Friday, May 9, 2014

Twitter Time :: What is Orange?

The object of the collaborative project is to share original poems, create digital images, and publish through classroom Twitter accounts! Each week a color of the visible spectrum will be showcased! 

One way to remember the visible spectrum is the ROY G BIV acronym.  

Photos and poems from the RED week: 

Below are the results from the ORANGE week: 

Read more about the project here. See how we are using Google Drive to gather our photos and poems.

Teachers, join us next week! 
What is YELLOW? Use the hashtag #clrpoem. 


  1. Hello, love the colour postings. Of course colour/color is one of the words that uk/usa spell differently, I wonder why? The photo of the truck going across the orange soil is wonderful.
    Do you know the mnemoic Richard of York Gave Battle in Vein, that goes with the acronym ROY G BIV . Do you know who Richard of York (Richard III) is and his connection with Middleham?
    Love your work Mrs Yollis.

    Mr E Bainbridge

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis and Class,
    We are having so much fun with this project! The visual nature is very appealing, and we've very much enjoyed taking the cameras home to search out different and unusual images to share. We think we have something very special about our area to share with you next week for yellow week... but you will have to wait and see!
    I think what I am enjoying most is comparing cultures through pictures - we still can't believe that some children go to school by helicopter, and we loved seeing the different school hats, and comparing our fire engines.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes up in the next few weeks!
    Mrs Monaghan & Class 2 (A Room with a View)

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Today we learned about quality comments from your video. We decided to go to your blog to see your post and try to respond with a quality comment. We were delighted to write a poem about orange. Mrs. Watanabe Tweeted it over to you. It said:

    Mrs. Wright
    Teacher, nice
    Learning, Teaching, Caring, Wearing Orange
    She loves math

    Thank you for teaching us how to leave a quality comment, and about poetry!

    Did you get our Tweet?

    Mrs. Wright's 3rd grade class


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