Friday, June 9, 2023

Kiwi's Adventure with Noor

Dear Class, 

Kiwi and I had a very special day together. First, Kiwi and I decided to go by the pool to relax and drink some ice-cold water. 

Credit by Noor

Credit by Noor's Mom

Next, I buckled him into the car so she can come with me to swimming. She carefully put her goggles on and then enjoyed an afternoon of jumping and splashing in the pool. 

Credit by Noor

After a long and tiring swimming session, Kiwi and I finally finished swimming and drove home. Kiwi was very tired so she went to bed early. Goodnight Kiwi. 

Credit by Noor's Mom

What do you think Kiwi ate for dinner before going to bed? 

What was your favorite part about our adventure?

1 comment:

  1. Dear Nor,

    I think Kiwi ate dog food. Am I right?

    My favorite part of the adventure was Kiwi drinking ice cold water. What was your favorite part?



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