Saturday, May 17, 2014

Students Present at Texas Google Summit!

This morning, Mrs. Yollis and a handful of student bloggers went to Texas to participate in the Texas Google Summit

Wait, to get from Mrs. Yollis' class to Texas would require a 4.5 hour plane ride and would cost $500 per plane ticket!  

Instead, we presented via Google HangOut On Air! 

Welcome to a video recording of our session!
Blogging is Learning!

To share our presentation we:

1. Accepted the Google HangOut On Air invitation.
2. Screenshared our desktop. (We were worried because we got that tunnel of desktops!)
3. Minimized the GHO screen. (Which removed the tunnel.)
4. Opened our Chrome tab with our Google Presentation.
5. Clicked present...and we were in business!
6. After the presentation, we minimized our Chrome tab.
7. Opened up the GHO window.
8. Stopped the screensharing of our desktop.
9. Answered questions from our fabulous Texan audience.

Here is a link to Mrs. Yollis' Educational Blogging Wiki. It is a great resource for teacher! 

We enjoyed sharing our love of blogging with you!

Thank you, #TxGoo, for the invitation!
Yee haw for #TeamYollis!

What was something you learn from watching our presentation?

Do you have any additional questions we can answer? 


  1. Dear Mrs.Yollis and student bloggers,
    Thank you so much for spending part of your Saturday teaching us about blogging. I wasn't able to catch it live, so was very happy that I could see it later.
    I was so impressed with your enthusiasm and knowledge about blogging. My class and I have just started blogging this year so I got lots of great ideas from you. My favourites are the 365 blog and the clrpoems on twitter. Learning about twitter is one of my summer projects this year.
    Mrs. Yollis, I laughed out loud when you were describing your first year and taking on too much. You could have been describing me! I agree, we learn by doing and I have learned so much this year. The best part of blogging with my class has been the JOY we feel. We are so excited to watch our clustrmap to see where people have been viewing our blog from. It is amazing to read the comments from friends and family around the world.
    I will be thinking seriously about family blogging months next year. I agree that is so important to get families involved in our learning.
    Thanks again for all your insights.
    Marg Grosfield
    Duchess, Alberta, Canada

    1. Dear Ms. Grosfield,

      Hi there, I am Alesha!

      I think it was really worth it to come to school and do this fabulous Google Hangout. We just got our school Google Drive accounts, and it was interesting to know how to have a Google Hangout.

      Did you learn anything about how to have a Google Hangout?


    2. Hello Alesha,
      Team Yollis is amazing! Good work on the google hangout. I have used it a couple of times, but mainly Skype. You guys handled it all so beautifully. I think our school is going google next year.
      I will be following your blogs to see what you will be doing next!
      Mrs. Grosfiekd

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis and Grade 3

    Go TeamYollis! Congratulations on making such a successful presentation about blogging.
    I thought you were all well-prepared, and shared your ideas clearly and convincingly.
    Blogging, and working on collaborative projects, is such a great way of expanding horizons and learning about the world.

    I wonder what your favourite projects have been this year?

    warm blogging wishes
    Mrs McKenzie from B4, New Zealand

    1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      I am Steve, and I was the greeter. Thank you for a wonderful comment. I thought that #TeamYollis was a grand Twitter hashtag. My favorite project of the year was this project! It was very fun to do it. I liked watching Mrs.Yollis screen share and share our presentation about blogging. I also like the questions and answers segment. The project was a superb thing to do, and I was glad to do it.

      What was your favorite post that Mrs. Yollis has done?



    2. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      Yes, go TeamYollis! I was excited to present at the Google presentation, but while I watched the video with my classmates, we kept on saying, "I don't sound like that!" Mrs. Yollis said that we did sound like that, but in my mind, I just couldn't believe it. :-D

      Actually, because you were wondering why we were so prepared, it is because we had scripts and we practiced at school. All of us devoted time to this presentation at lunch.

      It's hard to choose which project I like, but I have to say, I really liked this post because, number one, I was in it, and number two, it was about my favorite hobby, blogging! Which post do you like the best?

      We all made flags for the giant map, and I did the United States flag, with Dustin, and I also made the easy Chinese flag by myself. My ancestors were from China, so it made sense that I drew the Chinese flag. Did you see our arrows and flags in the background?


  3. Dear Mrs. Grosfield,

    I'm Steve and my partner's name is Dustin. We were in the movie, and we had a blast. Steve was the greeter, and I talked about digital safety. Our studio was set up were we are blogging right now. If you watched the video, we pointed to the top twelve visitors. Steve's flag was United Arab Emirates, and Dustin's was the United States. At the bottom of our comment we will list the top twelve countries that have visited our blog.

    We will check out your blog on Tuesday, because right now we have school going on. What got you interested in blogging? Was it Mrs. Yollis?


    Dustin and Steve

    P.S. The top nine are:

    United States
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand

    We had to go home, so we couldn't finish the list. :-)

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I see that the Google Hangout was a big success! Did any of the students, or you, get nervous?

    I think you set everyone in place, but before that, what did you set up?

    I see in the picture that Steve has a red hat. Wait! That's Mr. Bone's hat! I see that Dustin is holding a hat, and Mary has a drawing of a globe. I can't see what Hannah is holding, but whatever it is it looks fascinating.

    The terrific Texas Summit was very interesting, and it seems exciting.



    P.S. In class, we're learning about adjectives! I bolded all my adjectives.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Martin.
    I’m eight years old and I'm leaving in Paris, France
    I like sports (hockey and swimming).
    I live in Boulogne.

    What’s your name?
    How old are you?
    What’s the weather like where you live?
    Will you write to me?

    Bye bye


    1. Dear Martin,

      My name is Peter and I am in Mrs. Yollis Class. Yes, I am happy to write you!

      Like I said before, my name is Peter and I am 9 years old. My favorite sports are football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. Right now in California, it is about 69 degrees, which is cool for us. Last week it was 100 degrees!!

      Are you friends with Theo?☛

      Your new friend,


  6. Hello Mrs. Yollis and class,

    What a stunning presentation sharing a great deal of important information and advice. I hope soon to be promoting more international blogging in schools near me. Some of the information you have shared will be very useful when I can speak with them. As an example, I love the YAPPY acronym.

    May has been unusually busy for me with fund raising for my local school (I'm on their Parents and Citizens Association), filming local events (ANZAC Day, a 2 long day biological survey), school filming (Variety Club and a multi-school music camp) and, at the end of the month, an adult choir. It's also the month my main Extended Comments for Students blog turns 2. It was an added highlight to be able to take the time to read your post and see your presentation.

    I will be posting a photo of the blog's 2nd birthday cake on the day, May 22. Also, some time this year my 200th post will appear. I have learned so much, including through posts written for your school and class. Watch for the May 22 post at . It will feature two unnamed furry, cuddly little friends (not real).

    After watching, I checked the top 10 visitor nations to my blog. In order, they were...
    U.S.A., Australia, Great Britain, Canada, India, Philippines, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates and South Africa

    We have a large world made small by our blogging in the global classroom.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia


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