Thursday, December 17, 2015

Verbs, Today and Yesterday

We have been learning about verbs

According to the dictionary:

plural noun: verbs
  1. 1.
    a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hearbecomehappen.

Although we have done some worksheets with verbs, we've also collected verbs and placed them on our Daily 5 Word Work board. Notice the past tense verbs are in categories! Can you name each past tense category? 

For homework last night, everyone left a blog comment using at least three past tense verbs. Today we looked the the verbs in the comment section. We thought about the present tense of the verb and the past tense of the verb. 

Here are some examples of our verbs. 

Some past tense verbs did not follow any of the patterns. 

Those verbs are called irregular past tense verbs. 

Sawyer used the verb dive. Then he used the past tense dived. 

We were not sure if that was correct. So, we used the dictionary!
Is it dived or dove? Which is correct?

Leave a comment using at least two past tense verbs. Which category are your verbs from?

What is your favorite verb pattern?

What are some irregular verbs?


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I think it is fun to have to write past tense verbs in comments. I have found many past tense verbs, here they are: exclaimed (exclaim), practiced (practice) and shopped (shop).

    I have found a sentence that goes with every past tense verb.
    exclaimed: "No!" to my mom when I was mad at her. Practiced: I practiced speaking American. Shopped: I shopped with my friend.

    I have also found some irregular past tense verbs. Here they are: sang (sing), took (take), and thought (think).

    I have found sentences that go with every past tense verb, here they are: I sang in the chorus. I took the red marker. I thought 2+2=6 but I was wrong.

    Do you know any past tense verbs?


  2. Hi Mrs Yollis,

    This afternoon when I got home from school, we cooked and baked. My brother and I both got to help. My brother Elliott is in 5th grade and has the Internatioanal Luncheon tomorrow. He and my mom made Sufganiyot. Do you know what those are? They are jelly donuts that are fried in oil that we eat during Hanukah.

    I made Latkes, potato pancakes, with my mom for our holiday party tomorrow. We also eat a lot of Latkes during Hanukah. I hope the class likes them as much as I do.

    For my post, I used verbs from all the categories except the short vowel where you double the consonant. I even used an irregular past tense verb!

    What did you like to eat during the holidays when you were in 3rd grade? What do you like to eat now during the holidyas?

    Your festive friend,


    1. Dear Ari,

      How were the latkes? My family made them too. We put sour cream and applesauce on our latkes. What do you like to put on your latkes?

      We had a great winter break. I went up to the Bay Area to visit my aunt and uncle. We had the opportunity to eat a variety of Asian foods. My favorite was having soup dumplings during dim sum.

      Your friend,


  3. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    Today I had a piano dress rehearsal because my piano recital is tomorrow. I was so nervous at the dress rehearsal. Then I tried to blog earlier but I just found out it didn't go through. I was sad and frustrated. However, I didn't give up and I'm sharing my blog comment right now.

    From my comment above, I used a lot of irregular verbs like "was" and "had". The only one that wasn't an irregular verb was "tried" which is from the category "drop the y and add i-e-d".

    My favorite verb pattern is double the consonant and add ed. I had fun learning about verbs. I can't wait to learn more next year.


  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Today it snowed all day in Park City where I am staying. I rode on a snowmobile at Gorgoza Park. I went faster than my brother and crashed into a snowbank. Yesterday I skied with my brother and my dad at Park City. The day before, I spent the day at ski school. I started at level 2 because I have skied before. I ended up at level 4 because my instructor thought that I was doing really well. When I was at level 2, I started off on a green run called The Meadows. By the end of the lesson, I was skiing on blue runs which were really scary and hard. I think skiing is really fun.

    Did you ever ski? Did you ever go to Utah?

    Your Student,


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