Friday, February 13, 2009

Be Our Valentine!

"Fancy Nancy" Party Pictures!

Students created music on the Internet...

...and a conga line formed!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Of course I will be your valentine.

    You look great!


    Mrs. Harding

  2. Thank you for the sweet Valentine! I loved it! You all sound great. I love that you all wore red or pink- Happy Valentines Day!

    xxoo Jill Jepson

  3. YES! We love our study buddies and we would love to be your valentines. Your video message is super!

    Room 5

  4. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Valentine. You made my day. Great job!
    Mrs. Kumar

  5. Dear Mrs.Yollis' class,

    Thanks a lot for the special treat! The song lifted my spirits, and made my day! Thanks again for the cheer-up!

    Lexi's dad,

  6. Dear Mrs.Yollis' class,

    We loved your song and want to thank you for sending such a great valentine! You are the best! Happy V-Day!

    The Ford Family :-D

  7. Dear,
    Mrs.Yollis I love what we have done. we wouldn't have done it with out you

  8. Hello Mrs. Yollis!

    Thank you all for such a great song! I played it for the Nurses and the
    babies here in the newborn nursery where we work and they all LOVED it!!

    Keep up the great job!

    Jody (Mrs. Yollis' sister :-))

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    LOVED IT!!!
    What great singers you all are!
    You put a smile on our faces.

    Rae & Gil Gagnon
    (Taylor's mom & dad)

  10. Let me call you sweetheart. I loved it. You are such a great class. Keep up the beautiful work.
    Dana F (Shane F's mom)

  11. The Fancy Nancy party was spectacular!

    Bethany :]


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