
    Your Russian friends

  2. @ Lyudmila,

    Thanks so much for letting me know about the email link! I was trying to take a picture of her email rather than posting the email to avoid her getting spam.

    I reposted it. Please try it and let me know how that goes.

    How great that you are going to join! It was a lot of fun last year...not only weather-wise, but geography was a big part of the project.


    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis' Class,

    Wow! We love your time zone clocks on your new page. Thanks for including us. The time needs a slight adjustment however as it is one hour behind our current time. This is because we have daylight savings for the summer at the moment where we put our clocks forward an hour. Daylight savings will end in a month or so I believe.

    Looks like you're doing some fantastic work in third grade as usual!

    We hope to do some blogging tomorrow!

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  4. Hi Ms. Yollis,
    In Canada we use Celsius(C°) so I don't really understand what you mean by 64° and 65° Fahrenheit. I never knew Internet Weather Day existed until now!

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really don't like the rain, and winter, because I can never sleep. My favorite weather is sunny but windy. Thats just how I like it.

    Scooby Doo (Scarlet's cat)

  6. @ Scooby Doo (Scarlet's cat),

    Welcome to our blog!

    Normally we only get comments from humans and pandas, but recently we've had comments for canines and a fish. Glad to see the animal kingdom is interested in blogging.

    Thanks for commenting!

    Mrs. Yollis

  7. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I like your blog. I just found it through Anais!

    I hate the rain. One time I did not want to get my paws wet, so I jumped on my outdoor table and went to the bathroom there.

    (Anais 's dog)

  8. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I like your blog. I just found it through Anais!

    I hate the rain. One time I did not want to get my paws wet, so I jumped on my outdoor table and went to the bathroom there.

    (Anais 's dog)


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