Friday, June 9, 2023

Kiwi's Adventures with Rye Rye

Dear Class, 

This is my adventure with Kiwi. Kiwi came to my home very hungry, so I fed him popcorn. He was a very picky eater. 

Next, my brother and Kiwi played Pacman together. Kiwi beat the high score!

After Kiwi was done playing with my brother, he got a makeover with my sister. Now, he is a glamorous Kiwi. 

This is Kiwi after his makeover. He looks so adorable with his pink toenails. 

After all the hard work of beating the high score in Pacman and getting a makeover, Kiwi got very hungry again. My sister decided to feed Kiwi a kiwi. Kiwi did not feel comfortable eating his sister fruit. 

In conclusion, Kiwi and I had a great day together. I learned that Kiwi is very talented at playing Pacman and loves getting her makeup done. 

What is your high score in Pacman?

Where would you take Kiwi on your adventure? 

1 comment:

  1. Dear Rye Rye,

    I really like the photos of Kiwi and your family especially the one of your sister giving Kiwi a makeover.

    My high score in Pacman is 5,360. It was a hard game, I still play it now.

    What was your high score in Pacman Rye Rye?



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