Friday, June 12, 2009

Voice Thread: Summer Poetry

Our Australian buddies at 2KM did a creative Voice Thread about the winter season that is beginning in the southern hemisphere.

Since we live in the northern hemisphere, we did a creative Voice Thread about the summer season that is just beginning!

Like our buddies, we brainstormed things that you see, hear, feel, taste, and touch in the summer! Each student wrote a poem about Summer and shared a line from the poem in the Voice Thread.

Thanks 2KM for the inspiration!

Please enjoy our Summer Voice Thread! Click on the triangle to HEAR the poetry.
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What do you think of our Voice Thread?

Which is your favorite season and what do you like to do during that season?


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis' Class,
    We cannot believe your school year ends tomorrow! We are a little bit jealous!
    We will miss you being our favourite blogging buddies and can't wait to meet the new class in September.
    We loved the VoiceThread! It was so interesting to hear about all the fantastic things you have planned for summer like going to Hawaii, swimming and eating ice cream!
    Have a fantastic summer everyone!! We hope some of you leave us a comment on our blog over the summer to let us know what you're up to!
    Bye for now,

  2. Here is a comment from Riley to our class. He left it for us on 2KM's blog, and I did not want you to miss it!


    Dear Mrs Yollis's Class,
    Thank you for the comment. It sounds like you will have a fantastic day tomorrow at your school. I thinks your Summer Poetry on VoiceThread was fantastic. Like having a chocolate ice-cream on a sandy beach. Thank you for being on our blog and maybe the new students in Mrs Yollis's Class have a look on the 2KM Blog. Enjoy your last day at school tomorrow in the U.S.A.
    From Your blogging friend Riley Coghlan in 2KM Leopold, Australia

  3. Mrs. Yollis and Class,

    I have been following your blog for a couple weeks now and am very impressed with all the wonderful ways you incorporate technology in your classroom. I am a graduate student in the field of Literacy and in one of my classes we are creating classroom blogs of our own. I hope to bring some of your ideas into a classroom of my own one day.

    I enjoyed the students' Summer Poetry through Voice Thread. They use great descriptive words to paint a picture for me, which made me really miss Summer! I am from Upstate New York and we just got multiple feet of snow over the course of the past few weeks.

    Although this is an older blog post that I have commented on, I hope to hear back from you! I also enjoy seeing what fundraising and community activities your class has been working on. Way to go on raising so much money for the students in Uganda!

    Early Childhood Teacher,
    Candace Brassard


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