Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Lending Library

By: Taylor S.

This year every class at our school got to go to the library once a week. Since school is almost over, we were not allowed to go to the library.

To fix our problem, we created a lending library to help us have books to read. Many people in our class loaned a least ten books EACH! We made cards for the class to check out and check in. A lot of people brought Beverly Cleary and Matt Christopher books. A lending library really helped us keep up our reading!


  1. Dear Taylor S.,

    Thank you for bringing in books for the classroom, "Lending Library." Without those books, I couldn't of read as much as I did.
    Everybody loved the lending library for many reasons. All those cards that got filled out showed how much people loved them.
    Once again thanks,

  2. Dear James,

    You are right the "Lending Library" did help with everyones' reading grade! You are right again those cards did show how people loved them!

    Thank you, :) :-) :D ;0
    Taylor S.

  3. Dear Taylor S.,

    Thank you for your comment. Iwonder if we had a, "Lending Library," next year, would you participate? Also, your books were some of my favorites! I was crazy for them! I was thinking about BOOKS, BOOKS, and BOOKS!

    Best reguards,

  4. Dear James,

    I all so wonder if we are going to have one next year. I would want to participate, it's fun. Would you participate in one next year? Alas, the week might be crowded because I herd we will be studying California Missions.

    Taylor S. :-)

  5. Dear Taylor S.,

    The "Lending Library," sounded like a lot of fun. I just can't imagine having a " Lending Library" with California Missions. So I'm not quite sure I want to participate.

    Also, if it weren't for Benjamin Franklin, we wouldn't have our idea of the "Lending Library". Did you know Benjamin was a librarian in 1733-1734?

    Keep in touch,

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I would like to thank you for a fabulous year. Sean and I really appreciate your continuous efforts. You are and have been an amazing influence on all of us. We will always remember and continue life long learning.
    Thanks for the wonderful year!
    Barbara (Seans' Mom)

  7. Dear Class,

    Our lending library is not a new idea. In 1731, Benjamin Franklin and several of his friends opened The Library Co. of Philadelphia. Books were expensive, and they wanted everyone to have access to books so people could better themselves through reading.

    That Philadelphia library is still open!

    I'm sure Mr. Franklin would have loved our little lending library! (Alliteration! :-) )

    Mrs. Yollis

  8. Dear James,

    I did not know that awesome fact! How did you learn that cool fact? Did you read it in a book?

    Taylor S. :-)

  9. Dear Taylor S.,

    I found that out on a website. I was surprised when I read that fact. It sounds like Benjamin Franklin has really made the most of his life. What do you think?


  10. Dear Mrs.Yollis
    I love the hawks pose. It was so cool! I wish I was there. What was the hawks name?
    Moraiya=) :] =) ;) '-' ~.~


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