Saturday, November 16, 2013

Valuable Vocabulary : Tweeting A-Z

Twitter offers many educational opportunities!

Two weeks ago, we started a collaborative project via Twitter with our English blogging buddies in Mrs. Monaghan's class

For 26 days, the students will tweet out interesting vocabulary words they would like to share with their cohort. (Wow! That's an impressive word! Students, what exactly is a cohort?)
Welcome to Vocabulary Tweets A-Z
Each school day, students will work with a new letter of the alphabet. Pupils will brainstorm words that begin with the letter-of-the-day and a final word-of-the-day will be tweeted out. Words come from independent reading, curricular content, or our good friend, the dictionary

Dictionary skills are strengthened via these Twitter tasks! 

Brainstorming Examples:



Each tweet includes the wordpart of speech, and a definition or context clue.  (Context clues are the words around an unknown word that help a reader unlock a word's meaning.) 

Here was the first tweet from Mrs. Monaghan's class:


And then they offered another A...

We responded with our first tweet! 

A is for alliteration! 



We've been using the hashtag #vocabaz to keep track of our words!

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Monahgan and her class for thinking of the project and working with us on this transatlantic enterprise – it’s a great verbal work-out for the start of our day

Join us in our tweets – tweet us with your own alphabetical contributions using #vocabaz to:



What are some valuable vocabulary words you like?

What other projects could be done using Twitter?


  1. Love this idea! Do I need to get a buddy class to do this with or can my third grade class join in?

    1. @ Ms. Hime,

      We are glad you like Mrs. Monaghan's idea. We do too!

      Please join in!

      Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Dear Ms. Yollis,

    I think Twitter can be used for many projects, not just communicating. People can use Twitter for projects that include sharing ideas. You can also do projects such as voting, maybe. I think the idea of sharing vocab words on Twitter is an ingenious (adjective) idea too.

    There are many vocabulary words out there, far too many to count if it weren't for Merriam and Webster. But out of all vocab words, my favorite one is rustic (adjective). Rustic means of or relating to the countryside or rural. It can also mean made in a simple fashion. I like the word rustic because it shows simplicity, and sometimes, simple is better than complicated. Another vocab word that I like is competition (noun) because competitions can be pretty fun, such as Family Blogging Month. Competition can mean the activity of competing. A person who competes is called a competitor. Examples of a competition are the Olympics and Family Blogging Month.

    From your former student,

    P.S. The alliteration idea is also cool. But to be honest, I prefer rhyming.

    1. @ Aaron, (my former student)

      I am so proud of your outstanding writing ability! You must have had some excellent teachers in your past! :-) I'm sure Heather told you that I complimented you today!

      I love your word choices. When I think rustic, I imagine an old cabin that has lived in the woods for a long time.

      Many people are competing to become the Family Blogging Month winner. I think you know one of our top competitors!

      Your proud former teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

      P.S. I enjoy a little alliteration and some rhyme, too.

  3. I also think this is a wonderful idea. I would love my third grade class to participate. I have the same question posed above, is it all right for us to join in or would it be easier for you if we found a buddy class to do this with?

    Also, I feel I need to share with you how much I enjoy your classroom's blog. It's inspired me to give blogging a try with my students. Thank you!

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I think tweeting new vocabulary words is a great project. One of my new favorite words is feedback. Feedback is helpful information or a response to someone's words or an event. For example, the vocabulary tweet project is getting great feedback.

    Your student,

    1. Dear Darius,

      I also think the A to Z project is a great idea! I have a word for I: irresistible. The irresistible scent drew out the dreadful Dogzilla, from the humongous crater.

      Can you come up with a word for D?



  5. Hi Mrs Yollis'

    I thought that I should log onto your blog and see what you are up to.

    I am..........

    Olivia from 4KJ done Australia. I enjoy blogging and have left a number of blog comments on your class blog before.

    I hope to see more of these blog posts from you soon because they are all awesome and I like them all.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I am enjoying our online connection with Mrs. Monahgan!

    In class today our letter was the incredible I. I wrote the word irresistible on the board because it's one of our spelling words this week. Do you know what irresistible means? Here's a hint: in our story, Dogzilla, the sentence was used like in the phrase the irrestistible barbecue sauce smell.

    Do you know any I words? Can you write an alliteration sentence with I?


  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Well if you ask me I got a great letter for C. Can you guess what it is? I also have two for J. Jack my brother, and Jill my mom. I got one for S also. Scott my dad.

    Clare and Jack

  8. May my class join in? They are 6th graders, but loved the idea and want to "play" too. (Whatever we can do to sneak some learning in!)


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