Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Acing Our 1:1 Acer Program

We just started a 1:1 Acer program in our classroom! 
What a terrific tool!

We charge the laptops nightly. Soon we will be taking them home!
Mrs. Yollis tied the charger cords into groups of four or six, based on the power strip. The Acers can be charged in an organized way. Otherwise, the cords end up like a bowl of spaghetti!

Some students are leaders and are on the Tech Team. 
They are in "charge" of plugging in the Acers and passing them out each morning before school. 

When students are not using their Acers, they are stacked in the middle of the table. 

Our team of teachers has a Google Shared folder. We drop lessons and ideas into this shared folder. The lessons are then easily added to our Google Classroom. 

We have used Google Docs to learn about grammar skills while also learning about formatting. We can highlight and change the fonts. We even learned how to change the text to bold or italics

Here is an example of a grammar lesson using tables:

Here is an example a Google Spreadsheet. We will be using it to gather character trait information while reading Stone Fox.  

A fun activity was done collaboratively! We signed into ONE Google Doc in pairs and wrote a Terse Verse for Twitter. It was fun to summarize a variety of folk tales using a word count of 140 or less. We learned how to highlight, check the word count, and see how multiple users can be on one document.  

Here is a photo of our collaborative document!

Here is a link to our Twitter Time Terse Verses!  

We use our Acers to log into Newsela, Go Math, and Google Classroom. 

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One of our favorite activities on the Acers is blogging. We can comment to each other on our class blog or our 365 Project. For the last two weeks we have been blogging with our four-year-old Journeys buddies!

We have taught them about the keyboard, the screen, the Internet, the curser, the trackpad, and navigating using a mouse. 

This week, our buddies tried to get a conversation going on the blog. Their comment had a greeting, a statement or two, and ended with a question. So much fun!

First the students wrote their comments out on paper. Once the thoughts were in order, the bloggers took turns typing and publishing the comments. 

When we were done blogging, we enjoyed playing Kodable on the Acers with our little buddies. 

One way we share our learning is through posting shortcut or tips on index cards. We grouped the tips by category. 

Here are some tips for highlighting, copying, bolding, and cutting

Here are some general tips! 

What is your favorite Acer activity?

What are some activities you would like to do? 


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    My favorite Acer activitiy is blogging with our buddies because I like teaching them and it’s really fun answering their questions. I would like to do bookworm on the computer. Bookworm is a game which has mixed up letters and you have to try to find words that have 3 letter words and over. I like this game because sometimes you can play against other people and also it is very challenging. Since this is not educational I recommend we play this game on Friday when it is free play.


  2. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    My favorite acer activity is doing Newsela. I have already done nine assignments on Newsela. I also like blogging with our reading buddies. My reading buddy is improving. I would like to do Prodigy. You have to solve a math problem correctly to attack the enemy. I would like to do this on fun Friday.

    Your student,

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    After reading your post, my favorite idea is the quick tweets about the stories your students have read. I like it so much,I think I may try that with my students soon. Do you have any advice for us?
    I also think the idea of linking the cords together is SO SMART! Having tip cards posted keeps the info in everyone's view. Way to go with your 1:1 program!
    Your friend in WA,
    Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    One of my favorite activities on the Acer is Scratch. I like it because Scratch allows me to code freely and make masterpieces.

    My most recent code is an introduction to Scratch. It shows where everything is as well as showing the user how to use it.

    Is there anyone else in class who likes Scratch as much as I do.? If so, why?


  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    My favorite acer game is Kodable because I like to drag the arrow and put it in the correct box and I like to watch the guy go around in circles through the obstacle course.

    I would like to work on Scratch. It is a fun activity and I can explore a lot of things. I can change the background and the Scratch. Once I went to change the background and it popped up to a baseball theme.

    I thought it was funny because I saw a cat playing baseball.

    Do you like playing Kodable or Scratch?

    Your Lovely Student,


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