Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hour of Code!

Computer Science Education Week
December 7 - 13, 2015

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Mrs. Yollis and her students will participate in the global Hour of Code! This is the third year of participation for Mrs. Yollis' class. 

Thank you, Hadi Partovi for creating this project!

Computer Science week coincides with the birthdays of two computer science pioneers. A pioneer is a person who is one of the first to enter a field of study or explore a new area of thought. 

  • Ada Lovelace, born in England on December 10, 1815, is considered the world's first computer programmer.

  • Grace Hopper, whose birthday is December 9, 1906, was an American computer programmer and Navy rear admiral. She
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    contributed to the development of the COBOL language and is credited with popularizing the term "computer bug" in the programming community. 
Grace Hopper said: "To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge."

For students:
We will be accessing these Hour of Code Tutorials on our Acers or iPads. 

A hearty thank you, Lisa Highfill for putting these Hour of Code tutorials into a useful hyperdoc! 

Students, you are free to go to these tutorials at home with your parents. Share what you've learned with the class in the comment section! On Monday, we will start our Hour of Code Tutorials and begin to write and create with code!

We will be Tweeting about our progress using the hashtag #HourOfCode. 

Because coding is a language, Hour of Code activities will also serve as our grammar homework for the week!

What are you going to create with code?

What are some coding sites or apps that you like?

Teach us some code in the comment section!  


  1. @Mrs.Yollis,

    I l♥ve Hour of Code! Yesterday, I did a whole "Hour of Code." Today, you took a picture of my certificate.

    I think coding is important because if kids don't know the computer language, they wouldn't be able to communicate online.

    Remember that earlier in the day when I thought hale and hail were homophones? Well, I tried it on spelling city and turns out, hailing a cab is spelled h-a-i-l and ice hail is spelled h-a-i-l.

    Anyway, I will probably make some sort of game with coding.
    I did actually learn some Java Script from Kahn Academy.
    but only to the point were I learned how to change a thing's
    size with coding.

    My favorite "coding" website is Scratch because it's not totally Java Script, but not totally easy. It's just plain old code blocks.
    Sawyer's code was really fun, too.

    By the way, do you know the radio station KOST 103.5? Because the first four letters in my name are k-o-s-t.
    Now, think of the radio saying= Kostaki 103.5.
    Isn't it weird?


  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I have completed most of the Khan academy coding course and this is the project I am most proud of.

    var xPos = 200;
    var yPos = 200;
    var xPos = 200;
    var yPos = 200;
    var hPos = 200;
    var qPos = 200;
    var tPos = 200;
    var pPos = 200;
    var wPos = 200;
    var vPos = 200;

    var w = 10;
    var h = 10;
    draw = function() {
    xPos = xPos +1;
    yPos = yPos +1;
    qPos = qPos +-1;
    pPos = pPos +-1;
    tPos = tPos +1;
    wPos = wPos -1;
    vPos = vPos +-1;
    hPos = hPos +1;
    w+= 0.05;
    h+= -0.05;
    background(29, 40, 115);
    fill(255, 242, 0);
    ellipse(yPos, xPos, w, w);
    ellipse(qPos, pPos, h, h);
    ellipse(tPos, wPos, h, h);
    ellipse(vPos, hPos, w, w);

    The project is four shooting stars in the middle of paper, one moving North West, one moving North East, one moving South West and one moving South East. The two stars moving North are getting smaller and the two stars going South are getting bigger. I later realized that instead of writing +-1 all the time I could have done -1 because plus negative one subtracts one from your total. Think about it if you have two cookies and you add negative one you now have zero cookies.

    Java script is my favorite type of coding. It is my favorite type of coding because Java script is much harder than Scratch. Scratch is a lot easier than Java script and you can kind of just figure it out. In Scratch you don't have to take the courses, learn from it and then make something. I like it when you have to work really hard to make one small thing.

    Your former student,

    1. Maddie, Heloise, MichaelDecember 11, 2015 at 11:13 AM

      Dear Nate,

      Thank you for your helpful blog comment. Now we know more Java script and we can use it in our coding.

      Heloise likes Scratch because it's fun to program your sprite to do motions such as telling your sprite to change colors and tell him/her to say " Hello! My name is Steve... "

      Maddie likes Java script because you not only learn new codes but, you still get have fun. Maddie thinks when you master Scratch there is no next level.

      Michael likes to use Java script for the Make a Phone Program with Swift. It is a Java script program where there is a coding box and phone simulator.

      Looking at the directions made us think how did you come up with that script?

      Maddie, Heloise, Michael

  3. Hi Mrs. Yollis,

    I finished Kodable! It says that I'm supposed to upgrade to do more activities. I loved working on coding there. I moved on to Code Studio and made a Disney Infinity game. Here's the link to try it - I hope you like it!

    I'm going to try the Star Wars game next becuase its my favorite movie. What is your favorite movie. Is there a coding game for it?

    Your freind,


    1. Well done, Ari! I'll see if Charlotte can give your game a go. :) Most proud of you! Much love, Aunt Amy

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    Tonight, my sister and I went to a coding class at the Apple store. We learned how to tell the computer what to do and when to do it. The theme was Star Wars and I directed R2D2 to collect metal pieces. We had so much fun! My favorite coding apps are Kodable and Scratch. Kodable is a programming game where you control a fuzzy ball and tell him what to do. In Scratch, you place certain commands and your sprite will follow your directions.
    Are there any other apps and websites where i can learn to code?
    Your student,

  5. Mrs. Yollis,

    I like hour of code "minecraft" because of its patterns and characters. I am able to create anything I want using big and small buildings. Hour of code is helpful because it is improving my computer skills.

    I'm looking forward to becoming better at Kodable and Scratch!

    Your student,


    1. Hi Jock,

      I like Hour of Code too. The monsters coding game was my favorite. Whne I coded the right way, I was able to make the monster fight.c I think minecraft is superb but I like it on my PS4 better. I've played it a lot so I'm getting pretty good. I got minecraft story mode for Hanukkah, so I'm just learning how to play it.

      What other coding games do you like?

      Your friendly friend,



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