Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Break Fun!

This post is about telling a story using an interesting image.

Strong verbs help bring a story to life!

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For this post, each blogger emailed Mrs. Yollis a jpg image that represented something fun they had experienced over winter break. Rather than using boring images of people standing around, each student tried to find or create an image that told a story about what they did. Some of the images were altered or cropped in class to create the perfect blog post image.

Next, specific verbs were chosen to complement each blogger's image.

Behold our high level vocabulary!


By Clementine
During winter break I played on my brown jungle gym. When I was hanging on my bar I got tangled and flipped over. I swooped down to the muddy dirt and climbed back up. I experienced a magnificent time on my jungle gym.

Party 2009!
By Taylor S.
One of my favorite things that I did on winter break was a cool New Year's party that I attended. I played with other girls that were at the party, and we were able to elude the boys. We sneaked into the boy's room to scare them.

By Jonah
During my winter break, my family and I ventured to June Lake. One of the things we did was celebrate New Year's Eve by molding a jolly snowman. We created it with not only snow, but snow and food! It had juicy grape eyes, a crunchy pretzel mouth, raisin buttons and the snowman also had sleeves! I enjoyed the snowman that I made with my relatives.

Super Sled
By Taylor G.

Over winter break, I went to snowy Big Bear. When I got there, the first thing I did was rush to the garage and grab a sled. Then I ran to a slope, leaped in the air, and clung to the sled and slid down the snowy slope! Everyday, I had so much fun!

By James

Over winter break, I traveled to snowy Illinois. My family dashed to build a magnificent snowman and then we all started a freezing snowball fight. I pitched a snowball at my brother and he returned one back to me. It was my favorite experience with snow.

Snowboarding Me!
By Chloe

On winter break I drove to Mt.High and I snowboarded. When I started off, I fell and then I tumbled around. Right after, I crashed and vanished in the thick white snow.
(O.k. ...It's not really Chloe. She did not have a picture, so she used this image to represent what she did. Photo by Kevin Lamb.)

By Emily

Over my winter break,I played with my Nintendo D.S. I flicked, tapped, and dragged the stylis. When I was blowing on the mic during Mario Party, I got light-headed. I experienced a tremendous winter break!

Smiling on Stage
By Lexi

During winter break, I sparkled on stage in the well-known musical, "Annie". As Lilly St. Regous, an enemy of the little girl named Annie, I acted and danced on the stage. My favorite part was belting out the song "Easy Street" I felt like I was on Broadway!

By Shane F.

When the gate opened I dashed to a red and gold cup because it's USC colors. When the ride started I spun around and around. When the ride ended, I almost fell while I was walking. I had a fantastic time at Disneyland.

Rock Climbing
By Behyan

At the Los Angeles County Fair I venured up a rock climbing mountain. I climbed up to the top. When I descended, I crashed to the ground, but survived.

Guitar Fun!
By Sean

During winter break I practiced guitar with my friends. When I played the guitar, I felt like I was in the great band, Led Zepplin. We rocked so hard that we were asked to play outside!

Basketball Fun!
During winter break, I experienced a wonderful basketball practice. For warm-ups, we dashed around the court. After that, we stretched and then we practiced great layups. During layups I scored every shot. It was the best practice ever!

By Shane J.
Over winter break, my family and I drove to a secret beach. At the shore, I sparked a fire because it was so cold. The waves were so cold, and they crashed on the beach. Then the temperature climbed and I extinguished the fire. An hour later, I thought the coals were out and I stomped them. I burned my feet so I darted to the water.

A Mountain of Excitement
By Kyle

Over winter break, I drove to Magic Mountain with my friend, Elijah. We rushed to get the tickets. Then, we darted to Ninja, a scary ride. On the rides my body dropped,
snaked, turned, and crashed into the side of the vehicle I was in. I experienced lots of excitement!

The San Diego Yacht Club
By Matthew

One cool night, I noticed some really dazzling lights on some boats at the San Diego Yacht Club. My grandparents reside in sandy San Diego. The boat owners decorated their vessels with sparkly Christmas lights.

Here I am climbing a tall wall. I flew around the air like I was in space. I wore a harness.


  1. Dear Sean,
    NICE PICTURE! I liked how you used Photo Shop to change the picture. You are one awesome dude.

    Your Friend,

  2. Dear Taylor S. and Garrison,

    Garrison, the action shot was amazing! Taylor S., the outfit you wore reminded me of the Fancy Nancy
    party we celebrated, but the whole class deserves a round-of-a-plause!

    Your friend,

  3. Great vacation stories.
    Shane we had such a great day at Disneyland. I love you.

  4. Dear James,
    I love your snowman! Maybe they can "play" some day.*just joking**


  5. Dear Marcus,

    You can climb so high on a rockwall! I bet you never look down!Great job!

    Your classmate,

  6. Dear Taylor G.,

    How did your mother take the action
    shot? Your mother or father must be a professional photographer!

    Your friend,

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Can you belive that we won the award! This blog post really deserves it!

    @ Class,
    What is your favorite winter trip that you went on?




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