Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great Tips for Organization!

By Shane J.
A file box with folders is a great way to organize papers.
I use this system, and you should try it too.

First, I got a box. It is portable, and folders hang in it. Second, there are folders that can separate papers into different subjects. They hang from the black box. Last but not least, are the very important tabs. Their job is to let you know what is in each folder. For example, I have a tab for Math. Inside the Math folder are papers for the current chapter and papers I might need for the future. I even have sticky notes for upcoming tests! I can change or add tabs to my folders whenever I need to. Overall, my folder system has been very helpful, and I know it will be helpful for upper grade levels.

Do you think this system would work for you?

How do you stay on track?

Please leave a comment!


  1. Dear Shane J.,

    I am proud of you for getting your school work organized. I am also happy that this new system has tamed the loose papers around your study area!

    Love, Mom ;-)

  2. Dear Shane J.,

    I do have one of those at home, alas it is not a school one, it is an art work one. I use bins for my school work instead! Great job on your post!

    Taylor S.

  3. Dear Shane J.,

    I love this stupendous idea of yours. It is a great way of being organized. Before I read your amazing post, I thougt I was as oganized as the president! But I learned a new way to organize my school papers that I have already done. Thank you for giving us this inspiration.


  4. Dear Shane,

    What a great way to get organized, and stay organized. You're ahead of your time. Keep us posted on how your system works for you in the future.

    Terrific job!

    Matt S. (Taylor's dad)

  5. Dear Shane J.,

    I think your idea is fantastic! Believe it or not, I actually bought Alasia a really cool file cabinet for the third grade but unfortunately, "we" never utilized it to the maximum.:( But, I will say that you are definitely on the right track and we will have to MAKE sure she uses hers to the fullest for upcoming grades.

    Thanks for Sharing!!!

    Alasia's Mom... :)

  6. Dear Shane J.,
    I am very proud of you for starting, sticking with, and posting about your clever organization system. I know that it will serve you well in fourth grade and beyond!
    Mrs. Ranney

  7. Dear Shane,

    Looks like you have your self organized, well done! Was that the school work we did all year?

    Your friend,

  8. @Garrison,

    To answer your question, no, I did not use this system all year. I created it near the end of the year, and it has been successful.

    Shane J.

  9. Dear Shane J.

    We think it is great that you have all your school work under control, but we have a question for you. Do your papers ever get out of order?

    Best Regards,
    Clementine and Sean


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