Thursday, September 24, 2009

Explore Galore! Let's Get Commenting!

Mrs. Yollis' class is participating in an international blogging challenge!

This week's challenge is to explore several educational blogs.
Please take the time to read blogs from the challenge and leave a valuable comment.  

We know how good it feels when we receive a comment. Let's pass that feeling on!

Here are a few blog links to get you started:

1.  Mr. Toft
  • His 24 students are located in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. On their LEFT sidebar, click on the "Blog Challenge" link.  Explore the posts and try to leave a "2-point" comment
2.  Mrs. Smith 
  • Her class is also from our northern neighbor, Canada. Look through her "Categories" on the LEFT sidebar. There are many student bloggers! Pick out one or two and leave a quality comment.

3.  Barrett's Bulletin

  • His class blog is from Iowa. We read the book If You Hopped Like a Frog after they published a post about it. See what else we can learn from them! What can we teach them?
4. Mr. Nidey
  • This blog is from the students who are Tech Buddies with Barrett's Bulletin in Iowa. They are also in third grade and are currently learning about communities. Their September 8 post talked about communities (rural, suburban, and urban) and map skills. I left them a comment asking what kind of community they are from and the current population. I wonder how their community compares to ours?

5.  All 2009 Blog Challengers 
  • Even though this link is in our sidebar, you might want to jump from here to explore!

Remember to use first names only and sign that you are from Mrs. Yollis' Class.


    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      We explored Mr.Nidey's blog and left a comment on the Social Studies post. We told them that we were learning about the equator and we told them that it is 0˚

      Charlie and Nick

    2. Thanks for visiting our blog. Our class is a grade 5 class with 27 students. We are in a brand new school in Kanata, Ontario which is part of Ottawa, Canada's capital city. We are just learning about blogging and podcasting and hope to learn about other schools. We are just enjoying lovely fall weather now. The days are warm and the nights are frosty. Today we did a Terry Fox run to raise money for cancer research. Please visit our blog again and let us know more about you.

      Mrs Smith's Grade 5s

    3. Dear Mrs Yollis and Class,

      We were excited to get your comments. The community we live in, West Des Moines, is a suburb of our state capital. the population of West Des Moines is 52,638. Check out facts about Iowa.

      Famous Iowans include Gold Medalist and Dancing with the Stars champion Shawn Johnson, Brandon Routh (Superman), and Ashton Kutcher. Shawn Johnson has gone to school in our district since kindergarten. Her site: is a great site to visit.

      What are three addresses from your community that we could look at on Google Earth to see what your community looks like?

      Mr. Nidey's Class


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